Remain constantly cheerful

Baba says, ‘imbibe the Father’s teachings and become virtuous flowers. You have received the enlightenment of knowledge. Therefore, remain constantly cheerful.’

The faces of the deities are cheerful, they always wear a smile. You are becoming deities and so you must always remain cheerful, teaches Baba. Only when I remain cheerful here will I remain cheerful for the rest of the cycle. ‘It is not a big thing to give a lecture about peace and happiness‘, says Baba, ‘you have to become like Krishna, that is, become an embodiment of peace and happiness.‘ If I am not cheerful, then, Baba says, it doesn’t matter that I give lectures, it would still be understood that I don’t have the knowledge. Knowledge, is not recitation or repeating the points, Baba explains; knowledge is understanding. Lakshmi and Narayan are always shown with cheerful faces because those souls imbibed the jewels of knowledge. Only jewels of knowledge constantly emerged from their lips. There is so much happiness in just relating and listening to the jewels of knowledge, points out Baba. God is personally sitting in front of me and singing the song of knowledge! When I listen to this song and become lost in it, Baba explains, I remain constantly happy and cheerful, the same as the deities.

The jewels of knowledge that I am receiving now will then become diamonds and jewels. The rosary of the nine jewels is not a rosary of diamonds and jewels, Baba points out, it is a rosary of the jewels of knowledge created at this most auspicious confluence age. No one can loot these from me, they make me prosperous for the rest of the cycle. ‘Therefore‘, teaches Baba, ‘you have to become very sensible. Remove devilish traits by imbibing these jewels of knowledge.’ The face of an angry person is not cheerful, it becomes as red as copper! Those who have the vice of lust- not just for bodies but even for limited possessions etc., – become pale and lose their beauty. ‘Therefore‘, says Baba, ‘you should churn the knowledge about everything and remain cheerful.’ Knowledge is wealth. While the limited knowledge that I study in the world gives me a limited income for a limited time, this spiritual wealth is worth jewels, it makes me into the master of heaven! Adorn yourself with these jewels and remain cheerful, He teaches.

Happiness should be visible on your faces. ‘That will be visible when you imbibe the knowledge and make others similar to yourselves‘, teaches Baba. Sometimes, I hear that and think: ‘but I have so many flaws, why would I make others similar to myself?’ To make others similar to myself is not about ‘perfect behavior’, it is about making my brothers and sisters belong to the Father. I was an orphan not too long ago with no identity, belonging, or guidance. I therefore stumbled my way through the darkness of ignorance- committing one wrong act after another and not even realizing it. My wrong consciousness of being a body or a role or a relationship ensured everything from my thoughts, attitude, vision, words and deeds were all wrong. As a result, I gave myself and others sorrow. God adopted me as His own child; As my Father, Teacher and Satguru, He guided me and continues to guide me out of the world of sorrow that I created for myself as a result of the wrong consciousness I was in. Can I do the same for my brothers and sisters? As God’s child, can I become His instrument, His representative before the world? Can I demonstrate the inheritance I have now received from the Father- peace in the midst of a storm, ability to enjoy life despite circumstances, strength and coolness in the face of anger and rage, love and tolerance no matter what? Can I treat my brothers the way the Father treats me – with respect and honor? If I can, then I inspire, teach and uplift others as the Father uplifted me. I fill souls with the same confidence, power, hope and courage that the Father filled in me. I enable them to stand back up on their on feet knowing that they are not alone, the Father is here with them. I become the mirror through which they see and experience the Father.

And often, I know what I need to do but am stopped by the selfish thought of: ‘but what about me?’ Someone made a mistake and I know that I should forgive, but then ‘what about what they did to me?’, ‘what about my feelings?’, ‘what about the loss I had to incur?’ Similarly, I know I have to put others first, then ‘what about me?’, ‘what if I get left behind?’. If I have to respect others no matter what, then, ‘what about the disrespect they showed me?’, ‘if I keep letting them off the hook, how will that make me look?’ Baba says, ‘get yourself off your mind and think about the world.‘ This is spiritual maturity. When I take care of the Father’s children, the Father takes care of me. Let me trust Him. Let me trust the drama. When I abide by Baba’s shrimat, I cannot incur a loss. I can only benefit.

Then sometimes I think, ‘but I did forgive that person, I do all the things the instrument teacher asks me to do, so how come I still feel lousy?’. Baba says, ‘check if you did it from your heart.‘ It’s not sufficient to outwardly modify my behavior and put on a smile that I don’t feel, say the words I don’t want to say and put on an act that I don’t mean. I have to feel the same inside as I project outside. Only then will I feel light, only then will I experience the love and blessings from the Father and other souls. Then, I automatically become happy and cheerful. But that kind of cleanliness and purity comes only through the pilgrimage of remembrance. Standing on the foundation of the knowledge of who I am and Whom I belong to, I remember. That remembrance not only burns away previous sins but it ensures that I no longer commit new sins; it gives me the power I need to serve unselfishly, unconditionally. In fact, my very being serves without me having to say or do much at all.

You should not miss a single murli’, instructs the Father. The true Father is giving you the absolutely true shrimat. Now that you belong to the Father, you have to follow shrimat at every step. Just remain quiet and study. You have to remember only the one Father. Keep looking at the badge again and again, He guides me, and you will remember the Father and the inheritance. It is by having remembrance that you are able to donate peace to the world. Baba explains to you with a lot of love: Sweet children, have mercy on yourselves. Do not be disobedient and cause yourself sorrow.

The Father has such a first-class desire in His heart to make the children constantly happy and for the children to become worthy and become the masters of heaven. Those who are fragrant flowers attract the Father. Seeing the fragrant and virtuous children, Baba’s eyes become moist out of love and happiness. The Father says: ‘may you always remain happy and cheerful.’

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