Remembrance frees me from the cottage of sorrow

Baba says, ‘Remember that, if your yoga is not accurate, you won’t feel that happiness. You would be sitting in the cottage of sorrow. Heaven is the cottage free from sorrow.’

In the Ramayan, it is shown that there was Ravan in Lanka. The Father, who is Truth, comes and tells me the truth. This whole world of human-beings is Lanka, He tells me; this is Ravan’s kingdom. Here, there is sorrow at every step. This is why this whole world is the cottage of sorrow and all souls are Sitas who are trapped in this cottage of sorrow. They are calling out for the one Rama, that is, all the devotees, all the brides, remember the one Bridegroom, God, to come and rescue them from this world of sorrow and take them to a place of happiness. The golden age is the the land of happiness, it is the cottage free from sorrow.

Here, human-beings are in a lot of sorrow. There is untimely death, loss in business, children who misbehave, betrayals by trusted friends and a whole host of things that cause sorrow. Such things don’t take place in heaven and hence there is only happiness, rest, peace and contentment there. Everyone wants to go to this place of happiness, rest and comfort. However, explains Baba, no one can go directly from the cottage of sorrow to the cottage that is free from sorrow. First, there has to be transformation and it has to take place at this great confluence of the cottage of sorrow, that is the iron age and the cottage free from sorrow, that is the golden age.

Wrong thought, words, attitudes and actions cause me sorrow. For half a cycle, my thoughts, words, attitude and actions were wrong because I was operating based on Ravan’s directions. In other words, I was operating based on the vices. The Father comes at this auspicious confluence age and gives me the true knowledge: ‘you fell prey to the vices because you forgot who you are’, He explains. ‘You are a soul, not the body’ – this one thought changed me from a shell into a diamond. He becomes not just my Father, but also my Teacher and Satguru. He teaches me the secrets of the beginning, middle and end of the cycle. In other words, He helps me understand who I am originally, how I lost the kingdom and how I can now reclaim it. ‘Now that the Father is here, you should follow only His shrimat’, teaches Baba. I lost the kingdom and landed in the cottage of sorrow when I operated on Ravan’s directions; now, the Father gives me elevated directions such that I perform right actions and go into the cottage free from sorrow. The Father’s #1 shrimat is: ‘Manmanabhav! Simply remember Me and remember the inheritance you receive from Me and you will go to heaven!’

The one Bridegroom comes and takes all His brides to His cottage that is free from sorrow. When I remember this, when I remember the land of happiness, I become happy. Else, Baba says, your intellects continue to be attached to this old world of sorrow; they continue to wander everywhere. When a new home is being built, my intellect should be connected to the new home- in designing it, planning the interiors, picking out the right furnishings etc. If I continue to worry about old home – the termites in the walls, the leaky faucets, the paint that is peeling off etc., then that is not the sensible thing to do; it is wasted time and energy. ‘The old world is to be destroyed, this is a certainty‘, He tells me. So why connect my intellect with something that is going away?

The sign that my intellect is still stumbling in the old world is questions, complaints and doubts: ‘why is this happening to me?’, ‘why did they betray me after all that I’ve done for them!?’, ‘how can this happen…can this too happen?’, ‘if the instrument teacher were good, the project would be a success..’, ‘if this hadn’t happened, then I would have…’, ‘is heaven really coming?’, ‘what will my friends think of me?’ When I have firm faith in Who is teaching me, then I will automatically have faith in His words. When I know Lanka is to be destroyed, then why worry about what someone thinks about me? why spend time asking why things are the way they are? why spend time and energy trying to fix it? Each year, many conferences are held to bring about world peace. But the Father has already revealed to me that there can be no peace in this old world because every one is body conscious and operating based on the vices. If anything, therefore, peacelessness and sorrow will only increase. True peace can only be found at home, in the soul world, and in the land of happiness, the golden age or the new home. That is where He is taking me now. So the sensible thing to do would be to stop worrying about that which is going away and start getting myself ready for where I am headed.

The more you stay in remembrance of the Father and the inheritance, the more your mercury of happiness will increase‘, says Baba. My awareness depends on how much I remember. Everything else- the quality of my thoughts, words and actions all depends on my awareness. The purer my thoughts, words and actions, the more my self-respect increases and the happier I become. ‘There can be no loss in following shrimat’, Baba points out, ‘you must take shrimat at every step.’ The Father says: ‘I have come to give all of you teachings. You, My children, are dearer than life itself. I know that you children have become very unhappy. I have now come to take you children to the world of happiness. Real children follow shrimat accurately and claim their full inheritance of the kingdom.‘ The question is: what is my relationship with the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul?

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