Remain detached and watch the drama

Baba says, ‘No matter what happens, even when coming to the point of your dying, do not let go of your happiness. To be cheerful, sit on the seat of a detached observer and continue to observe the games.’

Brahmin life means a life of happiness.If you don’t experience happiness in Brahmin life, then what have you achieved by becoming a Brahmin?‘, asks Baba. God Himself is my Father, Teacher and Guide; the Creator of Heaven, the FortuneMaker Himself belongs to me, what more is there to attain? And so, in the whole cycle, if there is anyone who should be constantly happy, it should be me.

At this time, in the world of Ravan, everyone is in sorrow. The world needs the angels of God to serve it in a such a way through their faces, eyes and through a few words that the sorrow of every soul is removed and they experience happiness as soon as they see them. This is why, Baba says, I need to constantly have a happy face and be an image of happiness, because the happiness in the mind is revealed on the face. Even if a distressed soul who thinks it to be impossible to remain happy comes in front of me, my image, my attitude and my vision should transform that soul, says Baba. Today, people spend so much money trying to buy happiness but God teaches me the true path to happiness. ‘Become pure’, He says, ‘purity is the mother of peace and happiness.‘ When I consider myself a soul and remember the Father, all my sins of many births are burnt away and I become pure. It is when you become body conscious that you give and take sorrow and become unhappy, teaches Baba. When you are soul conscious, you remain detached from the world and loving toward Baba and therefore, happy.

These are the two words to remember, He teaches: Companion (saathi) and detached observer (sakshi).

When BapDada is with me, then the seat of a detached observer remains very strong. ‘But‘, points out Baba, ‘when a situation comes, you don’t use His companionship. You put Him aside at that time and become engrossed in the situation instead.’ And thus, along with leaving the Companion, I also leave my throne of a detached observer. Even in the world, Baba observes, those kings sometimes sit on the throne and sometimes they don’t. But, He says, my throne of a detached observer is such that I can be seated on this throne no matter what task I might be performing! I never have to get off the throne, not even while sleeping! I can be seated on the throne while sitting or standing and while coming into relationship with others.

The question therefore, points out Baba, is whether I know how to remain seated on the throne or not? Do I slip off the throne?

If I am seated on the throne of the detached observer, I can never become distressed because of any problem. I am distressed when I become involved; but when I remain detached from it and observe it as an objective outsider, then, not only do I remain light from the burden of wasteful emotions of fear, anxiety, anger, disheartenment etc. but I am actually able to use the valuable mental resources that I conserved to find the solution. In other words, says Baba, the problem remains under the throne of a detached observer and can never control them. Only when I can learn to remain constantly seated on this throne now, can I remain seated on the throne of the world in the future, teaches Baba.

Besides‘, He says, ‘it is very enjoyable too to watch the scenes of the drama while seated on this seat.’ It is when I forget this is a drama that I get in trouble. This is what it means to be a detached observer- I remember this is a drama. ‘No scene should be observed without being seated on your seat‘, teaches Baba. That drama might run for a couple of hours but this unlimited drama runs all the time! So, remain seated, says Baba. To see it all the time, you need to have your seat all the time. Let it not be, Baba says, that I remain seated for a couple hours and then vacate my seat! Only when I constantly observe every scene as a detached observer will I not fluctuate on seeing the scenes of victory or defeat. It’s like when I am in the movie theatre watching a movie. I don’t walk out when the hero is facing trouble!, I know it’s a movie and I remain seated and watch it until the end. Same here, teaches Baba. If I remember the drama, I will remain stable; if I forget the drama, I will fluctuate. In other words, if I only remember the drama sometimes, I will only rule the inner kingdom sometimes. That then carries forward into the golden aged kingdom as well. If I only rule the inner kingdom sometimes, I will rule in the future also for a short time. Why? because I haven’t created the sanskar of remaining stable constantly.

It’s not that you don’t know all this’, observes Baba, ‘but the reason that you are not stable in the stage of a detached observer is that you are careless in paying attention.’ To pay attention is to constantly remain in the awareness of who I am: I am a soul, not this body or any bodily relation or role or title or religion or anything else. I am a soul, a child of God, that’s all. And I am here as an actor playing my part in the unlimited drama alongside God. When I remain in this consciousness, then I remain seated at all times. Then no matter who comes in front of me, what the situation might be, I only have good wishes and pure feelings- because as an actor, I am detached from the scene. As a result, I remain constantly happy and give happiness.

So, teaches Baba, even if you make no other effort, remain constantly seated on the seat of a detached observer and watch the games. Simply keep the aim: ‘No matter what happens, whether it is through the state of my own mind, through other souls, or through the elements or atmosphere, I must not let go of my happiness.‘ Maintain this determination and forget everything else, He says. Then, all the different situations, He teaches, will seem like a game. Even if someone insults me or tries to upset me and bring me down from my seat of self-respect of a detached observer, I must not come down from my seat. My happiness depends on it.

This unlimited drama continues all the time. It is not just two to three hours in duration. It is eternal.

Therefore, to see it all the time, you need to have your seat all the time. Let it not be that you are seated on your seat for two hours and then vacate your seat. Those who constantly observe every scene as detached observers will not fluctuate on seeing the scenes of victory or defeat. They will be constantly stable. If you remember the drama, you will remain stable. If you forget the drama, you will fluctuate. If you only remember the drama sometimes, you will only rule the kingdom sometimes. If it is only sometimes that you remain a detached observer, you will only sometimes be a companion in heaven. You are knowledge-full, are you not? You know everything. However, although you know everything, the reason you are not stable in the stage of a detached observer is that you are careless about paying attention. Instead of having thoughts of the original self, you put those thoughts aside and become involved in wasteful matters. Those who do not maintain thoughts of the original self cannot remain detached observers. What is the basis of finishing thoughts of others? If you constantly have good wishes for every soul, you will never think about others. By constantly having pure and positive thoughts for the self and others, you will constantly be a detached observer. To be a detached observer means to be a companion at this time and also in the future.

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