Become a diamond

Baba says, ‘Remember with great happiness the Father who makes your lives like a diamond. There are only spiritual connections and no other connection.’

It is remembered that Bharat was like a diamond. It used to be the golden age, the land of truth. The king, queen, subjects alike were like diamonds. Now Bharat has become impure and so it is like a shell. Accordingly, kings, queens, subjects alike are all like shells. The Father is here now and He is making me pure again. The people of Bharat become like diamonds once again by going into the lap of God. The Father comes at this auspicious confluence of the cycles and adopts me as His own child; He makes me belong to Him. This new birth as God’s child is a birth like a diamond. He doesn’t just become my Father but also becomes my Teacher and Satguru. He gives me the knowledge of who I am, Whose I am and of the beginning, middle and end of the cycle.

For half a cycle, I stumbled in the darkness of ignorance because I forgot who I am. I forgot I am a soul and started to identify as the body. This wrong consciousness caused me to be misaligned with my core values. Thus, all my thoughts, words and actions became wrong and caused me and others sorrow. I was once an elevated deity of the golden age, I was liberated-in-life. Body consciousness caused me to become degraded and my wrong thoughts, words and actions tied me into bondage. Now the Father reminds me of the truth once again: ‘You are a pure soul, not the body.‘ This one thought changes me from a shell back into a diamond. It liberates me from all bondages and sets me free again. The Father says: ‘Children, now become soul conscious. The Father who makes you like diamonds has come and so you should make full effort. You must have full yoga with Him.’ Even while doing your work, Baba teaches, simply remain in the awareness that you are a soul getting your work done through the body. Everyone else is also a soul just like me. We are brothers, the children of the same Father. There is no other relationship or connections.

When I am soul conscious, I become like a diamond, constantly sparkling. But then as I go through the day, there are two main reasons, Baba explains, why the diamond gets covered by dust: (1) thinking about others (par chintan) and (2) looking at others (par darshan).

When I look at others with any other vision than that of a brother soul, I easily slip back into body consciousness. I immediately get caught up in the expansion of who they are, where they are from, how they behave, what they said, did, etc. Then, when I try to remember Baba, all I can remember instead is what so-and-so said and did. I fall from my elevated seat of self-respect of being a pure deity soul, a child of the Highest-on-High and instead get caught up in trivial matters. I become like ordinary iron-aged human beings who lack self-recognition. Baba says, ‘Now, in order to end the consciousness of bodies, you must practice considering yourselves to be souls. Nothing else should be remembered. Become completely soul conscious: ‘I am a soul, I am a soul and I have nothing that I, this soul, would have to remember.

At this time, all my relationships are with the Father; everyone else is a brother soul. But if there is even one relationship that I haven’t forged with the Father, then I won’t be able to become a destroyer of attachment and an embodiment of remembrance. There will still be bondage. My intellect will continue to wander toward that person, that relationship. I will sit to remember the Father and I will instead remember my husband, my children, or my grandchildren. Sometimes, the attachment is with money, jewelry and other possessions. Baba says, ‘the intellect will be pulled to whatever and whomever you are attached to. If your intellect is pulled there, you cannot remain constant and stable.‘ I have already seen what state I got myself into by wandering around for half the cycle. ‘You lost everything! You lost your body! you lost your peace and happiness of mind! You even lost your wealth! You had so much wealth in the golden age. You lived in golden palaces, now you are living in buildings of brick and stone.’, Baba reminds me. He has revealed to me the secrets of time based on which I am aware that now, is not the time to wander and stumble around. Now, is the time to remember. ‘I belong to the one Father and none other’- constantly sing this song in your mind, teaches Baba.

Sometimes I have the thought: ‘My husband is not changing or my kid is not changing. They are not moving on this path; how can I keep moving along? what can I do?’ Baba says, ‘keep yourself free from even this burden and remain light.’ I may have the pure desire that someone should continue on this path, that someone’s illness should end etc. but that won’t happen just by my saying it. Instead of saying it, Baba teaches, ‘stay light and maintain the experience of the flying stage and they will receive inspiration and power from that.’ To worry about my husband, kids, my business etc. are not the things I should be thinking about, says Baba. Worry does nothing productive- I only feel like I’m doing a lot but I get nowhere with it. Rather it is beneficial to myself and everyone else if I become an embodiment of that which I want them to imbibe. Only when I am an embodiment of power myself can I inspire others to want what I have.Continue to move along with good wishes as a companion of the Almighty Authority. Don’t think too much, worry and get tied into bondage’, teaches Baba. In fact, now is the time to cut any existing bondages, not create new ones. And the way to cut away bondages is remembrance. You won’t become free from bondages just by speaking about them, you yourself must let go and become free’, He says.

The Father has explained to me the aim and objective of this life, of this study. I come to make you into the king of kings, He tells me. But the greatest enemy of all is body consciousness. This is why my intellect is drawn toward bodies. ‘While being in your body, you have to become soul conscious. You have to create such a stage that whatever you see with your eyes should not appear in front of you.’, says Baba. This is a bit of spiritual acrobatics but one that yields great dividends and it only comes with practice. ‘Your intellects should not remember anything other than the Father and the land of peace’, He says. It is said: Your final thoughts will lead you to your final destination. Since my destination is the land of peace and the one to take me there is the Father, wisdom says, I should remember them. Why would I remember anything else? Baba says, ‘it is only by remembering the one Father that your sins can be cut away and you can become a pure diamond.‘ In the cycle, now is the time to become the diamond.

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