Never divorce the Father

Baba says, ‘When you forget the Father and the Teacher, when you miss the murli, when you don’t study or listen to it, it means you divorce the Father.’

For half a cycle, I was body conscious and caught up in the vast expansion of ‘I and mine’. Thus, chasing after limited desires, I caused myself and others a lot of sorrow. Then, Baba came and reminded me of who I am and Whose I am. I am a pure soul and a child of God. Mine is one Baba and none other.You are the true nuns’, He tells me, ‘because you remember just the One.‘ He doesn’t just remind me that I am a soul but He also explains to me what type of a soul I am- what my qualities or virtues are, how my thoughts, words and actions ought to be. In other words, He doesn’t just become my Teacher and give me the knowledge but He also becomes my Guru and gives me guidance for every aspect of my life. As long as I stay in soul consciousness and follow His shrimat (or elevated directions), I live an elevated life and serve others through my very being- my every thought is a good wish, my every word a blessing and my every action is uplifting. But when I forget, I go back to the degraded life of the past and continue to cause myself and others sorrow.

You should value this sacrificial fire of Rudra a great deal because it is through this sacrificial fire that Bharat becomes heaven. You are the protectors of this sacrificial fire.’, teaches Baba. Each soul is a log in this great sacrificial fire. When I allow myself to fall into body consciousness, its as if I allow myself to become damp. Then, not only does my flame become dim and splutter but then my dampness makes the logs near me damp too; soon, the whole fire become weak. No one is attracted to a dim fire and thus I become an instrument to keep souls in ignorance and away from the Father. ‘Don’t do this disservice’, says Baba, ‘be cautious and stay in remembrance’.

It does take time to burn away the sanskars of half a cycle; it takes time for buds to open. Previously, I was a thorn, now I am a bud and on my way to becoming a flower; this is the effort I am making. Storms of Maya come to this garden of Allah and if I am not careful, buds can simply die before they have a chance to bloom. Some buds even bloom a little and then die. Death can come at any time- 5 years in knowledge, 12 years in knowledge, even 40 years in knowledge…it doesn’t matter. If I become slack in my remembrance, I am liable to be killed by Maya. I become upset over trivial things and stop studying. I might still consider myself a child of Baba and even say ‘Baba, Baba’, but in my mind and intellect, I have no real remembrance of Him, I don’t follow His directions, I lose my way. ‘There are many‘, Baba points out, ‘who relate this knowledge to others, they like this knowledge and even see heaven in their divine visions; they dance there! Then, oho! Maya comes and they divorce Me and run away. They divorce the One who is here to make them into the masters of heaven! Even when centers open, some are finished quickly; they fall. Maya is so powerful!‘ Indeed, this is a tug-of-war between Rama and Ravan at this time, says Baba. Rama refers to God, the Father and Ravan is Maya, the enemy. God pulls me to His side through teaching me knowledge and remembrance while Ravan pulls me to his side in the form of people, situations and sanskars.

The Father asks: ‘Won’t you help Me?’

When I remain busy in the study of the Murli, when I take care to stay in remembrance while walking, eating and going about my activities, I remain safe from Maya and help God win; I stay on His side. When I forget, I fall toward Ravan hurting myself and others. ‘This whole play‘, Baba explains, ‘is a game of divorcing one another.‘ Rama makes me renounce Maya, Ravan. Maya then makes me renounce the Father, Rama. Now is the time to divorce Maya again and belong to the Father. The Father says: ‘Make your intellect renounce your body and all your bodily relations. Forget, ‘I am so-and-so and I belong to this religion etc.’ and stabilize yourself in the religion of the self. Renounce all bodily religions and consider yourself to be alone. Become bodiless. Belong to Me and remember Me. No one should divorce the Father.’

For half a cycle, I have suffered enough as a result of body consciousness. It was I who had been calling out to Baba to come and liberate me from sorrow and suffering. The Father comes and makes me renounce Maya with one thought: ‘Consider yourself to be a soul, continue to forget those bodies. They are costumes, nothing more. You are actors in this unlimited play which is now coming to an end. We now have to return home.’ He gives me no difficulty whatsoever of going on arduous pilgrimages or fasting etc., all He wants me to do is REMEMBER. I, the actor, know the beginning, middle and end of the story. When I turn this cycle of 84 births in my intellect, I become a spinner of the discus of self-realization. This is a weapon that helps me cut of the head of Ravan and stay with the Father.

I have suffered enough at the hands of Ravan or body consciousness. I am now studying with the Father in order to perform such actions that I will never have to repent for my actions for half a cycle. He enables me to reach my full Karmateet stage and claim my full inheritance of unlimited happiness. When I stay in remembrance, God is bound by the drama to give me this inheritance. His love becomes the alchemy that changes iron to pure gold. God says: ‘O children, after belonging to Me, your Father and Bridegroom, never divorce Me. You should never even have any thought of divorcing Me.‘ In the golden age, a wife would never even think of divorcing her husband, a child would never divorce its father. No one there divorces anyone because I experience the reward there of the effort I make at this time. This is why there is no sorrow there. It is heaven! Baba says, ‘I make you the masters of this heaven by teaching you the right way to live at this time. Then, I will go and sit in retirement for half a cycle.’

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