Being yogyukt and yuktiyukt

Baba says, ‘May you be a karma yogi and so a constant yogi whose every action is yogyukt and yuktiyukt.’

To remain constantly raazyukt (embodiment of the secrets), yogyukt (embodiment of remembrance) and yuktiyukt (embodiment of tact) are the specialties of Brahmin life, teaches Baba. He has given me the knowledge of who I am, Whose I am and of the beginning, middle and end of the world cycle. To constantly embody these secrets is to be raazyukt. And to constantly remember the Father, the Creator, means to be yogyukt. Then, the actions of those who are gyani and yogi in this way are automatically yuktiyukt, that is tactful; they would always perform acurate elevated actions.

Not just actions, but even the thoughts of such a person would be yuktiyukt, says Baba. I will have the thoughts that I want to have at a particular time. It won’t be that I don’t want to think of something but my thoughts still continue on that; that is not called being yuktiyukt. It won’t be: ‘I shouldn’t have said/done this, but it just came out/just happened.’ If I am truly raazyukt and yogyukt, then I will automatically be yuktiyukt. If I am only yuktiyukt sometimes, then I will only have the fortune of the kingdom of peace, happiness and contentment, sometimes. ‘Now’, Baba says, ‘tighten your belt and get ready to claim the full inheritance of the kingdom from the Father. That is, transform yourself.[

Out of all the Brahmin souls, the one who came closest to embodying these specialties was Father Brahma. The method that He adopted to remain constantly yogyukt and raazyukt is to move along while constantly considering himself to be a charioteer and an observer.

I, the soul, am the charioteer of my chariot. This consciousness automatically makes me detached from my chariot, that is, from my body. It makes me detached from any type of body consciousness. When there is no consciousness of the body, I easily become yogyukt and naturally yuktiyukt in every action. By considering myself to be a charioteer, all my physical and subtle organs remain under my control, that is, I develop the controlling power to make them behave according to who I am and what I am becoming. ‘You are children of God, and so you have to be very royal. Look how royal Lakshmi and Narayan are!’, says Baba. Brahma Baba became the master of the world by following this method of considering myself as a charioteer, let me follow father.

When Maya attacks me, this is how she does it- by bringing me under the influence of one or the other sense organ or subtle organ. I see something and become influenced by what I see- I allow my eyes to deceive me. Or I hear something someone said about me and based on that, my thoughts go into overdrive – my ears deceive me. Or I smell something or taste something and I am subservient to that. If nothing else, I might simply be sitting down and thoughts from the past cloud my mind and take over my inner world. In all of these scenarios, the common theme is ‘I’- what I like, how I feel, what I think, what happened to me, but what about me…I go from being a charioteer (saarthi) to someone selfish (swarthi). I become misaligned with who I really am- a deity soul who constantly gives, shares, bestows- and instead become self-absorbed. I thereby become unhappy and spend my time battling with myself. ‘This stage of battling cannot be called a yogyukt stage‘, says Baba. I come to a standstill. A charioteer does not come under any influence, he controls his chariot as he drives it. ‘So, check‘, says Baba, ‘if you move along as a charioteer.’

Its useful to make checking a habit‘, Baba teaches. And not just at the end of the day before going to bed but throughout the day. Its no use if I make mistakes and lose all my inheritance and then check how the day went. Its much better to be a constant checker so that I can immediately course correct as needed before incurring any losses. A charioteer in fact has to naturally be an observer when doing, seeing or hearing anything, points out Baba. They need to observe in order to be able to steer. And so, while doing everything- seeing, thinking and doing- as a detached observer, I will remain beyond any influence, that is, I will be safe from the attacks of Maya. Shiv Baba says, ‘You are the ones who follow Father Brahma, you love Father Brahma a lot. So then, the sign of love is to become equal, that is, to follow him.

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