Baba says, ‘Yogeshwar (the God of yoga), the Father, has come to teach you Raj Yoga.’

Yoga means union. When I am thinking of someone or something, it is said that I am having yoga with that person or thing. I am now having yoga with the Father. I have been separated since I went into the golden age, that is, I haven’t had yoga with the Father. I am now becoming a yogi like the Father. It is the one Father, God (Ishwar) Himself, who teaches me yoga and this is why He is called Yogeshwar (the Lord of Yoga). I am the child of Yogeshwar. He doesn’t have to have yoga. He is the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, the one who teaches me yoga. I then become a yogeshwar or a yogeshwari by studying this yoga. Then, in the future, I become a raj-rajeshwari (princes and princesses).

People also call Krishna ‘Yogeshwar’ because they think he is God. They give the child the praise that belongs to the Father. In fact, Krishna is called yogeshwar because his soul studies it at this time. That soul studies yoga with Yogeshwar and claims the Krishna status. He has been named Brahma by the Father. First, he had a worldly name and then he died alive. It is the soul that has to belong to the Father, not the body. When I belong to the Father, it means I have died alive. I then study with Him and take these new sanskars with me to the land of peace. Then, my new part that uses the new sanskars will emerge in the golden age.

The Father instructs me to remember at this time and then teaches me how to remember. Father Brahma shares his own experience of how he remembered Baba: ”Oho! I will become Vishnu from Brahma! Then, after 84 births, I will become Brahma again. Then, Baba will once again make me into Vishnu. Then, after half a cycle, Ravan will make me impure. This is such a wonderful drama!’ By remembering these things, Baba teaches, I will always remain cheerful. ‘Shiv Baba is making me so worthy! Wah fortune! wah! My Father is the Creator of Heaven Himself, and I am becoming the master of heaven! Wah!’ While having such thoughts, He says, become those who are completely intoxicated.

Sometimes I get busy with service and forget to have remembrance. Then, I wonder: ‘I am doing so much service and yet why don’t I experience the lightness, the happiness and contentment that is my birthright?’ Baba says, ‘Don’t become happy simply thinking that you are doing service very well. First of all, continue to do your incognito service of remembrance. Practice becoming bodiless. It is only by doing this that you will benefit. As you develop this practice, you will repeatedly become bodiless. Those who practice this will be able to reach their karmateet stage and claim a high status. While sitting in this stage and remembering the Father, you will return home. Day by day you should increase your chart of remembrance. Check to see to what percentage you have become satopradhan from tamopradhan. Do I cause anyone sorrow? My intellect is not trapped in any bodily being, is it? To how many people do I give the Father’s message? If you keep such a chart, you will make a lot of progress.’

Sometimes I try to wake up in the morning to remember Baba but I don’t do so well first few times; so then, I make the mistake of giving up. Baba says, ‘Don’t stop, keep moving.‘ Maybe I can only stay awake for a few minutes in the beginning but slowly, slowly, that time will increase if I keep at it. ‘Wake up at amrit vela and have a sweet heart-to-heart conversation with Baba‘, teaches the Father: ‘Baba, You have changed me completely from what I was. Baba, it is the wonder of You! Baba, You give us plenty of treasures and make us into the masters of the world. Baba, I can never forget You. While eating and doing everything, I will only remember You.‘ By making such a promise, my remembrance will become firm. If I think: ‘what’s the use of making a promise, I won’t be able to keep it anyway..’, then I am setting myself up for failure by creating a weak foundation. I have to do it and I will do it. I have to wake up early in the morning and remember the Father and claim my inheritance from the Father. – have this concern inside you’, teaches Baba. ‘The Father doesn’t give you any other difficulty. Simply remember the Father and forget everyone else. Everyone is already dead. Just talk about these things among yourselves. “Baba, I will now only remember You. I will claim my inheritance of heaven from You.” Make time, He instructs – “I will definitely wake up at three or four o’clock in the morning and remember the Father. I will also remember the cycle.” The Father has given me the knowledge of the Creator and creation. I know the human world tree. How I take 84 births is in my intellect. I am now going back home and I will then go to heaven once again to play my part. I am a soul and I, the soul, receive the kingdom. By remembering the Father, I claim a right to the inheritance. This is Raja Yoga, the yoga to become the king of kings, not a subject.

The Father also teaches me different yuktis to remember. ”Repeatedly look at the badge while walking and moving around’, He teaches, Oho! Through God’s shrimat, I am becoming this (Lakshmi and Narayan)! By remembering the inheritance, I automatically remember the Father and by remembering the Father, I automatically remember the inheritance. By continuing to say, “Baba, Baba!”, I will have constant remembrance. Each one’s fortune is individual and each one has to make individual effort. And so it is up to me to check myself fully. ‘Those who carry out such checking remain engaged in making effort day and night.’, says Baba. My attitude would be: ‘Why should I waste my time? As much as possible, let me save my time. I make a firm promise to myself that I will never forget the Father and that I will definitely claim a scholarship‘. ‘Such children’, Baba says, ‘then also receive help.’ 

The more I remember the Father, the more elevated I become. This is the long lost and now found Father who gives me the inheritance of heaven. I have to remember such a Father with so much love. In fact, says Baba, to love is to remember. To love is to follow shrimat accurately without mixing into it the dictates of my own mind or that of others. Mine is the one Shiv Baba and none other– this is the final mantra, that is, the mantra that disciplines the mind; it is the mantra with which to conquer Ravan. I only remember Him with my heart and I only follow His directions.

From our being number one impure, He makes us number one pure. Simply bubble up in remembrance of sweet Baba.‘, teaches Brahma baba. The more I stay in remembrance, the more my sins are absolved. ‘Remember Me and become the masters of the world’, says Baba, ‘there is no other way.’

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