Churn the knowledge

Baba says, ‘You are once again becoming pure. O Purifier Baba, come and once again make us pure from impure! Talk to yourself in this way.’

This is a cycle, Baba reveals to me at this auspicious confluence age. A cycle, by definition, keeps on turning and repeats identically; what was up once, after some time, goes down and then comes back up, again. Nothing is therefore really new, each new turn is identical to the previous turn and there have already been countless turns. When we souls were pure, we lived in the land of liberation and we then went to heaven or the golden age. We took so many births and continued to come down the cycle and we now have to go to the golden age, again. It is a cycle, nothing new!

The key, Baba explains, is to really deeply understand in my bones that this is a cycle. I have been around this cycle countless times before, this time is nothing new. When I have this firmly in my awareness, then the scenes of the drama feel like a game. No matter what the situation that comes before me, no matter the circumstance, no matter what type of soul, or even my own sanskars, I don’t feel overwhelmed by any of it. There is no fear, anxiety or worry. Why? because, none of this is anything new! I have been through the same situation, circumstance, faced the same souls and dealt with these same sanskars many, many times before and been victorious. I am just going through the process again, that’s all.

The Father has come once again, like He has countless times before, to purify me and take me back with Him- ‘talk to yourself in this way‘, teaches Baba, ‘and the level of your happiness will continue to rise.

Sometimes, I talk to myself the wrong way. When a situation comes- maybe there is a loss, a betrayal, an illness- I think: ‘I have to go through this again!, this will repeat again!..’. Yes, it will but not for another 5000 years! That’s how long this cycle is! It is up to me, Baba teaches, how I use the knowledge I am taught. I can either use it to my dis-advantage or to my advantage. To use it to my advantage is to realize: ‘this is nothing new, I have gone through this many times before and emerged victorious. This time is no different. This too shall pass, it HAS to.’ When I detach myself from the situation and step into the unlimited, I feel light. And this choice I make to either stay attached or to detach will also repeat in the next cycle! So, Baba says, it’s up to me to write my own narrative keeping in mind that what I write will repeat cycle after cycle.

The Teacher says: ‘Don’t ask me for mercy. There is no question of mercy in this. You have to study. I am teaching all of you the same things. Remember the Father and spin the discus of self-realization.’ He reveals to me the secrets of the beginning, middle and end of the cycle. I have been an actor in this drama since the very beginning, from the golden age. It is now the end of the cycle, the darkest hours of the iron age. So yes, the world is not what it used to be; per the cycle, what was up is now down. But rather than focus on these few isolated scenes of the drama like the people in the world would, I, because I have the full knowledge of the cycle, ought to look at the full story! That is the point of having the knowledge! Those who spin the cycle will emerge victorious in every scene, those who don’t will take sorrow and come to a standstill. In other words, ‘those who do will receive accordingly‘, teaches Baba; ‘it is a straightforward matter, there is no question of mercy in this.

When I worry about the self, the situations, the state of the country and the world and wonder if and when things will ever get better, that shows that I haven’t really imbibed the knowledge of the cycle. By definition of the cycle, what was once new has to become old, that is, what was once pure and elevated has to become impure and degraded, and then become new again. I am now at the auspicious confluence age when new is being established by God Himself. He has asked me to be His helper. I can become His helper to the extent that I imbibe the knowledge. That is the part I need to be focused on! There is sorrow in the world because there is ignorance in the world. I, have the knowledge and my duty, therefore, is to imbibe the jewels and donate them to my brothers and sisters. The best method to make a donation, Baba teaches, is not through words but through my form. If I look sad myself, if I am worried myself, if I am peaceless myself, if I shake with the slightest situation myself, if I feel bitter and resentful myself, then I cannot donate to others. I can explain to them all I want but they won’t listen, there won’t be transformation, because they won’t receive an experience.

You are actors in this drama‘, Baba reminds me, ‘and yet, if you don’t know the beginning, the middle or the end of the drama or its Creator or Director, then,‘ Baba says, ‘you still have stone intellects!’ And so He says: ‘Simply sit for half an hour or 45 minutes in the morning and churn this knowledge.’ Only when I do the work of churning, will I receive the butter, that is, the realizations. When I realize, then I become peaceful and happy and am able to share it with others.

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