To become an angel is to have love for Brahma Baba

Baba says, ‘The meaning of love is to become equal. Therefore, to become an angel means to have love for Brahma Baba, the avyakt angel.’ 

Everyone says they love father Brahma and that their love is the greatest but the true sign of love, Baba says, is to become equal. Why? because when you love someone, He says, you cannot bear to see their weakness; you want them to always be light and happy. And so Baba says, if you have true love for me, then become equal to me. To become equal to Brahma baba is to become an angel.

The stage below the angelic stage is the awareness of the gross form and the awareness of people, roles, relationships, and all the rest that comes with the gross consciousness or body consciousness. ‘Don’t come down to that stage’, teaches Baba, ‘awareness of people and gross awareness is the basis of bringing you down. Therefore, constantly stay beyond everything and stable in the angelic stage.’ To step outside this awareness into the stage of coming down is to be disobedient, He points out. Once the awareness is ordinary or wasteful, then everything else – thoughts, words, attitude, vision, actions- follows. ‘That stage doesn’t belong to you‘, He reminds me. When I go there, then because I am disobedient, there is distress and repentance. So the way to maintain my self-respect constantly and to remain stable in the stage of an embodiment of all attainments is to follow the Father.

To follow is easy, He points out. In life, I have experienced following from childhood. As a child, I follow my father by holding his finger while walking, sitting and moving around. Then, as a householder, a husband and wife are taught to follow one another. Then, as life progresses further, one is asked to adopt a guru and follow them. Here too, Baba says, simply follow the alokik and parlokik fathers. This frees me from the expansion of: ‘what should I do?, how should I do this? should I do it like this or like that?’ The answer to all questions, Baba teaches, is just one: follow the Father.

It was Brahma baba who completed the full 84 births and became the instrument to teach me how to perform action in the corporeal form. He taught me,

  • how to become free from any bondage of actions,
  • how to fulfill the responsibility of action,
  • how to remain stable in the bodiless stage while in the body,
  • how to become free from the bondages of the body,
  • how to constantly maintain the stage of being absorbed and lost in love in my mind,
  • how to use every penny in a worthwhile way – it was corporeal Brahma baba who became the instrument in physical life.

A soul who was tied in the bondage of karma became the example of becoming karmateet, that is, he became an angel. Since he did all this practically in his life, it should be easy to follow a practical example, reasons Baba. When I have questions connected with bodies, relationships, or wealth etc., the answer to all of those questions is the life of Father Brahma. Scientists today ask computers for answers because they believe the computer to be more accurate than the human intellect. ‘However, for you‘, Baba says, ‘the life of Father Brahma is the accurate computer.’ Therefore instead of asking ‘why?’, ‘how?’ etc., look at the living computer, He says. Then, the questions of ‘how?’ and ‘what?’ will change into ‘like this’. Instead of having lots of questions, I will become content and satisfied. Someone who asks a lot of questions has a fluctuating intellect, points out Baba. But when I am in the stage of being content and satisfied, that is, constant and stable, I am one who follows the father.

So, the essence, Baba says, is: Follow Brahma baba.

None of you are Shiv Kumars or Shiv Kumaris’, Baba reminds me, ‘you are Brahma Kumars and Brahma Kumaris.’ It is Brahma who becomes a sample of living an elevated life for the corporeal creation. Therefore, Father Shiva is called the Satguru and the one who teaches me something is called a guru. It is Brahma who becomes the instrument to teach the world. So, He says, you have to follow him in every action. It is in this context that Brahma is called the Jagadguru (World Guru); this is why the world praises Brahma. The title ‘Jagadpita’ or ‘Prajapita’ also belongs to Brahma. Vishnu and Shankar cannot be called ‘Prajapita’, it is only Brahma who is that. To the extent that he is loved by the world, he also became detached from the world, and he is now teaching me through the subtle form the lesson of following him in the angelic stage.

Whether I become an emperor or empress in the future golden age, before that, I have to attain this stage of an angel or being karmateet first. Just as I have a glimpse of my physical form in the mirror, so too, Baba says, I should be able to see my angelic stage in the mirror of knowledge. Unless I can see my angelic form clearly, the future will also not be clear to me. I will constantly have the thoughts of: ‘perhaps I will become this or that…’. However, if I can see my angelic form clearly, then I can see the future clearly as well. Angels are direct children of God and they act as His instruments. They have no limited desires of this world, they are detached, far removed from anything physical. They emerge and then, merge. They don’t remain in this corporeal world. They come to perform their duty given to them by the Father and then promptly disappear. They don’t stick around to know the outcome of the task, they don’t care for applause nor are they affected by failures. Their attitude is: ‘this is not my task. It is the Father’s task and He is the One getting it all done. I am merely the instrument.’ No matter what people around them say or think, angels are able to maintain their good wishes and pure feelings because they remain beyond it all. When I become such an angel, Baba points out, I too will not be able to keep my feet in the old world of my body and bodily relations.

Since you say that you are loving to the Father, how can it then be‘, He asks, ‘that you remain a resident of the corporeal world throughout the day while the Father is a resident of the subtle world? Therefore, become an angel who is a resident of the subtle region‘, He says. Now close and finish all gates of attractions and attachments, for only then will you be called loving to the Father. In fact, this is what the final stage is to be: here while not here. I am a special instrument for service and so I also have to be special in my efforts. When others experience me to be an angel as I walk and move around, then they too will be inspired, teaches Baba. And what’s more, when I go beyond the awareness of the corporeal world, then I will not waste my time over trivial matters any more. This is what true service is, explains Baba; there is benefit for the self and others. So now, He says, take a high jump. To have an angelic stage while living in the corporeal world is taking a high jump. This is the special gift from the Father. To accept the gift means to become angelic. With this gift, He says, all old things will be finished- no more questions, complaints, doubts, or anything else. ‘Won’t you accept this gift?‘, asks Baba. If you don’t transform yourself, you won’t be able to transform others.

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