Be obedient

Baba says, ‘Only those who are obedient have a right to all the powers. They are victorious without having to labor.

When someone is powerful, their life is easy and smooth. They don’t have to labor for anything, they give an order for something to happen and it happens. In the world, one has limited power- its there one day, gone the next. As long as I have the seat of authority or power, everyone obeys my order; when I lose the seat, no one cares anymore. Here, the Father gives me unlimited power for all time and I didn’t even have to campaign for it, work hard for it- I received it just for being the child of the unlimited Father; I received it as inheritance. ‘So how is it‘, He asks, ‘that you are victorious some of the times, and not at other times?

Its one thing to have all the powers and another thing to know how to use them. If I have the weapons but lack the know-how, then its as if I don’t have the weapons. Same here. The Father has given all the children, all the powers, equally. Along with the powers, He has also provided instructions on which power to use where, how to build the power as well as what not to do such that I don’t end up losing or weakening any of the powers. To the extent that I obey His instructions, I become and remain powerful. ‘Those who remain in the awareness of the Father’s instructions in every thought and every action automatically move along with their every thought, word and action in accordance with those instructions’, says Baba. Whereas if I am someone that has the obeys sometimes and not at other times, then I will also remember to use the powers some times and not at other times. Then, after the action is over and I don’t get the expected result, that’s when I realize that I forgot to use the power I should have. But then, it’s too late.

I have received instructions from the Father for every aspect of my day right from the moment I wake up till I go to sleep at night. To the extent that I perform my every action according to these directions, I will not have to labor; I will instead experience everything to be easy because I receive the blessings from the Father’s heart at every step. Because I do everything per direction, my every action is powerful and the attainment is also equally elevated and powerful. I therefore experience contentment with myself, with the outcome of the action and in my relationships with other souls. On the other hand, if I am someone that follows the directions sometimes, when it feels easy and convenient, but not at other times, I find that I have to labor during those times. Rather than feel light and content, I feel burdened with questions of uncertainty: ‘did I do the right thing or not?’. I feel my conscience biting because I feel deep down that I didn’t do the right thing. When I am obedient and simply follow directions, I feel light- I did as I was told, the rest is His responsibility, not mine. And because I am performing the action per direction, I perform it with confidence, not with fear or doubt. I therefore enjoy the whole process, experience supersensuous joy; I always experience myself to be full.

But obedience, fundamentally, requires awareness of the instruction that needs to be obeyed. When I don’t even remember the instruction and I perform the action, wrongly, then I go to Baba and say: ‘I don’t know why Baba, but I feel empty inside today.’ Nothing much has happened but I don’t have that experience of happiness, lightness and contentment. I didn’t make any mistake or do anything wrong at that time but if I reflect back, I will find that I did allow myself to get loose or careless as I was moving along throughout the day. And its usually not something big but its little disobediences that create a burden on the heart and pull me toward it. That’s when I feel empty, tired or discontent but I can’t quite put a finger on why.

For instance, the Father’s instruction is: At amritvela, stay in powerful remembrance according to the right discipline. But if I am half awake, or sitting out of compulsion, then that is not being obedient, says Baba. And often, I don’t even remember I disobeyed or think it to be a big deal, but they add up. Amritvela is when I fill myself with power, its when I remind myself of the powers I have. If I get careless, I start the day on a weak note. Another example of an instruction is: perform every action as a karma yogi with the feeling of being an instrument, with humility. But if I get action conscious instead, I then become bossy as a result. I have disobeyed and therefore, failed. Similarly, I have received instructions for everything: my vision, attitude, etc. Out of all these instructions, if I don’t follow even one in the right way, then that is known as being disobedient in little things. And if I continue to accumulate in this account, it will definitely pull me toward itself and that’s when I feel uneasy and heavy. I don’t experience the stage of supersensuous joy and peace filled with happiness. I don’t feel powerful, I feel powerless. I don’t experience the lift of special blessings from BapDada for being obedient. This is why I find it easy sometimes and other times, not.

The instruction for every step is very clear‘, Baba points out. The instructions are the Father’s footsteps. So, He says, it should be easy to simply place your footsteps in the Father’s. True brides always place their footsteps in His footsteps; Even a child follows the footsteps of the Father; a child is one who does what the Father says. The Father speaks and the child does: this, Baba says, is known as being number one obedient. So check and change yourself.

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