Dance the dance of knowledge

Baba says, ‘The most fortunate are those who perform the Godly dance of knowledge. They are the ones who will go to the golden age and dance with the princes and princesses.’ 

I performed a lot of dances on the path of devotion. Then, I didn’t perform any dance of knowledge. When the dance of devotion takes place, there is no dance of knowledge. When the dance of knowledge takes place, there is no dance of devotion because the dance of devotion takes me into the descending stage. There is no devotion in the golden and silver ages; devotion begins in the copper age. When devotion begins, the reward of knowledge ends and there is the stage of descent. ‘You then have to lose your fortune of the kingdom.’, explains the Father. He explains to me how I descend.

I was once the master of heaven in the golden and silver ages. I was complete in all the virtues, 16 celestial degrees pure, completely viceless and righteous. In other words, I was a deity. Then, at the start of the copper age, having taken birth after birth, I forgot who I am and fell prey to the vices. I lost all my inheritance of purity, peace and happiness. I went from being a deity to a degraded human being. ‘To claim the kingdom of the world and then to lose it is a game about the people of Bharat.‘, explains Baba. ‘The people of Bharat were the masters of the world, whereas today they have become bankrupt.’

The Almighty Authority Father comes to once again establish the deity religion. He is called the Truth, the One who speaks the truth. He comes to re-establish the religion of truth. It is said religion is might because where there is truth, the soul dances, that is, if I am truthful, I dance in happiness. This, Baba teaches, is the dance of knowledge. Krishna is shown playing a flute and dancing. He is the master of the land of truth but no one knows who made him that or Who is the One who established that land of truth. The soul of Krishna in its last birth becomes Brahma and dances the dance of this knowledge that the Father gives. In other words, he imbibes this knowledge within himself and becomes Krishna once again. In the golden age, he then dances with princes and princesses in his childhood. This isn’t the story of just one soul or a few souls, explains Baba. When you too dance this dance of knowledge well, that is, become an embodiment of the knowledge like Father Brahma, you too, He says, will go to the golden age and dance with princes and princesses.

This dance of knowledge is very easy, He points out. In the dance of devotion or the dances of entertainment, the physical organs have to work hard, they have to make a lot of effort. Here, the dance of knowledge is only performed internally. My intellect became stone in my stage of descent, on the path of devotion; now, the Father comes and fills the apron of my intellect with the jewels of knowledge once again. He thus makes my intellect divine and takes me into my stage of ascent. My intellect has the knowledge of how the cycle turns, there is no difficulty in this. The main thing is to remember. That’s where I become an embodiment of the jewels I receive and transformation occurs. In other words I become rup. Only when I become rup can I become basant, that is perform the dance of knowledge. ‘This means you have to donate the jewels to others’, explains Baba. The best jewel is ‘Manmanabhav!’ – by remembering the Father, I receive the Father’s inheritance. When I imbibe this jewel myself and then inspire others to do the same, I benefit many and receive their blessings. The Father also comes to do service every day, He explains. As His children, you too should serve every day.

Meera used to dance in trance, but, clarifies Baba, she had no knowledge. Without imbibing this knowledge that the Father gives, one cannot go to heaven. It isn’t that because Meera danced in trance, she automatically went to heaven, no! Here too, even on the path of knowledge, Baba explains, there are many who danced in the same way. They had visions, went into trance, and even after seeing heaven, they returned and indulged in vice. It is remembered: ‘if you ascend, you taste the sweetness of heaven but if you descend…’ The Father gives me reassurance that if I study this knowledge and stay in remembrance, I will once again become the master of heaven. But if I leave the Father, I will return to the gutter of the old world. Now by only following the Father’s elevated directions, I become elevated, that is, I once again become a deity. How well I study in this cycle will determine how well I study cycle after cycle, He explains. So, He says, dance this dance of knowledge well.

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