Remain constantly satisfied

Baba says, ‘The specialty of a carefree emperor is that, instead of constantly being an embodiment of questions, such a person remains happy. They change that which is bad into good, and this is why they remain constantly satisfied.’

Where there is attainment, there is the personality of satisfaction or contentment that becomes visible in my face and activities. It is a personality that attracts others, says Baba. If I am not satisfied, then is definitely something lacking in my attainment. A satisfied soul will never have limited desires; they are content. If a soul is not satisfied but is hungry physically or in the mind, then no matter how much they receive, they always remain dissatisfied; there is always discontentment. Those who are royal are satisfied with just a little, says Baba. They will always be full and they would be satisfied with one slice of bread or with 36 varieties of food. However, those who are dissatisfied will not be satisfied even if they are given 36 varieties of food because their hunger is in the mind.

They will instead be an embodiment of questions, always asking: ‘Why is it like this?’, ‘why did this happen?’, ‘what will happen now?’, ‘can this too happen!?’. As soon as a situation rises, they have questions that rise in their mind. A satisfied soul on the other hand doesn’t have any questions, doubts or complaints because they are an embodiment of all attainments. They know Who is in-charge and that everything that happens is therefore good, better and best. They have this faith and on the basis of this faith, they experience attainment where others experience worry and anxiety. They remain full and therefore unshakeable where others feel empty and therefore fluctuate.

Sometimes, I even say about myself: ‘I am not in a mood today, I’m not sure why..’. Baba says, ‘many children experience satisfaction (prasannata) based on praise (prashansa). However,‘ He points out, ‘that satisfaction is temporary.’ Today, I might be satisfied but tomorrow when people leave or when their preferences change, the praise stops and my satisfaction disappears. This is like constructing a building by using more sand than cement, explains Baba. The foundation is not stable, it is mixed. Then, if there is the slightest storm of any adverse situation or any type of fluctuation, it finishes my satisfaction. Before I came to Baba, I was experienced at chasing after limited attainments of respect, name, fame, regard, for a long time and often, that transfers over into Brahmin life. I start to seek the same things through service. Baba says, ‘you may take the support of service and wish your name to be glorified. But that glory lasts just for a little while.‘ Further He cautions. ‘Those who do service on the basis of earning a name make their name go to the back of the list of those who claim a high status because they eat unripe fruit which will never ripen.’ I did service and I earned a name, that is unripe fruit and there cannot be strength in unripe fruit.

I then think: ‘I did so much service, I ought to receive regard and respect as a result. What’s so wrong about that!?’ This, Baba explains, is not regard but arrogance. Where there is arrogance, there cannot be any satisfaction. ‘If you want to attain honor, then the greatest honor‘, Baba points out, ‘is to attain honor in BapDada’s heart.’ I attain that honor when I am an embodiment of attainment, when I am constantly satisfied and happy no matter what. Limited desires don’t allow me to become an embodiment of attainment and the personality of satisfaction is not always visible on my face. The ‘mood’ of a Brahmin is to be constantly cheerful and careful, says Baba; ‘your mood shouldn’t change.’ Sure, there may be a reason, but ‘you are those who change the reason into a solution, not those who get caught up in the reasons’, Baba reminds me. To get caught up in ‘why, what, when and how’ is to become an embodiment of questions and lose all attainment in the process. That’s what I did so well for half a cycle and people of the world continue to do even today; that takes no effort whatsoever. It is Ravan’s world and Maya always has a web of questions prepared for me at all times. My duty is to not become trapped in that web.

My slogan, Baba reminds me, is: ‘One who has faith in the intellect is victorious’. This is the slogan of this time, not of the past iron age or the future golden age. The rosary of victory is being beaded now, at this confluence age. And so, given the time and the praise of this time, I should remain satisfied, He points out, not full of questions. Now, Baba teaches, ‘finish this web of weak thoughts and questions with the awareness, ‘I am victorious’. Not only is it my duty to finish this web but it is my duty to do so not gradually but instantly, in a second. If I allow myself to dwell on ‘why did this happen?’, then it becomes hard to leave until I find an answer. It becomes like quicksand that sucks me in. I lose all my power, my happiness, peace and joy. ‘Now is the time to accumulate in your account, not lose everything.’, Baba reminds me. I already did the losing part for half a cycle; now is the time to end the loss and accumulate for the new cycle. ‘So pay careful attention to not allow the web of questions to grow’, He teaches.

Victory is my birthright. Success is my birthright. This birthright is a Godly birthright which no one can snatch away from me. ‘Those who have such faith in the intellect would easily and automatically remain constantly satisfied‘, says Baba. They wouldn’t need to work hard for this. So, constantly maintain your personality of satisfaction, says Baba, those who are satisfied will have good experiences. In fact, when I see someone who is satisfied, they seem so beautiful. It feels good to be in their company, to sit and talk to them. On the other hand if someone who has many questions were to come, I’d be fed up! ‘So keep the aim‘, Baba says, ‘of what it is that you have to become. Don’t be one who asks many questions, but be one who is satisfied.

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