Make others equal to yourself

Baba says, ‘Those who continue to imbibe knowledge very well and make others equal to themselves will remain very happy.’

At this auspicious confluence age, the Supreme Soul becomes my Teacher and He teaches me to make me equal to Himself. A barrister would definitely teach to make others into barristers, similar to themselves. But then, the effort has to be made by the individual student to imbibe what they are being taught such that they can become equal to the teacher. It’s the same here. I have the best Teacher and He is teaching me the most elevated study to make me into the master of the whole world. Now, it’s up to me to imbibe each and every point that I hear and become an embodiment.

It is good to take notes during murli and then keep those notes with you.’, teaches Baba. These are explosives, He tells me, with which I win the spiritual warfare against Ravan. Even in the world, those who takes notes, who are well read, do well. For example, if a barrister is well versed with all aspects of law, then he is better positioned to help his clients. A surgeon who is well versed in his area is able to correctly diagnose and prescribe the right medicine to their patients. Things that others might miss, they are able to see and cure. Here too, Baba says, those who take notes and then revise those points are able to imbibe them well. On the other hand, those who miss the murli or who don’t bother taking notes, then forget what they heard and ask Baba the same questions, He says.

If I look to make others equal to myself without first becoming equal to the Father, then others will also imbibe my weaknesses. And so the aim, Baba teaches, is to not just make others equal to myself but equal to the Father. Just as Brahma baba’s aim was to make the children even more elevated than himself, so too, teaches Baba, your aim should be to make others equal not to yourself, but to the Father.

The first thing, He teaches, is to become soul conscious. ‘I am a soul, not the body’- this thought is the switch that needs to remain on constantly. It was the switch that the Father flicked on when He came and dispelled all the darkness of ignorance that engulfed me. When my consciousness slips back into bodily things and relationships, then that brings with it all the vices and their progeny. Then, when I interact with others in this consciousness, they too imbibe the vices- they too think that it’s natural to think in terms of ‘I and mine’, that it’s normal to have expectations of how people should behave, of specific outcomes etc. They think it’s normal to be angry, to compete and compare. I make others who I am and who I am, truly, is a soul; not just any soul but a pure deity soul, a direct child of God. And so, says Baba, your consciousness should be this. Then, others have a vision, through me, of who they truly are as well.

Ask yourself, says Baba: ‘Has my drishti become equal to that of the Father? Have my words become equal to those of the Father? Have my thoughts become equal to those of the Father? What remains in the Father’s awareness and is that also what remains in my awareness?’ Brahma baba closed the gap of his awareness with the Father – just as the Father is the Father of the unlimited, in the same way, Dada also became the father of the unlimited. So too, says Baba, you should have equality that is the same as that of Bap and Dada. To the extent that there is closeness, accordingly there is equality. Just as the Father automatically has the awareness of being the Creator when He sees the creation, so too the children should have such a stage, He says. ‘I am the master creator soul’, ‘I am the ancestor soul’, ‘I am the image of support of the world’- when this is my awareness then, my thoughts, words, attitude, feelings, vision, actions all reflect that awareness.

Then no matter whatever impure vision the soul in front of me comes with, my elevated vision will be able to transform it and make it pure. No matter if the soul in front of me is angry, but because I remain cool due to maintaining my good wishes and pure feelings, their fire of anger is extinguished and they return to their true form. When I refuse to get bitter and resentful and am quick to forgive, others are inspired to be the same way. This is service – to make others equal to myself by first becoming pure myself.

The Father comes as the Purifier and shows me my defects and impurities – not to make me afraid, shameful and to condemn me, but so that He and I can work together on the transformation. He comes to liberate me from the strongholds of Ravan and set me free so that I can then enable others to become free as well. And so He says: ‘All your sicknesses will erupt but you mustn’t become afraid. Simply continue to remember the Father.‘ Yes, Maya will try to move me away from Him but then that’s why this is called spiritual warfare. Her job is to try to make me forget who and Whose I am such that I slip back into body consciousness. My job is to pay attention and stay connected. Remembrance is the main thing. ‘You have received the knowledge of the Creator and the beginning, middle and end of the creation’, He says, ‘what else do you need?’

I know that this is now my student life, this is now my time in the cycle to study and create my fortune for not one or two births but for the whole cycle. So then I am not afraid of the purification process, I know I am studying, I am moving forward. ‘Fortunate children make effort to make everyone happy’, says Baba. ‘They study well and don’t make others unhappy through their thoughts, words or deeds. By moving forward with coolness, they continue to make their fortune.’ Not only do I study well and transform myself but I can’t wait to share my fortune with my brothers and sisters. I share my experience with them readily: I share how God has helped me realize that there was nothing but degradation in everything I did and how through His loving remembrance, I have found salvation, I have found liberation-in-life from the bondages of Ravan.

I can only serve and make others equal to myself to the extent that I stay in remembrance and transform myself. ‘You are karma yogis’, He reminds me. ‘You have to carry on with your business etc. but while staying in remembrance, that is, in soul consciousness. It is good to sleep less, He says. By having remembrance you earn an income and also remain happy. If you have no time during the day, make time during the night and charge yourself. Read the murli and refresh yourself.‘ Those who continue to imbibe the knowledge very well and make others equal to themselves will remain very happy, says Baba. They pass with number one and win the scholarship of the sovereignty of heaven.

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