Be a lighthouse

Baba says, ‘you now have to become lighthouses. In one eye, you have the land of liberation and in the other, the land of liberation-in-life. Continue to show everyone the path.’

A lighthouse means a house of light. It does not just have enough light for itself but it also shows the way to others far and wide. It’s one thing to move along while considering myself to be light and might, that is one who has the knowledge and powers but Baba wants me to become a house of light and a house of might. I can only become a house when I have accumulated sufficient stock within myself; a house is fully stocked. If I myself, cannot constantly become an embodiment of light and constantly stabilize in the form of a light, then I cannot be a lighthouse and give light to others. ‘You are not those who simply take’, He teaches, ‘you also have to give. The more you give, the more you automatically receive. The way to increase what you have is to give.’

Check, He says: Do I have that much light to be a lighthouse and constantly give light to the whole world?

If any soul comes in front of me with anger, rather than give that soul the donation of the power of tolerance, if I instead give them the donation of the power to face, or if a soul made a mistake and rather than give them the co-operation of the power to merge, if I instead use the power to discern at that time, then that wouldn’t be called being a lighthouse, teaches Baba. To not be able to give a soul the power they need at the time of their need means that I myself lack that power within me. If I myself lack the power, then, Baba asks, how would I enable others to claim a right to the inheritance from the Almighty Authority Father?

In order to remain full, that is an embodiment of light and all powers, Baba says, keep in your one eye the land of liberation and in the other eye, the land of liberation-in-life. When I have this in my vision, that is, when I am constantly aware that this is where I am going and more importantly, that this where I want to go, then I will automatically emerge the virtues and powers that qualify me to be a resident of that land. Then, I am able to show others the path as well.

Sun-dynasty souls are almighty authorities with all the powers, whereas moon-dynasty souls just have some powers, Baba explains. If even one power is lacking, then, instead of being one with all powers, I would be called one who has some powers, that is, I would not be able to claim a right to the fortune of the sun-dynasty kingdom. Only those who have all the powers and are the almighty authorities, Baba explains, can claim a right to becoming full of all virtues and 16 celestial degrees full. If I have less powers, I can become a benefactor, Baba explains, but would fall short of becoming a world benefactor. In other words, when I am not full of all powers, I become a bulb that gives light to the little area around me but am not the lighthouse that lights the whole world. That soul who made a mistake needed the donation of the power to merge but if I give them the power to expand by going on and on about just how badly they behaved, about how what they did makes them look etc. etc. then, Baba asks, would that soul consider you a world benefactor? Sure, I might have offered the correction not out of malice but with the intention of ensuring they understand their mistake, but was that the right time, place and way? was that what the soul needed then? It is as if, Baba points out, someone is thirsty for water and I offer them 36 varieties of food! It’s not that the food was bad, it’s just not what the soul needed at that moment and consequently, the soul would not be content with my offering and would not give me thanks, explains Baba.

And so, explains Baba, ‘if you haven’t accumulated a stock full of all the powers, you would not be able to become the jewels of contentment who make everyone content, and other souls would not consider you to be the bestowers of life, the bestowers of all powers.’ If I don’t become the world-benefactor soul and am not accepted by all the souls of the world, then, without being accepted by them, I wouldn’t become worthy of worship either, explains Baba.

The Father is called the Lighthouse and as His child, I too am a lighthouse. The occupation of Brahmins, Baba teaches, is, in fact, to be lighthouses and give light. A true spiritual server, a great donor, would be a lighthouse. Children of the Bestower would be bestowers. And so Baba repeatedly explains: ‘Keep the land of peace in one eye and the land of happiness in the other eye. While walking, sitting and moving around, simply remain light. Continue to show everyone the path to the land of peace and happiness.‘ Everyone’s boat has become stuck in this land of sorrow and this is why they call out: ‘O Boatman, take my boat across!’. Everyone’s boat is trapped, so who will show them the path and salvage them?, asks Baba. According to the drama, most will not recognize the Father and draw light from Him directly as I have. And so, Baba says, it is your duty to be the lighthouses to the world. All are trapped by the chains of the five vices, that is, they are prisoners of Ravan. So, teaches Baba, ‘stay on the pilgrimage of remembrance and teach others the same. Only through this pilgrimage, will your boats go across. Be a lighthouse.’

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