Say ‘Ha ji’ (yes indeed)

Baba says, ‘In order to receive everyone’s blessings, continue to say “Ha ji” (yes indeed) and extend your hand of co-operation.’

The main sanskar of Brahmins is to be complete renunciates, teaches Baba. It is only through renunciation that I develop the virtue of easiness and tolerance in my life. Unless I have the virtue of easiness and tolerance, I will not be able to become a server.

A server is someone who instantly puts into practice‘, Baba says, ‘the directions of the seniors.‘ If I receive a direction to help people, then my duty, Baba teaches, is to obey that direction by saying ‘Ha ji’. This is the specialty of the servers. I cannot develop this sanskar of saying ‘Ha ji’, that is, of obedience, unless I am a complete renunciate. Because without renunciation, I might think that saying ‘Ha ji’ to everything is to belittle myself, that my name will be devalued, that my personality will be devalued, but no!, says Baba. To accept is not demeaning myself but it is becoming worthy of respect. To give respect to others means to receive self-respect. Therefore, He guides, be such a server that you renounce even your respect and prestige.

What would you do with temporary respect and prestige anyway?‘, He asks. To be obedient means to receive respect and prestige for all time. ‘So’, He asks, ‘do you want to claim this eternally or just for now?‘ A server means someone who is constantly ever ready to renounce all of these things. As soon as a senior says something, Baba says, just do it! Such special servers are loved by the Father and by everyone. They receive blessings from the Father and from everyone.

To bow down means to be the bearer of the fruit of success. This bowing down is not belittling myself but rather it is to become filled with the fruit of success. At the time of bowing down, it may seem as though my name is being belittled, that the other person has become greater and that I have become smaller, that I was brought down and that the other person was placed higher. However, teaches Baba, it is a game of just a second. There can be defeat in a second and victory in a second. The defeat of a second is defeat for all time which makes me part of the moon dynasty, holding a bow and arrow; why? because I battled within myself and settled for temporary respect. Whereas the victory of a second enables me to attain constant happiness which is symbolized by Krishna playing a flute. There is such a great difference between someone who holds a bow and arrow and someone who plays a flute, points out Baba. So, it is not just a question of a second but that second, is the basis for all time. ‘Understand this secret‘, He guides, ‘and continue to move constantly forward.

This was the example of Father Brahma. Baba lowered himself so much! He became such a humble server that he was even ready to massage the children’s feet! ‘The children are ahead of me! The children can give better lectures than I can!’ He never said: ‘Me first!’ His attitude was: ‘The children ahead! The children first! He said the children were the seniors! So, teaches Baba, to lower myself is not lowering myself but elevating myself. This, He teaches, is being a true, number one worthy server. Unless I am able to put others before me, I cannot play the part of ‘Ha ji’. And so to let others go ahead is the main thing but I have to do so with pure feelings; not just for the sake of it but with the feelings of a well-wisher. To have the feelings of ‘why did she do this? I should be the one doing this. Why shouldn’t I do this? Am I not able to do this?’ means I will have trouble saying ‘ha ji’.

Whether the other person did something or I did it, it is all the Father’s service. Just as the Father is One, His service is also one. So it doesn’t matter, Baba points out, if I do something or someone else does it; it’s the same thing. If someone is doing something, rather than oppose them, Baba teaches, enable them to go ahead. This is going ahead yourself, He points out. When I enable others to go ahead, I am moving ahead spiritually myself. And isn’t that the point? When someone gives me advice or shares their idea, Baba says, always give regard to their advice and idea. Even if it is clear that the advice is wrong or that the idea won’t work, He explains, I mustn’t instantly reject it. First of all, give them regard, saying: ‘Yes indeed, why not? It’s very good.’ By doing this, Baba teaches, the force of their idea will be reduced. Then they will be able to understand whatever I explain to them. Instead, if I instantly cut them off, there will be conflict between the my force and their force and, as a result, there won’t be success. This is why it is necessary, Baba says, to be able to play the part of ‘you first!’ and ‘Ha ji’, that is, to give regard to one another’s ideas and advice. By doing this, the love among each other and the gathering will continue to grow.

You are spiritual horses; your race is to the home to reach the Father first’, He says. My race is not here in the old world to see who can do more, achieve more, win more etc. I have embarked on my return journey. My focus in on shedding such that I am light and can get to my destination easily. The better I get at sacrificing body consciousness, that is, the consciousness of ‘I and mine’, the faster I can move forward. ‘This is a huge sacrificial fire‘, says Baba, ‘the whole old world is to be sacrificed into this.‘ After this sacrificial fire, there will be no more sacrificial fires for half a cycle. ‘When you sacrifice the old world and race toward the Father‘, Baba says, ‘you will have become a photostat copy of Father Brahma.

So become world benefactors, He teaches. Remain constantly ever-ready! Whatever direction you receive, simply say ‘Ha ji’ (yes indeed). Don’t question: ‘what will happen if I do this? how will this happen?’ Since you are a trustee, He reminds me, why should you be concerned about what would happen or how it would happen? The Father is responsible, He reminds me. If a direction is wrong, Baba will put that which is wrong, right. ‘Constantly offer yourself and you will remain constantly beyond‘, He says. ‘You will then step away from attachment and dependency.’ Maybe I am somewhere today and get asked to travel to a different location- I will be able to remain beyond when I am a true trustee and simply say ‘Ha ji’. To experience pangs of attachment, doubt etc., are signs of bondage. The stage of the mind has to remain constantly beyond, teaches Baba. This is known as sacrificing the old world into the fire, this is being a great renunciate.

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