Become like a tortoise and sit in remembrance

Baba says, ‘When you are free, sit in silence like a tortoise and spin the discus of self-realization. You now have to return home.’

Knowledge is easy, remembrance is the main thing, says Baba. I lost all my inheritance, my sovereignty and became bankrupt when I forgot. To reclaim that which I have lost, Baba explains, all I have to do is remember. He has reminded me that which I had forgotten, that is, He has given me the knowledge of who I am, Whose I am and of the beginning, middle and end of the cycle. This, is what I need to remember. ‘Spin this discus of self-realization’, teaches Baba, ‘forget everything else you have learnt.

The example of the tortoise applies here, says Baba. After it does its work, it simply withdraws into its shell and becomes introverted. In fact, the basis for even the power of silence is this power to become introverted. In introversion, I touch base with my truth. I see my true self at home- a pure soul, a point of light and in the beginning of the cycle- a pure deity soul. I then see myself in the middle period- a worship worthy soul that devotees came to for blessings and boons. And at this time, I am the most elevated Brahmin soul, a direct child of God and His helper in the task of world transformation.

You children should read or listen to the murli very well five or six times, for only then will it sit in your intellects and the mercury of happiness will rise’, says Baba. Maya tries to make me forget to have remembrance but when I have deep love for Baba, remembrance becomes natural and it becomes difficult to forget. This isn’t hatha yoga, says Baba; this isn’t a matter of forcing myself to remember Baba for x hours a day so that I can check a box, no! This is about love for the true Father, the Lord of the Poor, who takes me when I am most impure and makes me into the most pure, master of heaven. ‘When you have time, just remember the Bridegroom, the Father with a lot of love and become like a tortoise‘, says Baba.

There is no other difficulty in this study‘, says Baba. I am the bride and I have to remember the Bridegroom. ‘You mustn’t eat without first offering bhog to this Bridegroom’, teaches Baba. He is my Bridegroom as well as my Father. To offer food to the Father before eating is not just the right thing to do but is also a clever method Baba gives me to help me stay in remembrance. Remembrance begets remembrance; when I remember Him, He comes to me. ‘So instill the habit of speaking to Baba in this way’, says Baba. When I wake up early morning and stay in remembrance, this practice will develop and there will be remembrance during the day too. ‘Don’t remember Him through compulsion, remember Him with a lot of love’, says Baba. This is not meditation where I have to sit down for a set period of time neither do I need to chant a mantra. While going about my business, while preparing my meals, while eating, walking and moving around, I experience Baba as my constant Companion. ‘Shiv Baba, my beautiful Bridegroom, You are so sweet! I have been remembering You for half a cycle. You have now come and met me. You should also eat what I am eating.’- remember Him in this way, teaches Brahma baba. It isn’t enough to simply remember Him at the beginning of the meal and then forget Him, I have to remember Him throughout the meal. While Baba is always there, His presence becomes a reality for me only when I remember Him. I experience His love and His help only when I remember Him. ‘Everything therefore‘, Baba says, ‘depends on your remembrance.’

This is what is meant by yoga, teaches Baba. Yoga requires effort. ‘If you want to make effort’, Baba says, ‘note down all of Baba’s shrimat and make effort fully. Perform the same deeds that I perform. I am teaching you those deeds.’ Baba teaches me to perform elevated actions such that I never have to suffer for my actions. ‘Practicing churning the ocean of knowledge‘, He guides me, ‘this will make you healthy and wealthy.’ One profits based on the efforts one makes. Those who don’t make effort will lose out, points out Baba, not everyone automatically becomes a world sovereign. ‘This is a race of the intellect‘, says Baba. The more love I have for the Father, the higher my degree of happiness will rise and remembrance will become natural. I will experience His presence, see His miracles in my life and my intellect will develop faith.

Don’t think that you have to be doing something throughout the day’, says Baba. ‘After you have acted, you must become like a tortoise and sit in remembrance.’ It is said that it didn’t take God long to change humans into deities. Everyone in the golden age is a deity. The yoga for becoming a deity would therefore not be taught in the golden age, it would be taught just before that, at the confluence of the iron and golden ages. The deity religion began right at the beginning of the golden age and so, any effort that has to be made has to be made now, says Baba. The aim and objective is clear. ‘Now’, He says, ‘Manmanabhav!, consider yourself a soul and remember Me alone.

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