Earn this income by having remembrance

Baba says, ‘Whatever time you have available, earn this income by having remembrance. This is real income.’

For half a cycle, I considered myself a body instead of a soul. This wrong consciousness meant that everything else that followed was also wrong- my thoughts, words, attitude, vision, behavior…everything became wrong. As a result I committed one sin after another and accumulated a huge burden on myself. This made me heavy, full of sorrow and the worst of all, I didn’t even know why.

Then, the Father came. He became not just my Father but also my Teacher and Satguru. He, helped me understand the cause of my heaviness and sorrow. ‘You are a soul’, He reminded me, ‘you’ve been living all this time thinking of yourself as a body.’ Body consciousness is the root of all issues, it brings with it all the vices and so this body consciousness, Baba teaches me, is my number one enemy.

So now‘, says the Satguru, ‘remember!’ To become the embodiment of ‘who I am’ is the aim of this Brahmin life. I am not just a soul, but I am a pure soul, a child of God. Every one of His praise is my self-respect. I am such a special soul because of Whom I belong to.

And to stay in this awareness at every step is the way to earn a constant income of multimillions at every step. As is my awareness, so will be my stage and so will be my thoughts, words, attitude, vision, behavior….everything. Just as the wrong awareness got me on the wrong path, the right awareness gets me back on the right path. I have made the Father Himself belong to Me, I am His child! What could be a greater specialty than this!? Whom do I belong to and what have I become as a result? By even remembering this much, I will continue to earn an income. ‘You are special souls, special actors on the world stage’, Baba reminds me. When I remember that my every act is being constantly watched, then I will perform every act with attention. When I pay such attention, then every act I perform will be a special act and I will continue to accumulate an income.

This is an unlimited income’, Baba reminds me. Just as I have the deep concern and attention when I am earning a limited income, in the same way, He says, ‘now become absorbed in earning an unlimited income.‘ When earning a limited income, I am so engrossed that sometimes I forget to eat, I don’t take any calls from friends, I don’t mind rain or shine, I am busy working. If I can so easily renounce my preferences and my comforts in earning a limited income, then it should not be a big thing to renounce the consciousness of the body, Baba reasons, when it comes to earning an unlimited income. The moment I slip into the wrong consciousness, I start accumulating losses as I have for half a cycle. But as soon as I have remembrance, I am able to multiply! ‘So‘, He says, ‘simply remain busy earning an imperishable income easily.

The Father also remains busy in the service of making impure ones pure‘, He says, ‘your business is the same as the Father’s business – making souls into residents of heaven.‘ If I am only busy in my limited job, then Baba says, that is limited. I have a job to sustain myself and my limited family so that I can live comfortably and continue to move along. ‘Have the aim of giving souls of the world the Father’s sustenance’, He says. ‘When you can become the instruments for many souls, what is sustaining just yourself compared to that?’ To be able to receive the blessings from the hearts of so many is a huge income! In earning from the limited job, I may earn 5,000 or even 500,000 and it will go with me as far as my home or to a bank. But to receive blessings from so many souls is such a huge income and this will go with you for many births. Baba says, ‘one must always have an elevated aim, not an ordinary one.’

This doesn’t mean that I have to leave everything and settle down at a center, no! Baba says, ‘You are not made to leave your households and families.‘ While going about my business, He teaches, the aim should be to also sustain the soul, not just the body. ‘Don’t forget to nourish the soul while earning your income for the body.‘, He says. Unless I am in remembrance, that is, in the right consciousness, I cannot be an instrument to serve. Instead, dealings with people will be transformed into the body conscious web of Maya. If I get entangled in it, I will become more and more trapped. So, He reminds me daily, become a karma yogi. ‘Don’t forget to nourish the soul through remembrance while doing your work.’ I am not simply performing actions- that is just karma. But I am performing each karma as a yogi– with benevolence to others. Then, Baba points out, that karma becomes spiritual karma. ‘I am interacting with others as Godly service.’ If there is this thought, then the consciousness will be transformed and mind and body will both earn and the result, Baba points out, will be a double income– the income of physical wealth and the imperishable income of the mind.

In the world, a teacher simply teaches but I receive no guarantees of being able to earn an income based on what I was taught. Here, I receive the guarantee from the Father, the Teacher, of imperishable attainment, not for a limited time, not even for one birth but for birth after birth! I, the child of the Supreme Father, the student of the Supreme Teacher, receive happiness, peace, wealth, bliss, love and a happy family for the whole cycle. It is not that I may receive this, rather, He tells me that I WILL receive this. For this, He now teaches me to make my character good for all time. ‘The Father is the Lord of the Poor’, says Baba. He doesn’t teach those that the world also teaches, then what would be the big deal!? The Father teaches those whom no one else can teach. He makes the hopeless souls into those with hope. He makes the impossible become possible. He changes me from an ordinary human into the master of the world.

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