Stay in yoga as much as possible

Baba says, ‘you should make effort to stay in as much yoga as possible.’

For half a cycle, I stumbled in the darkness of ignorance; one stumbles in the dark because they cannot see clearly. For half a cycle, I thought I was a body instead of what I really am, a pure soul. Based on this wrong identity, I committed one sin after another because I was no longer operating based on the core values of the soul; I was operating based on body consciousness. As a result of committing sin, I caused myself and others sorrow. I called out to the Father: ‘O Purifier, come and make us impure ones pure. Take us away from this place of sorrow to a place of rest and comfort.’

The the Father came and turned on the switch: ‘You are a soul, not the body’, He reminded me. This awareness was the light that dispelled the darkness that had engulfed my mind. I could now see clearly again. I can now see how my choices, which I was convinced were right, were actually wrong. I can now see why anger is not really natural or a weapon, it is in fact my great enemy. I can see how jealousy and envy are not great ‘motivators’ for success but rather evils that push me away from my truth and rob me of my joy. I can see how my gender, nationality, social status or appearance don’t define me; instead they become reason to sow division, turn brother against brother.

I can now see all this clearly because there is light. But that doesn’t mean there is change. Sanskars that have been with me for half a cycle don’t go away that easily just by my understanding them; it takes power along with understanding. While knowledge is the light, remembrance gives me power. And so Baba comes and teaches me Raja Yoga- the yoga that makes me the king of my inner kingdom again, that is, I become a self-sovereign again. ‘It’s not that complicated‘, He tells me, ‘you became unhappy and lost your kingdom because you forgot. Now, to reclaim your kingdom, you have to remember.

Become Manmanabhav!‘, He says; ‘that is, consider yourself a soul and remember Me alone.‘ I now know I am a soul but what type of soul am I? what does being a soul mean or even look like? He is the only reference point at this time in the cycle to demonstrate to me what being a soul means. The more I stay in His company, the more I get to observe Him and learn. To stay in His company is remembrance. I don’t have to sit in one place for 4 hours to remember Him, this is not hatha yoga! Baba reminds me: ‘You said: ‘Baba, when You come, I will only eat with You, sit with You…’. I have now come and am personally sitting in front of you’. In other words, I can remember Him while I am going about my activities throughout the day.

At this time in the world, there are as many opinions as there are people. No one knows the truth because everyone is body conscious. By following my own dictates and those of others, I lived in chaos and confusion, not to mention, lost all I had in the process. ‘Now‘, Baba says, ‘die a living death from the old world. Forget all your relations including that with your own body. This is your final birth.‘ I have just this one short birth during this confluence age to unlearn all the wrong stuff of half a cycle and learn the right stuff from the Father. If I am still making choices based on ‘what I think…’ and ‘how I feel’ or what my uncle or friend or guru thinks, then I am depriving myself of precious time and energy. Only the one Father is called the Truth because only He knows the truth. Let me fulfill all my relationships with Him, only listen to and follow His directions.

Sometimes, children ask: ‘Baba, till when will this study continue?’ Baba says, ‘I will continue to share knowledge with you until the deity kingdom is established. You will then be transferred into the new world.’ In the meantime, yes, there will be storms of Maya in the mind; yes, there will be illness or financial losses or trouble in the family etc. ‘This will happen’, says Baba, ‘but you mustn’t be afraid.’ The right approach is not to hope that there will be no storms or difficulties; that is unrealistic. Rather, let me learn to invite the Father, the Beloved, into my difficulties. Then, not only will the burden be lifted off me but I will find that I came out the other side spiritually stronger, more mature and with my faith increased. ‘Make your own effort, don’t ask for mercy’, says Baba, ‘the more you remember the Father, the more benefit there is. As much as possible, do everything with the power of yoga.’

The more I remember who I am, Whose I am and the current time in the cycle, the easier it is to become a detached observer of the drama. I won’t entangle myself like I used to in a given scene – I won’t question it, criticize it or try to fix it. I will pass through it holding the Father’s hand. He is here especially for me, to free me from all bondages and take me back home. Why wouldn’t I become His trustee and rely on Him, rather than spend my mental resources worrying? When I worry It is sung: ‘Hide me in Your eyelids. Something that is loved is said to be ‘The light of the eyes’ or ‘Lovelier than life’. The Father is very lovely, but He is incognito. ‘Your love for Him has to be such, don’t even ask! You children have to hide the Father in your eyelids.’, says Brahma baba. ‘Eyelids’ doesn’t mean physical eyelids, it refers to remembering with the intellect. The Most Beloved Incorporeal Father is teaching me, He is the Ocean of Knowledge, the Ocean of Love, the Ocean of Happiness. He serves me so altruistically. He comes just for me in an impure body, in an impure world and changes me from a shell into a diamond. Baba is so sweet! Let me remember Him in this way with a lot of love. Where there is love, remembrance becomes natural, it becomes difficult to forget.

Everything‘, Baba says, ‘depends on remembrance. Knowledge is very easy; even a small child can explain it. However, not everyone understands Me accurately- who I am and what I am.‘ When someone is about to die, they are told to remember God but they cannot at that time because they they never got to know Him. To simply chant His name or sing His praise without actually knowing Him is of no use- neither can anyone return home through that nor can anyone’s sins be absolved. From the beginning, rishis and munis have been saying that they don’t know the Creator or the creation. The Father says: ‘Even Lakshmi and Narayan don’t know Me. No one knows Me. Only you children do, but numberwise.’ The more accurately I know the Father, the more accurately I know myself. That accuracy comes from spending as much time with Him as possible: ‘Stay in yoga and listen to the murli.‘, says Baba. The murli is the most tangible form of God; through the murli, I receive insight into how He thinks and operates. With this foundation, I get to know Him which then makes it easy to remember Him.

Baba says: ‘Sweet children, O souls, constantly remember Me alone. Even by mistake, do not remember anyone else except the Father. You have promised: Baba, You alone are mine! I am a soul and You are the Supreme Soul. I have to claim my inheritance from You. I am learning Raj Yoga from You from which I will claim the fortune of the kingdom.’

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