The charitable act of remembering the Father

Baba says, ‘come together and remove the roof of sorrow from this world of the iron age. Perform the charitable act of remembering the Father.’

The Father comes and gives me the knowledge of the beginning, middle and end of the world cycle. Based on this, I now know that there is happiness in the new world and sorrow in the old world. It is now the old world and so the time of sorrow. At this time of sorrow, everyone experiences sorrow, and at the time of happiness, everyone experiences happiness. There is no name or trace of sorrow in the land of happiness and there is no name or trace of happiness where there is sorrow. Wherever there is sin, there cannot be name or trace of charity and where there is charity, there can be no name or trace of sin. The new world is the golden age and this old world is the iron age.

This‘, Baba says, ‘should definitely remain in the intellects of you children at all times.‘ I have to be aware that the cycle never stops; it keeps on turning. And so, the time of sorrow is now coming to an end and the golden age is now to come. Therefore, I now have to make preparations to go into the golden age. And so Baba says, ‘you have to come together and remove the roof of sorrow from this world of the iron age.’ There is happiness in the golden age because there is purity in the golden age. Where there is purity, there can be no sin and therefore no sorrow. And so the preparation I have to make now is to become pure. And so Baba says, ‘Perform the charitable act of remembering the Father.’ It is only through remembrance that my previous sins are absolved and no new sins are committed. This is therefore the greatest service I do to myself and to others.

On the path of bhakti, people think that the Father gives both happiness and sorrow. Baba says, ‘how can I give My own children sorrow?!’ The Father is the Remover of Sorrow and the Bestower of Happiness. He only gives me happiness while sorrow is given by Maya, Ravan. The Father Who is the spiritual Surgeon comes and gives me, the soul, the injection of ‘Manmanabhav, may you become bodiless.’ I became sorrowful when I became impure. I became impure when I started identifying as the body instead of as a soul i.e. when I became body conscious. ‘Now‘, the Father says, ‘with this injection, you become soul conscious. By remaining soul conscious, your inheritance of purity, peace and happiness accumulates.’

In bhakti, they say: ‘Har har Mahadev’. Baba comes and explains how Mahadev is not the one who removes my sorrow; it is only the one Father who can and will remove my sorrow. He says: ‘you truly have been experiencing one sorrow or another for half the cycle. Your illnesses have now increased. The five vices have made you very unhappy.’ Indeed, the one fundamental mistake of thinking of myself as the body brought along with it all the ills that ailed me for so long. The Father says: ‘now put right the account of the whole cycle.’ That’s what good businesspeople do. They can tell whether they are earning an income or incurring a loss somewhere. The Father says: ‘your account has been in loss for half a cycle due to body consciousness, now it has to go into profit.‘ When I became body conscious, I fell prey to Maya, Ravan and started to follow their directions. They, bankrupted me. Now, to create a profit, I have to only follow the Father’s directions. He is the Creator of the new world, so, surely, He would know how to get me there. He gives me directions to change from an impure human into Narayan. Through this shrimat, I will become elevated and accumulate for the new cycle. What’s more: I get to accumulate this account only once. So, explains the Father, ‘you have to accumulate in your account very well. If you want to claim the most elevated status of all, become soul conscious. Remember the Father.‘ If I continue to mix in the dictates of Ravan, then I continue to commit new sin and anything that I may have accumulated is wiped out. So be careful, says Baba.

It is the soul that becomes impure, this is why it is said: Sinful soul and charitable soul. It isn’t said: sinful body! Maya, Ravan makes me into a sinful soul. God comes and speaks Shrimat. Only He teaches me Raja Yoga, it elevates human beings. ‘Simply have faith in what time it is in the cycle, and continue to remember the one Father, says Baba. That’s all.

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