Don’t forget the days of your childhood

Baba says, ‘Do not forget the days of your childhood!’

A child belongs to its parents; it never forgets the father and mother. It trusts them implicitly and follows them in every way. There are no questions, no doubts…just loving obedience. Because of this, the child is always loved by the parents and they give the child their everything.

Here, I belong to the true Father and Mother Whom I meet after 5000 years. The Father says to the children: After becoming children of the unlimited Mother and Father, don’t forget them. This remembrance is very long. In bhakti, I sang the song: ‘You are the Mother and Father and we are Your children..’ but then I didn’t really relate to God in that way; I didn’t really know Him to be able to relate to Him. But now, I know God and He has made me belong to Him, practically. And so Baba says, ‘now, when you say ‘Mother and Father’, you definitely have to remember the Father.’ It is from the Father that I receive my inheritance and it is no ordinary inheritance either! I receive from Him the deity sovereignty. It is my Godly birthright.

The Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, is the Creator of the world and so He would definitely create the new world of heaven of His children. A father would never say that he is building an old home; he would always build a new home. When I follow shrimat, I become a deity worthy of becoming the master of the new world. It takes power to be able to follow shrimat – to be able to forgive a betrayal and maintain my good wishes for the soul who betrayed me, to be able to give respect to all no matter what, to be able to put others first even when I might feel that they least deserve it, to be able to merge wrong behavior of other souls, to be able to be merciful toward myself and others when mistakes are made etc. I receive power only through the loving remembrance of the Father and Mother. Only His love is the alchemy that lifts the soul and makes me powerful. His very name is Shiva, the Benevolent One and He makes me the same as Him. But while He is here to make me equal to Him, I can only become that when I make myself His child. If I think of myself as a grown-up and question, doubt, and complain, then I won’t follow the directions I receive and consequently, I won’t claim my full inheritance from the Father. People have been going on physical pilgrimages for birth after birth and they go on them again and again. This spiritual pilgrimage on the other hand takes place only once.

The Father now says: ‘Beloved children, don’t forget your childhood. Here, you first become children of the Father.’ That same Father then also becomes the Teacher and Satguru. Together, He becomes the Purifier and changes me from impure to pure, from a iron-aged human into a golden-aged deity. Only the one Father can give me this inheritance. Sannyasis don’t have parents, so they cannot receive a property. But I do have a Father and Mother; He is the Father from beyond and He is the Creator. He makes me the master of that which He creates- He makes me the master of heaven. He says: ‘Children, life ‘s journey is a long one. Truly you have to remember the Father and your final thoughts will then lead you to your destination.’ If I turn my face away from the Mother and Father, I end up going to the other side. It’s like the maze. When a person enters it, he becomes confused. It is the same here. By forgetting the Father and the Father’s home, I continue to wander around and bow my head before so-called gurus, priests, pundits and anyone else who claims some kind of expertise. The One who can show me the path out of the maze is the one Father and Guide. He says: ‘You are now making effort to conquer Maya by following shrimat. Let it not be that you say ‘Mother and Father’ today and then tomorrow, you forget them.’

Today, you are laughing but if you forget the Father tomorrow, everything will end’, He cautions. ‘You will then have to cry so much that you would never have cried as much before. You will then lose the kingdom and incur a great loss. The faces of those who incur a loss become pale.‘ The Father says: ‘Become My helpers. Continue to serve to explain to others. By remaining busy in service, you won’t forget. Your wealth doesn’t decrease when you donate it‘, He reminds me. The more I donate, the more my mercury of happiness rises. I will receive blessings from others. The Father says: ‘I alone am the One who gives you unlimited peace for all time. I teach you such actions that you will never become unhappy or peaceless.’ This is how He helps me. Sometimes, I forget the Father and go about living life on my own terms until things go wrong, that is! Then, I call out to Him to help me. But the Father doesn’t take my problems without taking me first. He helps me by transforming me such that I don’t ever have those problems again. He teaches me, makes me and molds me such that my actions are no longer sinful; He makes me strong. ‘This is your Godly student life’, He explains, ‘you will have to study this study till the very end. The more you study, the more strength you will receive. You will continue to grow.’

But sometimes, I feel tired, overwhelmed and disheartened. It’s hard to come face to face with my own darkness- ‘how come I have such thoughts?’, ‘I never thought I could behave this way…’, and it’s hard to face other’s sanskars too. The Father says: ‘Children, don’t become tired. O travelers of the night! we are now crossing the night and going into the day.’ Baba comes at the confluence age. He becomes the Surgeon and reverses in this one small birth all the damage I incurred over half a cycle. So yes, it feels hard but the reward is also high. I go from extreme darkness into extreme light, change from a thorn into a fragrant flower, from one with monkey behavior to a worship-worthy deity. But for this transformation to take place, I have to stick with the Father, I have to trust Him unconditionally, love Him deeply in my bones. Only then will I obey Him, follow Him, no matter how hard things get. Maya will whisper at every stop: ‘Forget this, it’s too hard..’, ‘this isn’t fair, you deserve better..’, ‘how come you have to be the one that dies every time…’, ‘if this was really God, then He would never ask you do forgive them after all they did to you…’ etc. etc. Baba says: ‘When you become My children, you will have a big war with Ravan. Maya will attack you a great deal. Therefore, you mustn’t be afraid of storms. You must remain steadfast and never forget the Father from Whom you receive the unlimited inheritance.’

And so the fundamental question is: ‘What is my relationship with the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul?’ Have I truly made myself belong to Him as His child? The Father says: ‘After belonging to God, don’t forget this childhood. You have changed from devilish children into Godly children and you are to become deity children. This is your Godly birth. At this time you are servers. You are helping the Father in making Bharat heaven.’

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