Let go of monkey behavior

Baba says, ‘First of all, let go of your monkey behavior.’ 

No one else has the arrogance of the body as strongly as monkeys, Baba points out. They have the five vices in them very strongly – be it lust, anger, greed, attachment – they have it all to such an extent, don’t even ask! When a monkey’s baby dies, the mother won’t let go of its bones. It is the same, Baba says, with people too nowadays. When people lose their child, they continue to cry for six to eight months. In the golden age, there is neither untimely death nor does anyone weep or wail. There is no lust, anger, greed, arrogance or attachment, that is, there are no devils there. That, is the land of deities.

The Father comes at this auspicious confluence age to teach me how to renounce the old world of devils or vices. He says: ‘This old world is to end now and you must therefore finish your attachment to it. Everyone has to go back. So forget all the old things, including your bodies. Give those five vices to Me.‘ If I become impure, He teaches, I will not be able to go to the pure world. And so He says, promise the Father that you will remain pure in this final birth and purity will then remain all the time.

For half a cycle, I had been choking in the vices, He reminds me, and became completely dirty. I forgot my dharma and karma. In other words, the Father says, I became senseless! That is what body consciousness does to me, it makes me senseless. I forgot that I am a soul, and not just any soul, but a deity soul. I started to identify as the body – a name, a role, relationships, nationality, gender, appearance, title etc. I forgot that Bharat was heaven and I was the deity living in that heaven. The Supreme Father taught me Raja Yoga and yet, I said that Krishna is the Father of all and the Creator of heaven. Baba says, ‘you forgot that no human being can be the Supreme Father. The Father is incorporeal, the Father of all souls.‘ Then, I called Him omnipresent! If that wasn’t enough, I mixed Him up with Shankar. Baba says, ‘there has been so much defamation.‘ By thus forgetting the Father, I made myself into an orphan and started living in the land of falsehood, that is, of the false consciousness of the body. The Father, the Satguru, comes and re-establishes the land of truth. He says to all His children, the Arjunas: ‘I am the Charioteer. I have entered this chariot on the battlefield to make you into conquerors of Maya.

However‘, Baba says, ‘when you don’t completely recognize the Father, your intellect’s yoga is not completely connected to Him and then body consciousness does not completely finish.‘ I still become angry, I still chase after perishable attainments, I still cling on to other people, to a title or a role or something else. In other words, I remain senseless, part of the monkey community. It is only when I become soul conscious, Baba says, do I become part of the Godly community. There is the example of Narad who considered himself to be part of the Godly community only to be shown that he was still like a monkey. The Father says, ‘look at your face in the mirror of your heart and see what you were before!’ Indeed, I was a monkey! The Father is here now and is making me worthy. However, He points out, I only become worthy to the extent I follow His shrimat. It isn’t that the Father waves a magic wand over my head and changes me from a monkey into a deity, no! He gives me elevated directions and guides me back onto the path of righteousness, onto the path of religiousness. It is up to me to follow His directions and get back on track. Baba says, ‘Maya makes those who don’t follow shrimat unworthy.’

The Father’s shrimat is: ‘Renounce body consciousness and become pure.’ Sannyasis renounce their home and family to become pure. Baba says, ‘neither is that true renunciation nor do they become truly pure.’ This, He reminds me, is the family path. Here, it is a matter of unlimited renunciation; my ability to remain pure is not limited by the world. I live in the world, at home, with my family and renounce the five vices. While that sounds impossible to the people of the world and to the sannyasis, I am able to do that because I receive help from the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul.

His help is in the form of His direction: ‘Surrender everything you have including your bodies to Me. Then Baba will make you trustees and enable you to end your attachment to them.’ The Father doesn’t take anything from me, He is the Bestower. The surrender He requires is that of the intellect. When I shift my consciousness from the impure ‘I am so-and-so and such-and-such..’ and ‘this is mine, mine…’ to ‘the Father is my world, everything belongs to the Father’, then, I become the trustee. A trustee uses everything but with the consciousness that nothing belongs to him; he uses it per direction. My every thought, word, action has to be per direction. This is easy, isn’t it?, asks Baba. You no longer have to think if you should do this or that, if this is right or not, you simply have to follow directions. He makes me pure as a lotus while I live at home. The Father says: ‘Whatever relationships etc. you have, including that with your body, surrender all of them, consider yourself to be a soul and remember Me.

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