Having awakened my fortune, I have come

Baba says, ‘It is sung: Having awakened My fortune, I have come.’

The Father who is also the Teacher explains to the children who have come to awaken their fortune. One goes to a school to create a fortune. But why do I need to create my fortune? what happened to my fortune? ‘The fortune‘, Baba explains, ‘was cancelled.‘ Bharat was indeed once fortunate; the people of Bharat were deities. Their fortune was awakened. Now, the people of Bharat are the masters of hell and so their fortune is not so bright. This is now the land of sorrow. Bharat became the land of happiness 5000 years ago. Everyone’s fortune was awake, whereas it is now asleep. Everyone means about 900,000 people who were the residents at the beginning of the golden age. It was the beginning of the deity religion. Lakshmi and Narayan were the emperor and empress of the golden aged kingdom. They and everyone in their kingdom were full of all virtues, 16 celestial degrees complete, completely viceless, completely righteous.

So, how can those who are masters of hell then become masters of heaven? It must definitely be the Father, the Seed, who awakens the fortune of the whole human world. He liberates everyone from sorrow and gives them happiness. He is the Creator of the land of happiness.

No one apart from God, the Creator Himself, can make my fortune elevated. He creates Lakshmi and Narayan and the golden aged kingdom where they rule. How did He give them the kingdom? The Father explains: ‘I come at the confluence age of the old and new cycle and establish the kingdom of Lakshmi and Narayan. I give you the tilak of the new kingdom. If I, the Creator, didn’t give you the tilak of the kingdom, then who would?‘ It is said that Tulsidas rubbed sandalwood….that, Baba explains, applies to this time. In fact, Rama is Shiv Baba. It isn’t a question of rubbing sandalwood, rather, it is about internally remembering the Father and the inheritance. Baba says, ‘forget the land of Maya, there is a lot of sorrow in that. This is a graveyard. Remember sweet Baba and the sweet land of happiness.‘ When I remember Baba and the land that I am going to, I emerge the qualities of the residents of that land. The awareness is the seed; when that is right, then I think right thoughts, speak right words and perform right actions.

All the rubbish in the world has to be destroyed, Baba explains. Deities don’t live in rubbish. Even in bhakti, before people invoke Lakshmi, they clean everything. Before Lakshmi and Narayan come, the whole world has to become clean. The world reflects the cleanliness within me. It was clean when I was clean and it became dirty when I became dirty. The Father says: ‘I teach you Raja Yoga. This is the only study through which human beings change into deities.’ It all depends on how well I study. It is through knowledge and remembrance that I become pure and clean again; I awaken my truth, my fortune again. Once my inner kingdom is established and I claim sovereignty, the old world will be destroyed. It is establishment first, then destruction, Baba explains. To the extent that I claim self-sovereignty now, I will claim world sovereignty in the future.

Always have the intoxication‘, Baba teaches, ‘that I will claim the sun-dynasty kingdom from the Father.’ This, He points out, is Raja Yoga, not the yoga to become subjects! You have come to the Father to study this knowledge. Only by studying Raja Yoga can you become the masters of the new world. It is sung: ‘I have come with my fortune awakened. I have come having made a new world in my heart.’ You have to change from thorns into flowers, that is, into deities, says Baba. This is why one goes to school- to awaken their fortune. Here, the fortune is a whole new world! What fortune would you create in this old world anyway, asks Baba. You might become a lawyer or an engineer and earn an income for this birth. But the Father gives me the inheritance for the whole cycle! He makes me into a worship worthy deity whose idol everyone bows down to! I originally was this and then, by taking rebirth, I became a worshipper. Now, the Father makes me into a deity again.

And so having recognized the Father and His inheritance, you should be concerned about your study’, says Baba. However, if it is not in your fortune, you make a lot of excuses. This knowledge has great subtlety and depth and has to be understood. If I don’t study, I lose my own status. The Father enters Bharat in order to make it into heaven. He shows the path to attain liberation in life in a second, but you still have to make some effort!, He points out. If one won’t even take a step, then, it is understood, He says, that it isn’t in their fortune. Fortunate children will remember the Father with a lot of love and also remember the new world. By staying in the intoxication of my immense fortune, by maintaining this happiness, I will earn my income, teaches Baba. In a school too, if it isn’t in someone’s fortune, they fail. This examination is a very great one. God, Himself, sits here and teaches me.

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