Let your vision and feelings be full of love

Baba says, ‘No matter what souls are like, let your drishti and your feelings be full of love.’

Deities bestow, Baba reminds me. And this is a school where I study to become a deity. Only Brahmins become deities and only deities come into the new world. ‘So, O children of the Bestower, check, to what extent you have become master bestowers, the same as the Father.’, says Baba.

Many times, children think that to bestow means to bestow knowledge through words. So there is enthusiasm to teach the course, give lectures, conduct workshops etc. But says, Baba, the greatest way of bestowing knowledge is through virtues and vibrations. Not everyone is keen to listen to lectures or attend seminars. But whether they listen to the knowledge or not, they can be transformed with the vibrations of good wishes and pure feelings. How so? Even if someone insults me, I mustn’t stop having good wishes and pure feelings. It is the duty of Brahmins to give something or the other, Baba reminds me. To have good wishes and pure feelings is also to give teachings. Not everyone will change through words. ‘No matter what someone is like, definitely give them a handful of something from your treasure-store, even if he is a real Ravan‘, He instructs, and give them good wishes and pure feelings.

When some of such souls insult me, they usually say: ‘These Brahma Kumaris etc….’ ‘So, at least they remember Father Brahma!’, points out Baba, amused. ‘Even if they are insulting you, they are remembering Brahma, they at least mention the father’s name! So whether they know him or not, you will at least give them a handful of something, won’t you?’, He asks. Often though, forget bestowing, I tend to simply leave them on their own. But Baba says, ‘never leave them alone, because otherwise, they will pull your ears and complain: ‘we were senseless, why didn’t you give us something?’ But, I think, they don’t seem to take what I am giving, so what’s the point? ‘That’s okay‘, says Baba. ‘Whether others take or not take, you must continue to give.’ Every day, BapDada gives so many treasures to the children. Some take it fully while others take them according to their capacity. But BapDada never says: ‘I’m not going to give anymore. Why are you not taking!?’ In the same way, simply keep on giving, He teaches.

Always remember what you are here for‘, He teaches. You are here to become a deity. Children of the Bestower who are becoming deities don’t first take and then give. I wouldn’t think or say things like: ‘I should receive regard; I won’t give regard to those who insult me. I will give regard when I first receive it.’ This is not being a bestower, says Baba. To give when the other gives- this, anyone can do. But to give, no matter what- this, is being a bestower. ‘No matter what types of sanskars souls may have, your feelings and vision of soul-conscious love for them will change stone into water‘, teaches Baba. Souls in opposition would become those that embrace me. The fire of anger would change into the fire of yoga, in which many severe karmic accounts of many births would be settled in a second and a new relationship would be forged. ‘However, the basis for all this transformation‘, Baba explains, ‘are the feelings of true soul-conscious love. Just simply give even a drop from your overflowing treasure store‘, He says, ‘and the problems of the whole Brahmin family will end.

And these sanskars of a bestower need to be filled in now, not in the golden age. ‘But, observes Baba, ‘rather than be a bestower, you bargain amongst yourselves: ‘she did that, which is why I had to do this…’, ‘he said it twice, and so I said something four times.’, ‘she did it twice, but I only did it once.’ ‘Children of the Bestower don’t count in this way‘, He points out. Whether someone gives to me or not, I just simply continue to give – this is being a bestower. But it takes courage and power to be a bestower- to be able to face the insults, the rejection, the humiliation, the negativity and then transform it through maintaining my good wishes and pure feelings. ‘Only when there is full love can you follow the Father’s directions and advice’, says Baba. Where there is love, there is courage and power. Then, I don’t need to be asked to forgive, to show mercy or to let go; I just automatically do it because I am too absorbed in love to waste time on trivial things. The Beloved for Whom I had been waiting for half a cycle is here now, why would I allow anything or anyone to come between us? That fire of love gives me the power to see but not see and hear but not hear. It gives me the power to maintain my stage of being merged in love. It gives me the power to claim my full inheritance of constant peace, happiness and contentment. But when I don’t have full love, I question and complain about ‘why do I need to be the one that forgives all the time…’, ‘why do I have to let things go all the time..’, ‘have I come here to die….do I have to die every time?’ I feel more like a lamb being led to the slaughter. It feels too hard.

The Rama of all you Sitas is the one Father‘, says Baba. ‘You now have to make full effort to have constant remembrance, you will benefit a great deal from this. You will receive a very good inheritance. You need to have yoga, that is, full love for the Father. Only by having yoga will the alloy of impurity that you have in you be removed. Everything depends on your remembrance.

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