Brahmin life is a life of service

Baba says, ‘the breath of Brahmin life is doing service. When you do all types of service, you will be able to claim full marks.’

Brahmin life is a life of service. Brahmin souls cannot survive without service. The elevated method of protecting yourself from Maya and staying alive is service alone. Service also makes me yogyukt. But often I think of service as giving lectures or teaching the course. No!, says Baba. There are different types of service one can do. Then, other times I think that I can only do service when I am given the chance or the opportunity by the instrument teachers. Again, Baba says, ‘no!, you can become a constant server and need not depend on a chance to serve.’

Throughout the day, He says, I can do many different types of service. First of all, the service of the self, that is, always paying attention to myself in becoming complete and perfect. I have to make myself pass with honors in all the main subjects of this study. I have to become an embodiment of knowledge, an embodiment of remembrance and an embodiment of dharna; I have to make myself complete in everything. ‘Let this service of the self always be in your intellect’, He teaches. This service of the self enables me to automatically serve through my very being. However, it requires attention and checking; checking of the self, not others.

The second is world service which I do in various ways and with various methods, through words and through relationships and connections. I am very familiar with this. The third is service of the yagya, which I do with my body and money. I am familiar with this too.

The fourth service is service with my mind. Wherever I live, I can always serve many souls with my pure feelings, elevated wishes, elevated attitude and elevated vibrations. The way to do this is to become a light-and-might house. From one place, a lighthouse serves far, far, away. In the same way, from one place, I can become an instrument to serve many. All this service requires is that I have accumulated the many treasures within myself first. It doesn’t require physical facilities, a chance or opportunity or time. I simply need to be full of light and might. ‘Let the mind and intellect always be free from waste thoughts’, says Baba, ‘let them be the embodiments of Manmanabhav!’

So, through these four types of service, can you not be a constant server?‘, asks Baba. Through these four types of service, I can continue to do any type of service at every moment and easily become a constant server and because of being constantly occupied in service, because of remaining constantly busy in pure elevated thoughts, words and action, I will easily become a conqueror of Maya. ‘Out of all the four types of service, do whatever service you can, at whatever time‘, teaches Baba, ‘but don’t deprive yourself of doing service for even a second.’ I have to be server for all 24 hours. ‘You are not a yogi or a server for only 8 hours, but a constant server‘, He reminds me. If nothing else, the service of the self is good. Whatever chance I have, I can do that service at that time.

And they are all equally important‘, explains Baba. It is I who believes that visible service is the only type of service that counts. If I am on stage giving a lecture, if I am teaching a course, if I am reading the Murli or doing other such visible tasks, then that is the only kind of service that counts or matters. But this is the old worldly, body conscious thinking that Ravan has conditioned souls with over half a cycle: that I have to be able to show and tell to be ‘someone’ or to ‘matter’. Let me wash myself clean of this old pattern of thinking, of these old attitudes and understand the true meaning of service. ‘There are two types of servers‘, says Baba, ‘one is an incognito server and the other is a server for name only.’ Sure, I might be able to give great lectures and earn applause, my name might get mentioned everywhere but, that is not service. Service, changes lives, it transforms hearts. And while I might not see much external pomp, I receive the blessings of the Father and of others’ and that reaches my heart. ‘This, is called Godly service‘, teaches Baba. It is service I do by being an embodiment of the sweet words I have heard in the Murli, it is service through my form of renunciation and tapasya, altruistic service that is beyond limited desires.

And so to think that I cannot serve because my body is weak or because of not having time, is wrong. Out of all the four types of service, if I remain busy in any type of service, as is appropriate, I accumulate marks in the subject of service, and these marks will be added to my final result. Just as there are marks for those who serve with words, in the same way, service of the yagya, service of the self and service with the mind also have just as much importance and I will accumulate just as much from any of those. There is the same amount of marks for every type of service. So if I do all four types of service, then I accumulate that many marks. But if I am unable to do all four and can only do one or two, then I can still be a constant server and because of being constant, my marks increase. ‘This is why Brahmin life means to be a constant server and an easy yogi‘, explains Baba.

Just as I pay attention to having constant remembrance, in the same way, let me pay attention that I am a constant server as well. Just as I experience different stages of remembrance, similarly let me serve through these different forms of service, for a life without doing service is not a life, once I become a Brahmin. ‘Let there be remembrance in every breath and service in every breath’, says Baba. Only then will I constantly continue to receive blessings at ever moment and experience being sustained with blessings. Then I am filled with the faith and intoxication that victory is guaranteed.

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