Spiritual royalty

Baba says, ‘You are the children of God and so there should be so much royalty.’

Generally in the world, royal families are remembered a great deal, they are celebrated, and admired. People watch royalty, they long to meet them even if only for a few minutes. ‘As God’s direct children, you are the most royal souls in the whole cycle’, says Baba. And mine is not limited royalty like that of the world, mine is spiritual royalty. ‘Out of all the souls, the spirituality and sparkle of you special souls in the eternal sweet home is eternally the most elevated.‘, says the Father of all souls. Sure, all souls are a sparkling form of light just as how all people are human-beings with the same physical organs. But just as those that belong to royal families stand out, similarly, the sparkle of spiritual royalty is unique. In the sky, all the stars can be seen sparkling but some have a special sparkle that automatically attracts towards themselves. Even though they are light, their light can be seen sparkling extra brightly.

Then, in the beginning of the cycle, that is, in the golden age, souls with spiritual royalty have a right to be part of the royal family of the world emperor. Each king has a royal family. However, says Baba, no other royal family throughout the entire cycle can have the royalty of the deity souls. ‘You have attained such elevated royalty in your living form that even your non-living images are worshipped with so much royalty in the copper and iron ages.’ Throughout the whole cycle, no founder of religion, no righteous soul or great soul is worshipped according to the method of royalty. ‘So just think‘, says Baba: ‘when even the non-living images are worshipped because of their royalty, how royal must be the family to which you belong in the living form?‘ Then, now, in the confluence age, I attain spiritual royalty, that is, I become the angelic form. I become the spiritual royal family of the spiritual Father. So, in the three aspects of time, eternally, at the beginning of the cycle and at the confluence age, I become the number one royal soul. Do I have this intoxication that I am royalty throughout the whole cycle?

Am I royal to that extent?

The foundation of this spiritual royalty is complete purity, teaches Baba. Complete purity is royalty. ‘So ask yourself‘, teaches Baba, ‘is spiritual royalty experienced through every divine activity?‘ Even unknowingly, in the lokik world, short-lived royalty is experienced from their faces and their activity. So surely, spiritual royalty cannot remain incognito; it should be visible. Sometimes, I deceive myself by thinking: ‘I am incognito which is why no one recognizes me; when the time comes, I will automatically become known’. Incognito effort is indeed a very good thing. However, points out Baba, the sparkle, the intoxication and spiritual royalty of an incognito effort-maker will definitely give others an experience.

No matter how incognito I keep myself, my words, and the impact of my spiritual interaction with others would definitely reveal me to to the world. I don’t reveal myself, I keep myself incognito but others will definitely have an experience from my words and actions. Others will say: ‘she/he is an incognito effort-maker’ but if I, in trying to please myself, say that I am an incognito effort-maker, then, asks Baba: ‘did you remain incognito or reveal yourself?’ So check yourself in the mirror of knowledge, He teaches: ‘is royalty visible on my face and in my activity? Or, do my face and activity seem ordinary?’ Just as a real diamond cannot be hidden anywhere because of its sparkle, in the same way, those with spiritual sparkle and spiritual royalty cannot be hidden.

Royal souls constantly remain full, they are completely satisfied souls. They remain content in every situation. No matter how many situations others bring in front of me to make me discontent, I, because I am full and satisfied will give, as co-operation, the virtue of contentment even to those to bring about discontentment. I will be merciful towards such souls and try to transform them with my good wishes and pure feelings. ‘These are the elevated actions of spiritually royal souls‘, teaches Baba. Just as physically royal souls never give their intellect or time to trivial matters, while seeing something, they don’t see it or while hearing about it, they don’t hear it, spiritually royal souls too will never give their intellect or time for trivial matters which are not royal, says Baba. People of the world say that royalty means that my vision is not drawn towards anything insignificant. Wasteful or ordinary words will never emerge through the lips of spiritually royal souls; their every word will be yuktiyukt. This, Baba explains, is royalty.

The royalty of this time is what enables me to claim a right to come into the future royal family. So check, says Baba: Is my attitude royal? A royal attitude means, no matter what, I always maintain good wishes and pure feelings for every soul. Royal drishti means to always see others in their angelic form with my angelic form. Royal actions means to come into interaction while constantly giving and receiving happiness through actions. Brahma Baba demonstrated royalty in everything- in his words and behavior, on his face and in his activities, no matter how ordinary those actions might have been. So, says Baba, follow Father Brahma. Become spiritual royalty and come into the royal family.

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