The power of concentration

Baba says, ‘The power of concentration easily frees you from obstacles. For this, set your mind and intellect on the seat of an experience.’

Brahmin souls are special souls, you are God’s direct children, His helpers in the task of world transformation, says Baba. But this responsibility does not constantly reflect in my awareness. I know who I am, how elevated I am, how elevated a task I am an instrument for but my thoughts and actions don’t match.

This is because, Baba explains, I remember what I have heard and what I know but I don’t accept myself in that stage and move along according to that. In order to increase the experience of being that which I know I am, I have to pay attention to two things, says Baba: 1) importance of the self and 2) importance of the time.

If I had to list out the points of self-respect, I’d do that in a jiffy but I often lag in experiencing myself in that stage. If I am set on the seat of the stage, then no weak sanskars, no souls, no matter or any type of royal Maya is able to upset me. Even physically, when I lack the practice of sitting still in one seat or one place, then I keep moving about. In the same way, Baba explains, when the mind and intellect don’t know how to set themselves on the seat of any one experience, then one moment they are set and the next moment, they are upset. One minute, I stabilize myself in the experience of a good stage and the next minute, I fluctuate in my stage. I. therefore, need to pay special attention to keep my mind and intellect concentrated.

The power of concentration easily frees me from obstacles so that there is no need to labor. It constantly gives me the experience of belonging to the one Father and none other. It enables me to easily create a constant stage. It enables me to have the constant attitude of benevolence for all. It naturally creates the vision of brotherhood towards all. Finally, the power of concentration makes me easily experience love, regard and respectful behavior in my relations with every soul.

And so, the attention I need is to remain in concentration. ‘Become so powerful’, says Baba, ‘that your mind and intellect remain constantly under your orders, so they don’t fluctuate even for a second in your dreams. The mind should not bring its master under the influence of others.’

The sign of a soul under another influence is that I will not be able to experience happiness, comfort or bliss even when I want to for that period of time. Forget coming under the influence of another, Brahmin souls, Baba says, should not come under the influence of even sanskars or weak nature. To think: ‘what can I do, this is just my nature…’, ‘what can I do, I just can’t seem to get rid of my anger..’ are thoughts of a soul under an external influence. Baba says, ‘when you call something ‘mine’, there is a feeling of belonging and where there is a feeling of belonging, there is a right.’ When I say ‘my anger’ or ‘my nature’, then it becomes hard to let it go. Then, I call out to the Father to set me free! Baba says, ‘let go and set yourself free.’

With the power of concentration, when I use the word sanskar, Baba teaches, I remember that my sanskars are the original and eternal sanskars. The anger and weak nature are sanskars of Maya, not mine. And thus, I use the power of concentration to transform my stage of being under the influence and become set on the seat of the stage of a master. Within concentration, Baba teaches, there is determination and where there is determination, success will become the garland around the neck.

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