Become a bestower of happiness

Baba says, ‘You have to become bestowers of happiness because the Father is constantly the Bestower of Happiness.’

My Father is the Bestower of Happiness and as His child, I too am a master bestower of happiness. One who is a bestower can only give when they themselves have enough to give. ‘Do you experience yourselves as those who have the fortune of happiness?‘, asks Baba.

If I do, then, the sign is that I will constantly have songs of happiness playing in my mind: ‘Wah, my elevated fortune, wah!’ In any case, Baba reminds me, it is sung that happiness is the greatest nourishment of all. There is no other nourishment like the nourishment of happiness. Happiness is the nourishment of the mind. Those who eat this nourishment will always remain healthy and never become weak. The mind would always remain powerful and as a result, the body will also remain healthy.

If the mind and intellect are constantly powerful, then my stage would also be powerful. Then, no matter what, I remain unshakeable and immovable. It could be a situation that looks unfavorable or a soul with hard sanskars or dealing with a mistake I made myself; No matter what, when my stage is powerful, I don’t shake and crumble, I remain strong. I keep my peace. ‘So‘, asks Baba, ‘do you remember to eat your nourishment of happiness? or do you sometimes eat it and at other times, forget it?

The greatest happiness is that the Father has made me belong to Him. People of the world are desperate for a mere glimpse of God and here, He is my Father! I live my life with Him, practically. He sustains me, loves me and cares for me. They are desperate for His drishti for even one second and here, He calls me the ‘jewel of His eyes, the light of His eyes.’ This, Baba explains, is called the fortune of happiness. I didn’t even expect this or even ask for it, I was content being the dust of His feet and yet, I became the crown on His head, the light of His eyes. The question is: ‘do I keep this fortune in my awareness constantly?’ If I do, then I will have that intoxication and will continue to sing the song of ‘wah, wah!’, and will no longer cry out in distress: ‘Oh, this shouldn’t have happened! what will I do now…’, ‘Oh, why me?!, this is just my karma…’. If I still experience such waves of distress, then that doesn’t qualify me to be a bestower of happiness because I lack the nourishment myself, I am weak myself.

If you are the children of the Ocean and the water dries up, what would you say to that?‘, asks Baba. Do I, like the people of the world, experience sorrow of the body, of the wealth, or of any illness? Sometimes my child is ill, sometimes there is a loss financially, and so do these things become causes for sorrow?, He asks. An ocean means unlimited; it never ends. No matter how much you dry up the ocean, it just doesn’t end. ‘So you too are master oceans‘, He teaches me, ‘not rivers or canals. The Father Himself has become the Bestower of Fortune. Whatever the Father has is all for the children and so fortune is your inheritance‘, He points out. The question is: ‘do I know how to look after my inheritance? or do I keep losing it?’ To worry with the slightest situation, to lose hope and courage with a change on circumstance, to feel overwhelmed by a sanskar and lose my peace over it….this is losing my inheritance. To feel angry, irritated, frustrated when my expectations are not met, to become bitter and resentful when someone does me wrong, to feel jealous when someone else is praised, to feel disheartened when I am criticized etc. …this is losing my inheritance.

Throughout the whole cycle, it is only now that you receive such fortune’, Baba reminds me, ‘and so, you have to increase and not waste such an invaluable thing. The method to increase it is to distribute it.’ The more fortune I distribute, the more my fortune will increase. The more physical wealth I spend, the less it becomes, whereas with this fortune the more I distribute, the more it increases. I won’t be earning in the golden age, that is the age where I comfortably eat from what I have earned. The time to earn is therefore now. One birth of effort and many births of reward. ‘So‘, says Baba, ‘you have to accumulate for many births in this one birth.‘ I have the FortuneMaker Himself as my Father, I have the keys to His treasure store. Let me learn to take from His store, that is, imbibe the virtues and powers within myself and then simply give. When I can remain content no matter what, then I will also remain happy. When I am happy, I can become a bestower of happiness to others.

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