The decoration of purity

Baba says, ‘The direction of purity is good. I decorate you so much and yet you don’t reform yourselves! You continue to say wrong things.’

Out of the whole world, literally a handful out of multimillions become invaluable, worthy-of-worship jewels. To become a Brahmin means to become worthy-of-worship because Brahmins become deities and deities means worthy of worship. All deities are worthy of worship; nevertheless, says Baba, they are numberwise. Some deities are worshipped regularly in the right way and others are not. Every action of some deities is worshipped, whereas for others, not all their actions are worshipped. Some are decorated in the right way every day while others are only superficially decorated on the surface, but not in the right way. In front of some deities, devotional songs are sung all the time, whereas, those songs are only sung sometimes in front of others.

All are Brahmins, all study knowledge and yoga, and yet there is this difference. The reason, Baba explains, is one main dharna and that is purity. The special basis, the very foundation of becoming worthy-of-worship is purity. The more I adopt every type of purity, the more I become worthy of worship in every way. What does it mean to adopt every type of purity? ‘Those souls who easily and automatically fulfil their responsibilities in all their connections and relationships to all souls- whether in knowledge or without knowledge, through their every thought, word and deed with a constantly pure attitude, vision and vibrations, are said to have all types of purity.‘, explains Baba.

Even in my dreams, there should be nothing lacking in adopting all types of purity for the self and for others, He teaches. For instance, if celibacy is broken even in my dreams, or if I speak to another soul or perform actions under the influence of jealousy or anger, if my interaction with them is based on even a trace of anger, that would also be considered to be breaking the vow of purity. Just think about it, He says: if even dreams have such an effect, then, how much effect would actions performed physically have? This is why, He explains, an idol that is damaged is never worthy-of-worship. Damaged idols are not placed in the temples; they stay in the museums. Devotees don’t go there. There is just their praise: ‘These are very old idols.’ That’s it. The damage to the idols, for example, damage of the physical limbs etc., is referred to as ‘breakage’ but in fact, explains Baba, if there is the breakage of observing purity in any way, then that soul becomes deprived of receiving a worthy of worship status.

If all four types of purity are observed in the right way, then worship all takes place in the right way.

Purity in my mind, words, actions- relationships and connections are included in actions- and dreams is called complete purity. Because of carelessness, Baba observes, some just simply try to make do and move along saying: ‘My intention was very good, but the words just emerged.’ or ‘That was not my aim, but it just happened.’ or, ‘I only said that or did that as a joke.’ That is why the worship also then becomes just making do, explains Baba. The Father says: ‘I decorate you so much and yet you don’t reform yourselves! You continue to say wrong things.‘ This carelessness makes me numberwise and the wrong words and actions get accumulated in the account of impurity. The sign of worthy-of-worship pure souls is that all types of purity will be natural, easy and constant. They don’t have to think about it, but the dharna of purity automatically makes their thoughts, words, deeds and dreams accurate.

Firstly, accurate means to be yogyukt and secondly, accurate means that every thought would have a meaning; it would not be wasteful or meaningless. I wouldn’t say: ‘I said it just like that, for the sake of it; it just emerged; I just did it or it just happened.’ Such pure souls constantly remain accurate and yuktiyukt in every action, that is, through their whole day’s activity, says Baba. This is why, He explains, every action of such a soul is worshipped, that is, their whole day’s activity is worshipped. A viewing is given to the devotees of all their different activities from the time they wake up to the time they go to sleep. ‘If any action is not accurate or not constantly according to the timetable created for Brahmin life, then, because of that difference, there will be that difference in the way you are worshipped’, points out Baba.

For instance, if I am not disciplined about waking up at Amritvela, then worshippers will also fluctuate, that is, not wake up at the right time to worship; they will only worship when it suits them. Or else, if I don’t experience an awakened stage at amrit vela, that is, if sometimes I sit under compulsion, sometimes with laziness and sometimes with alertness, then worshippers too will only worship under compulsion or laziness; not in the right way. ‘In this way, every action of the timetable affects becoming worthy-of-worship‘, teaches Baba. Not to move according to the code of conduct, to fluctuate in any part of the timetable is also counted as a trace of impurity because laziness and carelessness are also vices. Actions that are not accurate are a vice. Because of this, Baba explains, I become numberwise in attaining a worthy-of-worship status.

Purity is therefore foundational to this life and the dharna of purity is very deep. Purity is not just gross things- simply to be celibate or to remain free from attachment is not called purity, explains Baba. Purity is the decoration of Brahmin life. Others should experience the decoration of purity from my face and activity at every moment. The decoration of purity should always be revealed in a practical way in my eyes, through my mouth, hands and feet. ‘Anyone who looks at your face should experience purity in your features.‘, says Baba. People should be able to see the sparkle of purity in my eyes, and the smile of purity on my lips; they should not see anything else. This, Baba says, is called being an image that is decorated with the decoration of purity. Therefore, make sure, He says, that there isn’t the slightest trace of even one vice, for only then will you become a number one victorious soul. Obey the directions of purity and create methods to make others pure.

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