Donate the vices and the bad omens will be removed

Baba says, ‘Donate them and the bad omens will be removed. If you donate the vices and then take them back, you won’t be able to claim a high status.’

There are omens: the omens of Jupiter, the omens of Venus etc. The omens of Jupiter are the best of all. There were the omens of Jupiter over Bharat in the golden age- then Bharat and the world was heaven. Human-beings were deities, that is, those with divine qualities. Peace was the only religion; love and happiness was the nature. Then, in the silver age, there were omens of Venus, and so the world became semi-heaven reflecting a dip in the level of purity in the deities. Then came the copper and iron ages; souls continued to come down the ladder and the omens continued to change. At this time, Baba says, there are the omens of Rahu over everyone. There are unimaginable crimes committed because of the influence of lust, anger, attachment, greed, ego and their progeny such as jealousy, competition etc. The world that was once heaven is now hell. Everyone is unhappy in hell.

When there is an eclipse of the sun, they say: Make a donation and the eclipse will be removed. Here, the Father says, ‘Make a donation of the five vices and the bad omens will be removed.

It was I that was once sixteen celestial degrees full and completely viceless. By falling prey to the vices, I have now become vicious and degraded. The reason I fell prey to the vices was because I forgot who I am- I forgot I am a soul and started to identify as the body. Only the one Father who is beyond the cycle of birth and death remains in constant realization; He never forgets. The Father is therefore the only One who can enable me to realize the self as well. In other words, He brings me back from the wrong consciousness into the right consciousness, into soul consciousness. Only the one Father is the Liberator of All. The Father, the Lord of the Tree, comes and brings the omens of Jupiter to all human beings.

He becomes my Father practically and makes me belong to Him. He also becomes my Teacher and Satguru. Together in these three forms, He becomes the Purifier, the Liberator and Guide. He gives me the knowledge of who I am, Whose I am and the beginning, middle and end of my story. ‘Now, look at yourself through the whole cycle‘, He tells me; that is, He teaches me to spin the discus of self-realization. I am a soul, an actor and I have played different roles on this world stage throughout the cycle. I have therefore taken on a different costume, that is a body, each time. I am not the costume I am wearing, I am the actor, the soul. By turning this light on, He helps me see true from false, right from wrong. In my thinking, speaking, behavior with other souls, in my attitude and vision, I see the various aspects of body consciousness I have acquired and formed into habits. Some are such strong habits that they don’t go away that easily; in fact, they roar even louder! ‘Storms of lust and anger will come. The storms of Maya will be even stronger than they were previously. But you mustn’t be afraid of this.’, says Baba. The Father gives me patience.

When I belong to Baba, I will have a big war with Ravan, Maya will attack me a great deal. But on the other side of this, I become the master of heaven! I become a master to the extent that I surrender myself. He is the Surgeon and the Gardener. He knows where the tumors are, I don’t. He knows when I need to be pruned, I don’t. To surrender is to trust unconditionally and follow directions. I will be asked to forgive someone that has betrayed me, I will be asked to maintain my good wishes even when someone is rude to me, I will be asked to give respect to all no matter what. In the past, I would respond to anger with more anger, now I get to remain peaceful and maintain pure feelings. In the past, when someone made a mistake, I would judge them for it and tell a few others too not to trust them. Now, I get to merge the mistake in my heart and accept the soul. In the past, I’d become impatient when someone didn’t work as fast as I’d like them to or do things the way I’d like them to. Now, I get to remain patient, respectful, and tolerant.

If you get angry, then understand’, Baba says, ‘that there is an evil spirit still in you. It has to be removed. If any evil spirits remain within you, you will end up in the silver age‘, He tells me. ‘You children should not have anger. You must not cause anyone sorrow. You should interact with a lot of love.’ Deities, He reminds me, are embodiments of love. This is my last birth in this cycle after which I come into the new cycle. What effort I make now will decide when I enter the new cycle- in the golden age when there are the omens of Jupiter or in the silver age when there are omens of Venus. To come into the golden age, I have to ensure that I have the omens of Jupiter over myself now; I have to become the embodiment of peace, love, happiness now.

Baba says: ‘Children, donate them and the bad omens will be removed.‘ When I get angry, I don’t just cause others sorrow but I cause the greatest sorrow and disturbance to myself. This experience of sorrow is the bad omen. To get rid of this bad omen, I have to donate the anger. When I have deep remembrance of who I am and Whose I am, when Baba is truly my world, then in that love, I donate the vices. I find the power to follow His directions even when it is hard. If my surrender is lacking, then I will make the donation today and take it back tomorrow. In other words, I will say to Baba: ‘Baba, I will never be angry again..’ and then, because I allow my concentration to slip away, when the test paper comes, I lack the power to stay calm. The old habit kicks in. Then I feel bad and call out to the Father to free me from the anger. Baba says, ‘you have to surrender yourself completely, including your body.’ He doesn’t take my problems without taking me first. I cannot allow myself to become loose as I go through life and then call the Father when trouble strikes; I have to make Him my world, become the child and follow ONLY His directions. I have to, with attention, learn to think, speak, act as He is asking me to. This, is making the donation.

If that feels hard or too much to ask, Baba says, ‘if you don’t donate the five vices to the Father, you won’t be able to marry Shri Lakshmi or Narayan. Therefore, you children should look into the mirror of your heart: Did I do anything wrong through my sense organs? Did I cause anyone sorrow?’ If I want to become a deity and not just any deity but the world sovereign, then, I mustn’t have any defects in me. The Purifier is helping me get rid of the defects, let me co-operate by paying more attention and staying alert. For that, let me increase my love for the Father; that love will enable me to be naturally detached from all distractions. To increase my love, let me practice waking up early in the morning and staying in loving remembrance of the One. This is what Brahma baba did to attain his #1 status. To be able to sit on the throne, Baba says, follow father.

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