Son shows Father

Baba says, ‘It is sung “Father shows son, son shows Father“. Now you children have to show the Father.’

A father creates children and then he teaches them that they are their mother and father. Children then learn this and show (reveal) their father: Our father is like this. In the same way, it is also said: student shows teacher. It is only when the teacher teaches the student that he can show the teacher, ‘Such-and-such a lawyer’ made me a lawyer. Until the student becomes a lawyer, he/she cannot show who made them that way. In the same way, only when gurus adopt followers can it be said: they received this and this from this guru. In the world, fathers, teachers and gurus are separate. Even if a father is also the teacher, he may teach one subject but there are still other teachers for other subjects. Here, the One is the Father, Teacher and Guru, all three in one. And until He comes and makes the children belong to Him, they cannot show Him: I am a child of so-and-so and that I am the master of His property.

God comes to this physical plane at this auspicious confluence age and the very first thing God does when He comes is He adopts souls and makes them belong to Him, practically. He is incorporeal and so He takes the support of a body in order to adopt me and make me His child. He names the one whom He enters, Brahma. So in this way, Brahma becomes my Mother. If God were omnipresent, how would He be able to adopt me? Only when He comes and adopts me, that is, creates me, can He then show me. Only when He shows me who and how He is can I then show Him to the world. Only when He comes and teaches me, can I then become that which He is teaching me and show the Teacher. Only when He comes and becomes my Guru and grants me salvation can I then reveal who my Guru is and what mantra I received from Him in order to attain salvation.

Even on the path of bhakti, devotees sing: ‘You are the Mother and Father and we are Your children…’ but then they simply speak the words, they don’t actually relate to God in that way. I, on the other hand, am adopted by the Father and He makes me belong to Him as His child, practically. The question is: Have I made Him belong to me? He calls me His child but what is my relationship with the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul? Unless I accept Him as my Father, I cannot experience His sustenance; Unless I accept Him as my Teacher, I will not become His student and learn from Him and unless I accept Him as my Guru, I will not follow His shrimat and attain liberation-in-life. Unless I attain something, I have nothing to show to anyone else.

The Teacher is teaching me that the world cycle is now coming to an end. The iron age, the old age, is coming to an end and the new world, the new age, is beginning. While the Teacher is teaching me the secrets, the Father is making me worthy of ruling His kingdom. He, is the Creator of the new world and so surely, He would make me the master of that world! The Guru then guides me throughout the day, through His shrimat, as to how to think, speak and act in a way that is becoming of a king. My Father is God and so He makes me master god and goddess! This is who Lakshmi and Narayan are; His most elevated creation! They are the ones who emulated the Father to such an extent that they became like Him. They are the ones who were the first grade students of the Teacher at this time and those who obeyed the shrimat of the Satguru. This is why, to this day, devotees bow down to them because they reveal the Father.

Before the Father came, I was an orphan who stumbled at the hands of Ravan for half a cycle. Then, the Father came and adopted me as His own child. He made me His heir and willed to me His entire property- the sovereignty of heaven! ‘You receive a lot of property‘, points out Baba. And so, my duty, as His child is to claim the full inheritance. Only when I claim it can I then show it to others. He gives me powers, virtues and the jewels of knowledge. When I imbibe and then donate them to whomever I come into contact with, I reveal the Father. To donate is to offer co-operation. If someone insults or defames me, rather than return the favor, when I maintain my stage and attitude of a well-wisher, I reveal the Father. When someone is angry, when I maintain my calm and cool, I reveal the Father. When a situation comes and I remain unshakeable, I reveal the Father. And so Baba says, ‘you have to become full of these treasures of powers, virtues and the jewels of knowledge. Become full of not just one or two, but all three.’ Only when I have something can I offer it to others.

The unlimited Father comes and makes me belong to Him. He grants my every pure wish and desire. He wills to me His everything and wants nothing at all in return. All He says is: ‘it is now your duty to give to your brothers and sisters what you have received from the Father. Don’t you hear their cries of sorrow?’ Most of my brothers and sisters are still where I once was- in the prison of Ravan. They are still stumbling, still crying out in distress. And most of them will never experience the Father’s direct sustenance the way I do; I might therefore be the closest they ever get to the Father. How am I showing up? what do they see when they see me? what do they experience when they are around me, when they interact with me?

A child takes birth to fulfill the father’s hopes. This is in fact the aim of the child’s life. This, in other words, is called “Son shows father”.

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