This is the same Great Mahabharat War

Baba says, ‘There are things that are proved through the Mahabharata.’

This is the same great Mahabharata war‘, says Baba, ‘it is the same Gita episode that is playing out now.‘ But then people say: ‘There are wars in foreign lands too. Why is this called the great Mahabharata war?’ Baba explains that the sacrificial fire of Rudra is created only in Bharat. It is only through this that the flames of destruction will emerge. The new world is established first and then the old is destroyed. The new world is established based on the true knowledge of the Gita that the Father gives me at this time.

This is an incognito war‘, explains Baba, it isn’t a physical war that was fought in one specific location called Kurukshetra. Rather this is a war that souls fight against Ravan in this field of action or karmakshetra. I fight this war to reclaim my inner kingdom from Ravan. ‘The Ramayan and Mahabharata are connected,‘ explains Baba. They show Ravan in the Ramayan and show that the Mahabharat was fought between brothers- the Pandavas and the Kauravas. But this is not the case, He explains.

For half a cycle, souls were soul conscious and then, the world was heaven. There was purity, peace, happiness and prosperity. Then, about half way through the cycle, souls forgot who they are and identified as bodies. This fundamental mistake caused them to fall prey to Ravan or the vices. This meant that everything went wrong- my thoughts, words, actions, attitude, vision were all wrong. This in turn took away all my happiness and peace and brought me immense sorrow. I gave to others what I had, I gave sorrow. It became a world of sorrow, heaven thus descended to hell. I then called out to the Father: ‘O Purifier, come and make us impure ones pure again. Liberate us from this sorrow and take us to a place of rest and comfort.’ And the Father came to do just that!

As shown in the Mahabharata, when I make God my Charioteer and follow His directions, I win this war against the vices, against body consciousness and take back my inner kingdom. Ravan acts through souls; he feeds wrong thoughts to souls and causes them to oppose each other and consider each other the enemy. The Father comes and teaches me that my brothers are not my enemies, rather, it is Ravan who is our collective enemy. It is he who has to be defeated. Ravan is not a physical enemy and so I defeat him not by using physical weapons, but spiritual weapons. When he shows up as anger in my brother soul, I defeat the anger by not engaging with it, that is I refuse to get angry in return and instead hold my cool and calm. I don’t reject my brother, I reject the anger. I maintain my loving feelings and good wishes for my brother. When I do this, Ravan loses his power.

The only One who is not influenced by the vices is God and so He is the only one who knows the truth and reminds me of it. This is the true knowledge of the Gita– the answer to the question of Who am I? He reminds me of who I am, Whose I am and tells me the story of the beginning, middle and end of the cycle. He becomes my Teacher and Guide out of the old world of body consciousness into the new world of soul consciousness; from a life in bondage into liberation-in-life. I was stumbling in Ravan’s world of the darkness of ignorance; the Father comes and flicks on the switch of knowledge. He thus shows me the way out of Ravan’s prison into freedom.

Only He knows to turn on the light, so He says: ‘Only remember Me, belong to Me alone.’ That is the key: I have to make Him my one Trust and one Support. This too is demonstrated in the Mahabharata by Arjuna who understood this principle. When he and Duryodhana went to God to ask for His help in the war, God said He would help but they would have to choose between Him and His army; they couldn’t have both. Arjuna chose God and under His guidance, went on to win the war. With God on my side, I cannot lose. There come those situations in this war when it seems like the whole world is on the other side and I am alone. I am doing what God wants me to do, that is, I am following His shrimat and yet, and perhaps because of it, everyone is opposing me. That’s okay. I don’t need uncles, aunties, friends and co-workers to cheer for me all the time. It’s great if they do but it’s optional; to stay on God’s side is not. That’s required. Let me be Arjuna and stay my ground and eventually, at the right time, things will turn around and I will emerge victorious.

Another thing that God told Arjuna and Duryodhana when they came to Him was that He would not, Himself, lift a weapon throughout the war. God is the Almighty Authority, the All Powerful but if He did everything, His children would not then become powerful themselves. This war is about God’s children reclaiming their own inner kingdom, their own power. And so God reminds me daily, as He did for Arjuna, as to who I am, Whose child I am. When I step inward and touch base with my own truth and then move upward and connect with the Father, I re-emerge my virtues and powers. Where I once would be angry, I am now calm; where I was once afraid, I now remain unshakeable; where I would once worry, I now keep my peace in the midst of the storm. I take back the reins to my world, reclaim my lost power.

Don’t ask Me for mercy‘, says the Father; ‘this is a study, you have to make effort.‘ He is teaching me Rajayoga, the most elevated study, to become the king of kings. This is not a study to become subjects, He points out. In the Mahabharata, God starts out with the answer to the question: Who am I? and by the end of the Gita, Arjuna becomes the embodiment of the answer to that question. It’s not enough to simply know ‘I am a soul’ and keep repeating that to myself, teaches Baba, I have to actually realize what kind of a soul I am and embody that truth. That is the journey I am on and only when I make the effort, can I become the embodiment. To simply call on God each time there is a little obstacle, a little situation doesn’t help me move forward, it slows me down. I have to study.

Turn your vision away from the old world and toward the new world.‘, He teaches. This is what the Pandavas did. They detached from the old world of the consciousness of the body, the bodily relations, the possessions and accomplishments and turned their intellect toward God alone. They only followed His directions. The Kauravas, on the other hand, held on to the old world and turned their intellect away from God. They valued name, fame, recognition, limited desires, physical power and all the rest over God’s imperishable kingdom. This is why it is said: ‘at the time of destruction, a loving intellect is victorious and a non-loving intellect is destroyed.’

Sweet children, a new world is needed for you‘, says the Father. And so the old world definitely has to be destroyed. This is the same Great Mahabharata War. You are now claiming the kingdom; you are becoming deities. There should not be anyone other than deities in your kingdom; the devil world is being destroyed. Let your intellect remember: ‘yesterday, I ruled the world. The Father gave me the kingdom and I then took 84 births. Baba has now come once again.’ You have this knowledge now; the Father has given you this knowledge. When the deity kingdom is established, the whole of the devilish world will be destroyed.

Before I go to the new world, I will first go home. The Father has come to take me back home. He says: ‘I have come to bring death to all of you. In order to become a resident of heaven from a resident of hell, you definitely have to die. I will destroy those bodies and take you souls back home.‘ In other words, God as the Father, Teacher and Satguru, is the Purifier. He purifies souls of their body consciousness and takes them back home. They then come back down in their pure soul conscious state in the new cycle, in the new world. This dying from the old world, from the body consciousness, is the donation of life that I receive from the Father. ‘The Mahabharat War is for this‘, says Baba. Everything will be destroyed. How else could I take everyone back home? I purify souls and take them back home. That is the land of peace. When the golden age comes, the iron age will definitely be destroyed. The Mahabharat war is well known for this, it takes place at the confluence age when you change from humans into deities. It is now the confluence age and this is the same Great Mahabharat war.

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