A jewel of contentment

Baba says, ‘There are three certificates needed for a yogi life. 1) Content with oneself. 2) The Father is content. 3) The lokik and alokik families are content. When you have received these three certificates, you will then be called a jewel of contentment.’

Contentment is the very breath of Brahmin life, it is the donation of life in Brahmin life. It is the easy way to progress in Brahmin life. When I am content with the self and the family, the family is content with me. While living in the midst of any situation, atmosphere or vibrations of upheaval, I remain content. In order to claim a right to be an elevated soul, a victorious soul, I need to claim three certificates, says Baba.

1) Content with oneself. 2) The Father is content. 3) The lokik and alokik families are content. Through these, He says, I can make my present and my future elevated. When I have claimed all three, then I can understand, He says, that my study has finished.

Sometimes I think, ‘well BapDada is happy with me’. He may be content but I need to claim all three certificates; just one won’t do. I need to be satisfied with myself and others need to be satisfied with me as well. In this stage of being satisfied, the heart does not ask questions. I am satisfied, no matter what, because I am knowledge-full about the drama and so I don’t have questions to ask. Whatever questions may arise in me about the self or about others, I myself get the answer first. So I don’t get into ‘What?’ or ‘Why?’, rather, I put a full-stop in a second. The expansion of questions came in a second and I was able to come into the essence by applying a full-stop. I can only be satisfied to such an extent, when I am knowledge-full to such an extent. Then, I remain constantly carefree.

BapDada gives me the tile of ‘jewel of contentment’ and He says check, to what extent you have become such a flawless jewel. Firstly, am I always content with the self, that is, with my efforts of transforming my sanskars, with my stage? Secondly, am I always content with my mind, words and actions, that is, with the service that takes place through relationships and connections? Not jut in one type but in all three types of service, am I content? Thirdly, am I always content with the self and with others when forming a connection or relationship with all souls? There has to be contentment with the self, with service and with others- with everything. I did yoga for four hours; that is great! and maybe my aim is to increase it to eight hours, even better! ‘But‘, points out Baba, ‘yoga is the method.‘ The thing to check is to what extent have I received success through this method? What was the attainment? Was I able to sacrifice an old sanskar once and for all?, was I able to fill myself with powers?, was I able to have a realization that pushed me forward? did I celebrate a meeting with the Father? Without attainment, there cannot be contentment; in fact, the basis for discontentment is lack of attainment.

Sometimes, I tell myself: ‘Of course, I am content. What worries do I have!? I am carefree!’ This is logic at work, that is, I am thinking with my head – everything around me seems okay, so I am okay. But no!, says Baba. To consider myself to be content with my head is not contentment. Is my heart satisfied? If I think I am content but others don’t see that in my personality, then I am simply pleasing myself. Contentment means that both my head and heart are at rest. I am truly at ease, I have the sense of comfort and happiness, I am not restless. ‘Such jewels of contentment sparkle as jewels on the Father’s forehead‘, says Baba. A contented soul will often experience themselves to be flying in the viman of the blessings of the Father and all others. I won’t need to ask for blessings, I will automatically receive them.

So check yourself‘, says Baba. To be such a jewel of contentment means to be a taspaswi who is an embodiment of success. And this is not success that is temporary, it is eternal and spiritual.

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