Become a holy swan

Baba says, ‘A holy swan means to be always clean. Cleanliness means purity and not to be even slightly influenced by anything dirty, nor by even any impurity of waste.’

Holy swans means those who can distinguish between powerful and wasteful, teaches Baba. Those physical swans separate pearls from stones whereas holy swans discern between powerful and wasteful, pure and impure. Just as swans never pick up pebbles but separate them and put them aside and don’t take them, in the same way, holy swans put wasteful thoughts aside and adopt powerful thoughts. If waste thoughts do come, I don’t adopt them. If I adopt any waste, then, Baba says, I cannot be called a holy swan because it is storks that adopt that.

I heard, spoke and did a lot of wasteful things but as a result of that, I lost everything. I lost my body- in comparison to the bodies of the deities, there is a huge difference. In addition to the body, I lost the peace and happiness of my mind and also my wealth. ‘It is a matter of yesterday. I explained to you and left you with your fortune of the kingdom. Where did the kingdom, all that limitless wealth go?’, asks Baba. ‘You lost it all doing wasteful things.’, He explains.

But that was then. Having fallen into body consciousness, I didn’t have the understanding of right vs. wrong, of pure vs. impure. But now, I no longer have that excuse. I have now been shown the right path by the Father, He has given me the true recognition of the self- who I am and Whose I am. I am a pure soul, a child of the Highest-on-High. ‘It was yesterday‘, He reminds me, ‘when you had the kingdom; then you lost it; now, He teaches, you have to claim it back.‘ The Father gives me the knowledge but then it is my duty to claim my inheritance from the Father. Baba says, ‘You have to renounce body consciousness.‘ I am not the body – not the role, not the gender, not the nationality, not the position, title or status, not the relationships, nothing. I am a pure soul, a child of God. Until, I have this deep recognition, I will continue to pick up stones instead of jewels and waste my valuable time of this confluence age in which I should be earning.

And hence Baba asks, ‘are you now accumulating or are you still losing?’ Holy swans, He explains, are not those who lose, but those who accumulate. When I imbibe the jewels of knowledge now, I transform into a deity. I will then receive a good, healthy body for birth after birth and will be constantly happy. Today, in this old world, no one is truly happy, Baba points out. Although someone may be important or rich, he can still become ill. Or if they have wealth and health, they may lack good relationships. This, He points out, is a world of sin. By committing sin after sin, souls have lost everything. Now, it is time to accumulate. In other words, I have to be a holy swan.

First of all, a swan intellect means one who always has elevated and pure thoughts for every soul. ‘It is the mind that has storms; the intellect discerns if this is a right thought and if it should carry out the thought or not.’, teaches Baba. A holy swan intellect is one that is able to discern clearly the difference between a stone and a jewel and then imbibe the jewel. It discerns the intention of each soul and adjusts accordingly. A holy swan never adopts an impure or ordinary attitude towards any soul; I only always have pure intentions and pure feelings. When I know the intention, I will never be influenced by their ordinary or wasteful nature. With my attitude of benevolence, I will be able to transform their non-benevolence. When it comes to vision, I always have a vision of pure and elevated love for every soul. In terms of words, I don’t speak waste words, let alone bad words. So, a holy swan intellect, attitude, vision and mouth: when these become pure, that is, clean and elevated, the practical impact of a holy swan stage is visible, teaches Baba. ‘So‘, He instructs, ‘check yourself: to what extent do you constantly walk and move along as a holy swan?’

Brahmin souls who are the highest, the top-knot, can never accept anything that is low, Baba reminds me. Now that He has shown me the right way, I have changed from a stork into a holy swan. Swans are always clean, they are always white. White is also a sign of cleanliness and purity. If there is any impurity, even in thoughts, then I am not a holy swan. I lost everything the Father gave me due to doing wasteful things. ‘So now, pay attention‘, He teaches. ‘Throw away anything that is useless, finish waste thoughts. This is known as being a holy swan.

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