It takes faith to reform

Baba says, ‘Those who don’t have faith will never reform themselves, no matter how much you beat your head.’ 

For half a cycle, I have been living a body conscious and therefore, sinful life. My thoughts, words, attitude, vision, actions, everything was based on the five vices and therefore wrong. They caused me and others around me sorrow, so much so, that I called out: ‘O Purifier, come and make us impure ones pure. Take us away from this land of sorrow into a land of peace and rest.’ Do I have this faith? or do I think that I simply sang the praise but that I’m not really impure?

The Father came, He is here now at this auspicious time in the cycle. Do I have this faith?

As the Father, He has adopted me as His own child and is sustaining me, practically. As the Teacher, He is teaching me about the world cycle, about this unlimited drama and as the Satguru, He is giving me shrimat or the elevated directions. Only when I follow the elevated directions do I become elevated. For half a cycle, I followed the devilish directions of Ravan, that is, I was a slave to the vices. But I was an orphan then, had no father, teacher or guru to guide me. Now, I do. Do I have this faith?

First of all‘, says Baba, ‘there has to be firm faith that this is in fact incorporeal God speaking and that these are His elevated versions.‘ God says: ‘I do not take a human costume. My name is Shiva. All deities and human beings have names given to their bodies. I don’t have a body of My own and no bodily name. Bodily beings cannot be called God; they are called human beings. It is due to considering human beings to be gurus and God that the people of Bharat have become senseless.

He comes and says: ‘Remember Me in that home of Mine.‘ He is the Resident of the supreme abode and He comes and enters the body of Brahma and tells me: ‘You have to remember Me in the place where you have to return.’ When I remember God in the sweet silence home, I experience peace and rest. I am a soul like the Father, except He is Supreme in His virtues and powers. He and I are both residents of that land of silence. There, there are no bodies, just I, the soul and the Father. When I remember Him there, I experience my original state of being a bodiless soul. I came as a pure bodiless soul, I have to return a pure bodiless soul. And so Baba says, ‘O children, remember Me in My home, the supreme abode.’

But I will only imbibe these directions and follow them when I have faith that indeed the One who is speaking this is my Father, that I am His child. A child obeys its father and does so readily and happily. It doesn’t question, doubt or procrastinate. It unconditionally trusts its father and simply obeys. The question therefore becomes: ‘what is my relationship to the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul?’. I hear that and think: ‘of course, He is the Supreme Father, so He is my Father…’ but that’s no different from the devotees. They too sing the praise: ‘You are the Mother and Father and I am the child..’ but then they don’t really relate to God that way, they simply say the words. Am I the same way?

There are many‘, Baba says, ‘who say Mama, Baba. But simply by saying ‘Mama, Baba’, no one can climb into their hearts. Mama and Baba know who truly belong to them and what they will become.’ Everything can be understood, He points out, from each one’s activities. ‘What will you become‘, He asks, ‘if you don’t study?‘ There isn’t any other study from which I could know my entire story of 84 births. The Father is teaching me Raja Yoga to make me into the prince/princess of the future. Do I have this faith? or do I think: ‘maybe I’ll become a prince…’? He says: Only if I have firm faith will I make full effort. Else, I will simply move along. ‘The whole kingdom is being created now‘, He reminds me. It isn’t that if I fail once, I can study again, no! A kingdom is being established here. To come into heaven is not a big deal in itself but to what extent will I experience that heaven? That depends on to what extent, I claim liberation-in-life here. Can I become an embodiment of knowledge to such an extent that I remain unshakeable in the midst of a storm, keep my peace and happiness no matter what type of soul comes in front of me, keep a good attitude and enjoy my life no matter what the circumstances? or do I spend my days battling my own and others’ sanskars? do I feel overwhelmed at the slightest obstacle? To the extent that I am able to be the king of my inner kingdom now, I will be the king in the future kingdom. ‘The king is the king and the subjects are subjects’, points out Baba, ‘there is a difference of night and day.An obedient child is one of who follows shrimat and makes full effort and glorifies the Father’s name.

Unlike the old world, here, Baba points out, it doesn’t matter if I am in a male or female costume, every one has an equal right to the inheritance. Similarly, although this may be a good birth for someone and not so good for someone else, everyone can go high by studying. Remember, He says, we are studying to claim a high status in the future. Do I have this faith? The Father says: ‘Look at your own behavior in the mirror of your heart and reform your behavior.’ To become extroverted and look at others, to expect them to reform is to be careless, says Baba. In this, I have to be first. ‘Those who have faith that they are becoming worthy of heaven also make others the same‘, He says. This is a cycle and by definition, it keeps on turning. This iron age is to end and the golden age is to come; what was up comes down and what is down comes back up. And so if I have faith in the knowledge of the cycle, then I will make preparations to go where the cycle is going next, that is, the golden age. If I don’t make effort, I will miss the golden age and come in the silver age, that is, I will not experience heaven to the full extent or for long. ‘By keeping up your devilish behavior, your own status is destroyed’, He teaches, ‘you have to reform yourself based on shrimat.’

In fact, all of us were buried in the graveyard. Ravan had buried us in the graveyard. The Father came and removed us from the grave. At first, this same Bharat was a land of deities and now it is a graveyard. The Father is here to make Bharat into the land of deities, into the land of truth again. Do I have this faith? If I do, then I will check myself: ‘do I interact in a divine way? am I following shrimat? am I developing virtues same as Mama and Baba? Let alone lust, do I have any defects in me?’ If I don’t follow shrimat, then I destroy all truth in me and continue to live in the world of falsehood. I self-sabotage. Baba says, ‘shrimat is received so that the soul becomes good and that then becomes imperishable. Unless there is yoga, there cannot be reformation.‘ It is one thing to understand the direction but I still need strength to apply the direction in my life. I receive that strength only through the remembrance of the Father; only His love is the alchemy that changes iron into gold. ‘If you don’t imbibe virtues, Maya will slap you at every step’, cautions Baba. I promise I will not become angry, but then, five minutes later, I become angry again. Strong habits of many births don’t just go away, Baba points out, simply by understanding them, it takes time and effort to remove them. These evil spirits have to be totally controlled.

No one else can give me these teachings other than the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul. Do I have this faith? If I do, then, the Father’s direction is: ‘Children, become soul conscious! Remember the incorporeal One and follow His shrimat.’

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