Three feet of land

Baba says, ‘you are spiritual surgeons and professors. You have to open hospital-cum-universities and benefit many.’

The Father is the spiritual Surgeon. As His child, I too am a surgeon and so, like the Father, I too definitely have to give the injection of knowledge to souls. That injection is: ‘Manmanabhav!’, this is the biggest injection of all, teaches Baba. All the sorrow of the soul is removed by simply remembering who it is and remembering the Father. All the burden of sin is removed and I become a charitable soul. Yoga is the only medicine, there is no other way.

I cannot really have yoga, let alone make it firm, without a foundation of knowledge. Unless I know someone, there is no question of remembering them. Through the study of Raja Yoga, I learn about myself- the answer to who am I? and about the Father- the One I belong to. I learn about the cycle of time and my story throughout that cycle. I become aware of the present time, of my precious part that I play, practically, with the Father as His helper. When I know all this, I can then remember.

Baba says, ‘you are spiritual surgeons and professors. You have to open hospital-cum-universities and benefit many.’ When I have a solid foundation of knowledge and yoga, I am able to claim my inheritance of purity, peace and happiness and inspire others to claim theirs. ‘Simply take three feet of land and open this hospital-cum-university’, He says. When you think about it, for any university or hospital, one would need acres of land where people can come and study and get treated for their illness and yet, Baba says, all it takes is three feet of land.

He is the Lord of the Poor. He doesn’t come for the rich who build big buildings and put their names on it. He comes for the Sudamas who bring to Him their handful of rice. He enables the children to create their own fortune by engaging their body, mind and wealth in the task of making Bharat pure again. The little that you have, He says, can be used for a hospital-cum-university, for health and wealth. There are many people who ask how all the expenses are covered. The Father says: ‘Look at the board! It says Prajapita BrahmaKumaris Ishwariya Vishwa Vidyalaya’ (Godfatherly university). The Father has so many children!’ He enables His ‘poor’ children, His trustee children, to put their pennies to good use, for the benefit of the world, and in return, He gives them palaces in heaven.

There is no question of expense in this‘, He explains, ‘all it takes a three feet of land.‘ Those who have nothing else can simply use three feet of land and hold a class there. Three feet of land is just a large enough space to sit; a seat is about three feet. Anyone who comes to my three feet, He says, should leave having received knowledge and treatment. ‘Make anyone who comes sit down and give them the Father’s introduction‘, He teaches. The badge is also a great way to serve, it is also very simple and with me always. It immediately draws the attention of the onlooker and thereby gives me an opportunity to give them the Father’s message of ‘Manmanabhav’.

It is sung that it did not take God long to change humans into deities. He does it through giving the souls this injection of Manmanabhav and I become His helper in this task. In fact, those who truly understand and imbibe the knowledge will always have the concern about how to give it to everyone else. After living as Ravan’s prisoner in the unlimited cottage of sorrow of the old world, the Father gives me the injection and liberates me. Having experienced both bondage and liberation, I cannot wait to give this injection to my other brothers and sisters who I know are also prisoners in that same cottage. I cannot wait for them to be free too. Baba says, ‘you children should do a lot of service. This hospital-cum-university should be in every home just as people have a mandir (worship space) in their homes. It is your duty’, He reminds me, ‘to give others health and wealth on the basis of shrimat.‘ In order for me to be able to do this, first and foremost, I must follow shrimat accurately myself. If I follow the dictates of my own mind, I cross out my own fortune and am not able to help others either. ‘Don’t cause sorrow to anyone‘, He teaches. ‘You have to glorify the Father’s name by becoming very sweet.

And so, He says, ‘whatever time you have, remember the Father alone.‘ The more soul conscious I become, the more I am able to remember the Father and increase my love for Him. The more love I have for the Father, the easier it is to let go of all attachments to the body and bodily relationships. When I shed the attachments, I liberate myself from the bondages of expectations and therefore, from sorrow. When I take no sorrow, I give no sorrow. Whatever I need, I take from the Father; He fulfills all my needs and relationships. The closer I get to Him, the more I fill myself with all His treasures and become His instrument to then serve others. ‘The moment you make yourself truly belong to the Father, you receive health, wealth and happiness in a second.‘, He points out. However, He says, everything depends on your faith and the effort you make.

Baba says, ‘Now forget the old world, forget all of them. Have faith that you are a soul and continue to show everyone this path. Renounce the world and constantly remember Me alone. Only by having remembrance will all your sins be absolved.’ It is said that one mustn’t delay carrying out an auspicious task. There are many examples of how, by delaying a task, a person dies before being able to carry it out. Many children think: ‘Ok, I will do this tomorrow..’, observes Baba. The Father says: ‘do it now!’ Become worthy of using the three feet of land you stand on to benefit the world.

Go to the temples and give the introduction to the devotees of the Father and of the deities, He teaches. Go to the banks of the Ganges and serve everyone there. Stick the Father’s introduction on your back (on a piece of paper), He says, so that people can read it themselves. Baba says, ‘the Father gives you many ways to serve but the children have to renounce body consciousness in order to be able to carry out His directions.’ Ask everyone He says: ‘The Father is the Creator of Heaven, so then why are we sitting in hell?’, ‘How did Bharat become hell from heaven?’, ‘How did Lakshmi and Narayan become masters of the world? Who made them that? Where are they now?’ and then say: ‘come and we shall tell you this story.’

There are many hospitals and universities in the world but nowhere is there a combined ‘hospital-cum-university’ like this one. Here, it is a wonder, He says, that one can receive health and wealth together, at the same time, from the same One. The Father who is also my Teacher and Satguru gives me the inheritance of unlimited health, wealth and happiness. Now, it is your duty to explain what you have learnt to others. If a surgeon is unable to give an injection, he wouldn’t really be called a surgeon. You children have been completely enlightened. You have the secrets of 84 births in your intellects. You know the drama and the acts of the Father and the other actors. Now imbibe this knowledge well and serve others. You are making Bharat into heaven but you are incognito, the Father is incognito and His knowledge is also incognito. By imbibing this incognito knowledge and playing their incognito parts with the incognito Father, Mama and Baba become Lakshmi and Narayan, and so why should you become anything less?, asks the Father. “I too will do service.”, have this intoxication of establishing your kingdom with the power of yoga. You are now becoming the masters of heaven. This knowledge will not remain there. This knowledge is only for the present time.

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