Divine intellect and stone intellect

Baba says, ‘Now that it is the end of the world, those who had divine intellects have become those with stone intellects.’

Stone intellectDivine intellect
Sri Krishna is the God of the GitaKrishna is a child, the first prince of heaven. How can he give knowledge? Besides, no human-being can be God because God is free from re-birth. He is the Ocean of Knowledge. He comes at this auspicious confluence age and gives souls the knowledge of who they are, of Who He is, and of the beginning, middle and end of the cycle. This knowledge is the true Gita through which God purifies impure souls and changes them from those with stone intellects into those with divine intellects.
God is omnipresentGod is my Father; how can a Father be omnipresent? how can the Bestower of Salvation, the Purifier be omnipresent in everyone? It is meaningless! God is One, He is incorporeal, His name is Shiv and He resides in the soul world.
God is beyond name and formNothing is beyond name and form. God’s name is Shiv and His form is a point of light, just like me.
I am the body, I have a soulI am a soul, I have a body. When the soul leaves, the body is a lifeless corpse!
The soul is the Supreme SoulGod, the Supreme Soul, is my Father! A child cannot be the father, it is meaningless. A child can relate to, receive sustenance and an inheritance from it’s father but cannot be the father!
The soul is immune to the effect of actions (nirlep)Because of the incorrect belief that each soul is the Supreme Soul, people think that the soul is immune to the effect of action. However, only God, Shiv Baba is immune to the effect of action. He doesn’t experience happiness or sorrow, sweetness or bitterness. The soul says: ‘this is sour’, so it not immune to the effect of action. This is also why it is said: ‘sinful soul‘ or ‘charitable soul‘; it isn’t said: ‘sinful Supreme Soul’ or ‘charitable Supreme Soul’.
A soul takes 84,00,000 births- one in each species with the last birth being the human birth.A soul takes a maximum of 84 births- all human. Just as an apple seed can only produce an apple tree, a human soul cannot be born as anything else!
There are many gods and goddessesGod, the Creator, the Father of all souls, is One. There are many deities- Brahma, Vishnu, Shankar are all deities.
God comes at every confluence during the cycle (confluence of golden and silver ages, sliver and copper ages, copper and iron ages and iron and golden ages)God only comes once in the entire cycle at the confluence of the iron and golden age i.e. when the old cycle is about to end and the new one is to start. He comes to make the old world, new again. If He came at every confluence, then the world would get better, not worse!
A guru can grant me salvationNo human-being can grant another human-being salvation because they could, they’d be in salvation themselves! But no, at this time, every human-being is body conscious, having forgotten who they are and the Father. The Father Himself therefore comes to remind souls of who and Whose they are. Through imbibing this knowledge, souls attain salvation. This is why only God is the one Satguru because only He can grant me salvation; no human being can be called a guru.
A dip in the Ganges can purify me of all sinsI am a soul; it is the soul that becomes pure and impure. Water can cleanse the body, it cannot cleanse the soul. God created the Gita and imparted this Ganges of knowledge through which He purified the impure. People remember Him.
The world cycle is hundreds of thousands of years longThe world cycle is 5000 years long; if it was hundreds of thousands of years long, it would be impossible for the soul to remember anything and the population would be out of control.
Kaliyug (the iron age) is still a baby, there are still 40,000 years left!There is very little time left on the unlimited world clock, the cycle is ending. The entire cycle itself is 5000 years long and of that time, the iron age is 1250 years long.
God lives in heaven, that’s why He is called the Heavenly God FatherGod creates heaven, that’s why He’s called the Heavenly God Father. He creates it for His children, He doesn’t live there Himself. He lives in the soul world.
Krishna played the flute (murli)God Shiva spoke the Murli at this time; the flute refers to the flute of knowledge.
God can be attained through devotion – chanting scriptures, singing praise, penance, performing sacrificial fires etc.God cannot be attained through devotion. He comes Himself at His time in the world cycle, in an ordinary body and gives His own introduction. The biography of the Father can only be known from the Father.
Taking physical pilgrimages to Amarnath or other destinations can absolve me of sinWhy would my Father want me to undertake arduous pilgrimages to find Him? God teaches me the spiritual pilgrimage of remembrance through which all sins are absolved. I don’t have to travel anywhere for this, I simply consider myself a soul and remember my Father with a lot of love.
To have a vision means to attain salvationThere is no benefit through visions- it does not burn away sins nor is there salvation. Do I receive permanent peace, joy and happiness just from having a vision? No. Because there is no transformation in my sanskars through having a vision. God comes and teaches me Raja Yoga. Through this study, I transform from a thorn into a flower, that is, I receive liberation and liberation-in-life from all bondages.
Every religion is separate and has it’s own God that they believe to be trueThere are indeed many religions in the world at this time. But there is only one tree, one God Who is the Seed of the whole tree.
God gives happiness and sorrowGod is the Ocean of Love, He is the Father. A Father cannot give sorrow to His children. He always and only gives happiness.
Depending on my karma, I will either go to heaven which is up above or to hell which is down belowHeaven and hell are both on earth. It is heaven for the first half of the cycle for 2500 years and hell for the second half. It is now hell with the five vices omnipresent in everyone. What was heaven once becomes hell and then heaven again. It is a cycle.
God is called Almighty Powerful because He can bring back the dead and make the leaves moveGod is called Almighty Powerful because His mere remembrance purifies and liberates by burning away sins of many births
God is the Creator because He creates everything- mountains, plants, humans, animals- everythingGod is the Creator because He transforms impure souls into pure souls. He transforms degraded human-beings into perfect deities. Souls always exist as does the earth along with nature; He does not create anyone or anything from scratch.
The Brahm element is God, the soul will one day merge into it!The Brahm element is not God, it is His place of residence. To know God and remember Him in the home is very beneficial but to just remember the home without knowing God is useless and meaningless.
Ravan was a demon with 10 heads during the days of the RamayanaRavan is not a physical person, Ravan refers to the five vices- lust, anger, attachment, greed and ego. He is shown with 10 heads to indicate that the 5 vices are in males and in females. As such, at this time in the cycle, Ravan or the five vices is omnipresent in all souls.
Lanka is an island in the Indian Ocean where Ravan livedGod explains that the whole world is Ravan’s world at this time and therefore the whole world is Lanka.
Religious founders attained liberation and can grant liberation to their followersNo one has attained liberation, no one has or can gone back home until the drama ends. Only God can grant liberation to souls and take them back home with Him. No one else knows the way.
The name of the religion is HinduThere is no such religion as Hindu. God established the original deity religion (Adi Sanatan Devi Devatha dharma). Those same deity souls having now become impure and degraded can no longer call themselves of the deity religion. So the name was changed to Hindu.
Sanyasis can teach Raja YogaNo human being can teach Raja Yoga, they don’t have this knowledge to give it. Only God, the Ocean of Knowledge, the Creator, can teach Raja Yoga.


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