Study and teach others very well

Baba says, ‘The Father has the most love for those who study and teach others very well and who give the proof of that. Those who study well are the ones who will be threaded in the rosary.’

It is not in the fortune of any soul, be it a mahatma or religious soul anywhere, Baba points out, to have the fortune of having God Himself as the Father, Teacher and Satguru; not now, not in the whole cycle! From the One, I receive the sustenance of a Father, I receive the elevated study and the attainment of a status, and from the Satguru, I receive the great mantra and blessings. I have the right to all the treasures as my inheritance. As soon as I took birth, the true Trikaldarshi Teacher taught me the study of the 3 aspects of time. The study is so elevated and the One who is teaching me is also so elevated.

However, look at those He is teaching!‘, says the Father.

He has created hope in those in whom the world has no hope- the poor innocent mothers and sisters. Not only does He teach them, but the very aim of studying is to attain the highest-on-high status. The elevated status that I attain through this Godly study is so elevated, that it is even more elevated than the highest-on-high status I would attain in the whole world! Within the whole cycle, the most elevated status remembered is a royal status, ‘but what is that royal status compared to the status you receive!?‘, points out Baba. In this one birth, I receive God’s guarantee to attain the most elevated status for birth after birth whereas in the worldly study of one birth, I don’t have any guarantee of attaining a status for even one birth!

‘Is this fortune visible on your face?‘, He asks, ‘is it visible in your activity and behavior?

For this to happen, Baba explains, I need to constantly have my fortune in my awareness: ‘I am not an ordinary student and this is not an ordinary study, but Baba comes every day from the faraway land to teach me directly. The elevated directions of the One is my study and every word of this study is one that enables me to accumulate an income of multimillions.’ When I have this in my awareness, then I pay attention to every word because I realize that when I miss imbibing even one word, I miss out on earning an income of multimillions. Maybe that was the word that was the answer to a question that was nagging me, maybe it was the courage and hope I needed…when I miss it, I remain in bondage, I remain hopeless and weak. When I imbibe it, I am liberated, hopeful and full of zeal and enthusiasm. ‘Never take for granted‘, Baba teaches, ‘the fact that: God is speaking and I am listening to Him. Baba, in the form of a Teacher, has come for me. I am a special, beloved student.Keep these thoughts emerged at the time of class every morning and then study, He teaches. This is not an ordinary class. Don’t see the person who is relating the words to you, but remember Whose words they are and keep Him in front of you, He teaches.

But the duty of a Brahmin is not just to study well for themselves‘, explains Baba, ‘it is also to teach others.

A teacher is not just someone who relates the knowledge, explains Baba. Here, He points out, a teacher means someone who is an embodiment of the teachings. There are indeed many ways in which to teach but the easiest way to teach is not through your lips, but rather it is through your form, He explains. This is what Brahma baba did. He didn’t teach just through words but also through action. It’s not that others will learn if I tell them- they’ve heard enough right from the copper age! Baba’s mantra was: Whatever I do, others who see me will do the same. So the easiest method of teaching is through your form, says Baba. No matter how much I explain to others, ‘You are a soul, an embodiment of peace, an embodiment of knowledge’, that person will not understand what I am saying unless I myself am stable in that stage.

The study taught through experience becomes imperishable to that extent‘, explains Baba. ‘So‘, He asks, ‘how do you teach- through words? or through your form?

A worthy teacher thus teaches many souls through her every step; she makes others into embodiments of the teachings – whether delivered via lectures or through the seven days’ course. The words spoken by such a teacher are not just versions, but elevated versions, because each word is one that makes others elevated. Every action would be one that gives the fruit of making many others elevated. Karma is the seed and the result is the fruit of karma. The seeds of karma of such teachers would be fruitful, never wasted. This, Baba explains, is known as being a worthy teacher. Knowledge- that’s easy!, He says, even a five year old can recite the knowledge but not everyone becomes a teacher, that is, an embodiment of the teachings being related. Just as there is praise of Brahma’s thoughts as to how he created a new world through just one thought, so too, every thought of a worthy teacher would enable her to have all rights to the new world. This, Baba explains, is the definition of a teacher.

Baba says, ‘The Father has the most love for those who study and teach others very well and who give the proof of that. They are the ones who will be threaded in the rosary.’

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