Donate the jewels of knowledge

Baba says, ‘Donate the jewels of knowledge and become instruments to bring constant benefit to yourselves and others.’

For half a cycle, I stumbled because I was in darkness- the darkness of ignorance, that is. Then, Baba came and turned on the light of knowledge. ‘You are a soul, not the body’– He made me aware of this truth and this one thought changed me from a shell into a diamond. It cleared away all the cobwebs and I was able to see clearly again. Not only did He tell me that I am a soul but He also explained to me what kind of a soul I am. I realized that I am no ordinary soul but a deity soul, a master of heaven. Peace, happiness, joy, contentment- these are my birthright. I lost it when I forgot. The Father has now reminded me and He says, ‘now, remind your brothers.

When I am truly awake, when I am truly in realization, there is transformation. Things that I did in the past to sabotage my joy, happiness and peace, I don’t do them anymore. Instead, I now pay careful attention to stay within the line of the code of conduct I have received from the Father; I realize I am safe as long as I am within this line. I stay in that safety and keenly observe and learn from the Father. How does He think, what does He speak of and how does He act? I learn and follow. I become clean and pure, I become elevated. I see clearly the contrast between my past life and this new life I have received from the Father. By following His elevated directions, I have made my life elevated such that I am able to respect myself again. In the past, anything I did was wrong and I didn’t even realize it. I kept wondering why I wasn’t happy until Baba came and pointed out that I was operating based on the wrong consciousness. Through the donation of knowledge, He gave me a new life.

The Father’s business is the children’s business’, He points out, ‘this service is very benevolent. You give human beings the donation of life.’ This is the greatest and most elevated task. ‘The Father loves and also sustains those who are serviceable‘, says Baba. Those who are interested in doing service will not be able to stay without doing service. If I have truly realized and seen my life transform as a result, then I cannot wait to tell all my brothers and sisters about what I have found. Why? because I know what they are going through. I know what it’s like to stumble, to feel like I don’t fit into this big world, to keep chasing after happiness but to never quite find it. I want to help them as the Father helped me. I want them to find the shore too, as I have. I want to be that lighthouse that shows the lost ships the way back home, to the Father.

You children have to become very merciful’, says Baba. ‘Your own brothers are living sorrowful lives as you once did; you have to give them the donation of life.’ There is no donation as greatly elevated as donating the imperishable jewels of knowledge to someone. There are many in the world who donate clothes and food and that is important. But, says the Father, that is common. Here, He says, you put people’s heads right! You remind them of who they are and Whom they belong to. You change them from an orphan to those that belong to the Father and Mother such that they too can claim their inheritance. There is no service more elevated than this.

So constantly be thinking‘, He says, ‘about how you can increase service.’ The Father has so much concern for the children. He has to keep an eye on all the children. So too, you also should have concern about rescuing your brothers and sisters from the world of Ravan, He explains. ‘Check‘, He says, ‘to what extent you take the imperishable jewels of knowledge from the Father and then donate them to others.‘ No one else can donate these imperishable jewels of knowledge. Tell everyone, says Baba, that the Father says: ‘Remember Me and your final thought will lead you to your destination. It is by having this remembrance that your sins are absolved and I send you to heaven.’

I can only deliver this message convincingly when I stay in remembrance myself. To the extent that I stay in remembrance, I will stay under the Father’s canopy of protection. While knowledge shows me right from wrong, remembrance gives me power. Then, no matter what type of soul comes before me, I will interact with them with a lot of love; I will not argue with them, get angry or frustrated with them. If I am delivering the message of the Father but then I get angry myself, then people will ask: ‘I thought God is your teacher, is this how Brahma Kumaris are!?’ ‘Under no circumstances, must you become an obstacle and cause disservice’, says Baba. ‘In order to do God’s service, you need to have a very sweet nature. If you become angry and show a stern eye, it damages many people. Serviceable children should not have the slightest arrogance or anger.’

I now receive my Grandfather’s property. This is a very powerful mine. However, says Baba, this mine only emerges once; you only find this mine of the imperishable jewels of knowledge once. My apron of the intellect is being filled with these jewels. Baba says, ‘you must have so much happiness and spiritual pride in this.’ A jeweler who truly recognizes the value of the various jewels will display them in this showroom with a lot of pride. He will ensure they are placed in the right spots, in the right boxes, with the right lighting on them, such that people are attracted to them. This is the most elevated business of the imperishable jewels of knowledge, says Baba. You have to do the business of donating these to others. ‘Like the jeweler‘, He explains, ‘constantly think about how you can increase your business.’ For example, do I have the pictures put up on my walls in my shop or at my home? This can be a great way to attract the attention of visitors, get them curious and then impart the knowledge. Another yukti Baba teaches is to wear my badge wherever I go. It too attracts people’s attention and becomes a means to serve them. If there is a center that needs help, can I offer myself to serve at that center? Serving at the temples of Shiva and Lakshmi-Narayan is another method Baba recommends. ‘These devotees will definitely be readers of the Gita and will be receptive to your message‘, He explains. And the most impactful way is simply to serve through my own face and behavior. ‘Your spiritual royalty cannot remain hidden’, says Baba, ‘it attracts others even without your trying.‘ People will want to know what I have and how they can get it too.

You have to make effort for your own progress‘, teaches Baba. ‘You should be interested in claiming a high inheritance from the Father. Bring benefit to yourselves and others. Shiv Baba is the One who benefits everyone. You too have to become a benefactor.

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