A second of the confluence age

Baba says, ‘One second of the confluence age is even greater than a year of the other ages. Constantly remember the importance of this and you will continue to receive God’s blessings at every second.’

Every second of this time of the confluence is a treasure greater than multimillions. Every second of this time is even greater than a year of all other ages. Why? because it is only at this time that I can accumulate multimillions in each second. So to lose a second means to lose the time in which I can earn an income worth multimillions. If I were to accumulate multimillions of this old world and place that on one side and keep a second of the confluence age on the other side, then the second of the confluence age would be more elevated because the attainment of all time is available in this one second. While I might attain temporary pleasures in the old world, I claim the inheritance of liberation and liberation-in-life in one second of the confluence age. Therefore, even one second is so valuable.

A worthy child will therefore never waste any of the treasures of the confluence age‘, says Baba. So, how am I using this invaluable time? Sometimes I think: ‘well, I didn’t cause anyone sorrow, I didn’t do anything wrong all day..’ That’s great but what did I accumulate? what did I earn? A sign of worthiness and honesty is to actually use the treasures I have been given and grow them. If I can use every second toward self-progress and to serve the world, then I have earned an income in every second. But to not experiment with the treasures and to simply sit on them is like keeping physical jewels in the locker but never wearing them. I simply take gratification from knowing that they are there but I never actually experience putting them on; neither do I have happiness nor do others receive happiness from seeing them.

Now, the very business of you children is to study and teach others‘, teaches Baba. To study is not just listening to the Murli each day but to actually churn the knowledge I am receiving. To churn means to go into the depths of each point and experience it, to identify how and when I can use that point. Then, to immediately put it into use. Often, I have a realization and I note it down in my diary. But that is less useful than to actually use the realization, practically. Maybe I don’t use it correctly the first time but now I know what to tweak for the next time- this is what it means to experiment with the treasures I have received. This is what scientists do to perfect their invention. ‘You too must experiment with the knowledge you have received’, says Baba. When I remain busy in this, Maya cannot find me; I stay safe.

Maya only finds me when I am wasting my treasures and one of the quickest and easiest ways in which she gets me to waste my treasures of time and thoughts is by getting me to worry. Given this is Ravan’s world at this time, there is never a shortage of reasons to worry. A situation comes- however big or small- and immediately, the thoughts come fast and furious: ‘why is this happening to me?’ ‘what will I do now?’. The key is to recognize Maya at work and nip the thoughts in the bud. If I don’t, I will get caught up in her wasteful spinning – she will bring more wasteful thoughts: ‘If Baba really loved you, would this be happening?’, ‘this is your lot in life…’ etc. etc. Once I get caught up in the quicksand, it’s hard to get out. I lose enormous time and energy. ‘Nothing is mine, everything is Yours’- this is what you said‘, the Father reminds me, ‘So then, why do you insist on carrying the burden?‘ When I have unflinching faith that the Father is in-charge, then nothing can shake me. Its when that foundation of faith is shaky that everything else shakes. Intense effort is the ability to apply a full-stop to waste and remain carefree. Often, I think intensity refers to doing a lot and worrying certainly makes one feel that they are doing a lot; but in reality, they are going nowhere. ‘No good can ever come out of worrying‘, Baba teaches. Rather than dwell on the problem and get caught in the wasteful analysis of why and what, let me become the embodiment of solution with the thought of ‘nothing new!‘. Let me do what I can do, that is productive, and then leave the rest to Baba. I have been at this juncture every cycle and emerged victorious; I will this time as well.

Another way in which I waste time is by repeatedly performing wrong actions. Before I came to Baba, I was an orphan with no knowledge or guidance. So I did what I thought was right. But now, the Father Himself is here and He has given me shrimat for every aspect of my life. If I simply stay within the line of the code of conduct and follow His directions at every step, I will remain protected from performing wrong actions; my actions will be elevated. Then, there is no time wasted in stumbling, falling and then having to get up again. When I repeatedly fall, not just is my time and energy wasted, but I become weak. ‘Stop sabotaging yourself‘, teaches Baba, ‘take shrimat at every step. If you don’t understand something, ask the Father and take guidance.’ Children don’t think and take decisions for themselves, they simply follow their parents. Same here. I am the child or the trustee. I don’t take decisions based on: ‘but I think…’, ‘but I feel…’, I simply follow the Father’s directions even if it seems to beat logic or even if I don’t understand them. Why? because I have faith that this is God and He is never wrong. Following is easy and it doesn’t waste time.

When I am such a worthy soul, I automatically receive the Father’s and the family’s love and blessings. Because they trust me, they will give me full rights to everything. If I were to just spend some time looking at the image of the cycle, I realize that it is time for change. The old world is ending and the new world is coming; it’s what God is here for- to establish the new world and the one deity religion. So whether I study or not, the deity religion will definitely be established. So the sensible thing to do is to get on the bus, earn the true income that I can only earn during this confluence age and become the deity that I am. Only the Father inspires me to earn a true income, Maya tries to keep me busy with the false. ‘So, don’t forget to remember the Father and heaven. By constantly remembering Baba, your final thoughts will lead you to your destination. Wake up early in the morning and remember the Father.’, He teaches. When I do this, I use my time in a worthwhile way- towards self-progress and service. To save and use time in a worthwhile way is to make intense effort. An intense effort-maker is, therefore, one who is constantly a conqueror of Maya.

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