Be a Raj Rishi

Baba says, ‘On one hand, you have the kingdom and on the other hand, you are a Rishi, that is, one with unlimited disinterest. Such Raj Rishis cannot have any attachment for themselves, other people or for possessions.’

Throughout the whole cycle, Baba says, a court of kings takes place many times, but a court of Raj Rishis only takes place at this confluence age. I am a king and also a rishi. On the one hand, I have the kingdom, that is, I have a right to all attainments and on the other hand, I am a rishi, that is, I am one with an attitude of unlimited disinterest for the old world. To the extent that I have elevated fortune, to that same extent, I have to have elevated renunciation. There has to be a balance of the two; this, Baba explains, is called being a Raj Rishi. ‘So check‘, He says, ‘to what extent do you practice both these stages equally?

Disinterest doesn’t mean to step away but, that while having all the attainments, no limited attractions pull my mind or intellect. This is known as un-limited disinterest. It means that I remain in the world, at home shouldering my roles and relationships, I use all the facilities, continue with my work or business but don’t allow myself to be dependent on any one or anything. I am in the world but not of the world; I remain beyond with my mind and intellect. I rule as a king over the kingdom of not just my physical senses but also over the mind, intellect and sanskars. ‘Let there not be any dependency even in your thoughts’, says Baba. This is what it means, He teaches, to be a Raj Rishi, that is, one with an attitude of unlimited disinterest, one who easily and constantly stays far away from all attractions, that is, from old bodies, from any grossness and from any physical possessions.

It is easier to rule over my physical organs- I want to raise my hand or move my leg, I am able to do it right then when I want to. But to be able to control my mind and intellect to the same extent requires subtle practice. Just like with my physical organs, to be able to make any thought or sanskar emerge at the time I want it to, is known as being victorious over the subtle powers, that is, it is the stage of a Raj Rishi; my thoughts, sanskars and the power to decide, which means the intellect, work according to my orders. When I, the soul, that is the king, order the mind, that is, the power of thought, to become stable and concentrated instantly, to be stable in just that one thought, it is called being one who has a right over the kingdom. ‘Let it not be’, Baba says, ‘that your mind obeys this order after three to four minutes. Or that instead of becoming stable and concentrated, it first goes into upheaval and then becomes stable. This is not called as being someone with a right.’

In the same way, I have to have a right over my intellect, that is, over my decision making power. This means that I have to be able to make the right decision at the right moment in any given situation. It shouldn’t be that the situation or that moment has passed and then I think: ‘that shouldn’t have happened, it would have been much better if I had decided earlier.’ ‘So every day, hold a court of your workers, that is, of your physical and subtle organs and check if they were under your control or not’, teaches Baba, ‘the sanskars of being a sovereign at this time will enable you to have a right to the kingdom for many births.’ Just as with the mind and intellect, check, Baba says, if there are any sanskars that deceive me. Am I still pulled by the sanskars of the copper and iron age- anger, jealousy, desire to win, manipulative nature etc., these are not my original sanskars, these are the sanskars of body consciousness. The original sanskars are pure and elevated- to be an embodiment of all virtues, to be a deity soul who has a right to the kingdom and to be an embodiment of all attainments. ‘Let these be your natural sanskars‘, teaches Baba.

I am the helper of God Himself in establishing the one kingdom, one language, one religion and one set of directions. The basis of success in this is my ability to rule over my own inner kingdom with one dharma and one set of directions. If even one of my workers is under a different direction of Maya’s, it would not be said to be one kingdom or one direction. ‘Check‘, says Baba, ‘if Maya sometimes sits on the throne that you sit on!‘ On the one side, I am invoking the beautiful golden world of one kingdom and one religion but if along with that, I also invoke the weaknesses, that is, invoke Maya, then the result is not law and order, it is a state of confusion. Sometimes, I justify this by thinking: ‘no one is perfect as yet. There are so many weaknesses in others, but there is just this one weakness in me.’ but this one weakness becomes the gate for Maya to enter, cautions Baba. Whether it is a small gate or a big gate, it is still a gate and as long as it is open, Maya can still deceive me.

Disinterest means that there is no attachment or pull from anywhere and this requires the accumulation of the power of silence which comes from the practice of ‘Mine is one Shiv Baba and none other.’ My love for the Father is constant and it is this love enables me to remain detached. If there is no love, there cannot be detachment either. I, the soul, had been thirsty for just a drop of God’s love for half a cycle. The Father came and didn’t just give me a drop of His love, but He made me belong to Him and also made Himself belong to me. When I experience God’s love, I no longer love anyone else or anything else. I will always be detached, an unlimited renunciate. This is the stage that Father Brahma demonstrated through His life, especially in his latter years. His stage was that of a Raj Rishi – while being so loving to the children, he was still detached. While going through the suffering of karma, he still ruled over his physical organs, he wasn’t controlled by the pain. And so Baba, says, don’t look at others and deceive yourself into thinking you are doing okay. Only see Father and follow Father.

So always check your sovereignty‘, teaches Baba; ‘check if there is an equal balance of being the king and the renunciate. Become a Raj Rishi like Father Brahma.’

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