A very big prize

Baba says, ‘Those who give the proof of the service they do are given a very big prize by the spiritual Government.’

During the first half of the cycle, the world was heaven, it was the land of peace and happiness. It was that way because it was one kingdom, and one religion. There were only a few souls compared to now and they were all soul conscious. Then, half way through the cycle, souls forgot who they are and started to identify as bodies. This wrong consciousness meant the advent of Ravan or the five vices. My every thought, word and action was based on these vices and were therefore wrong and sinful. And where there is sin, there cannot be peace nor happiness.

I know all this now because the Father told me. But for half a cycle, ever since the advent of Ravan, souls have been trying to bring peace into the world. There have been many sacrificial fires, as well as many conferences but all that has happened is – lot of money and resources spent, lot of energy spent, but no peace. In fact, peacelessness has only increased with each passing day. Yet, people are given a peace prize for their vision to bring peace, for their ideas. But who can in reality bring peace to the whole world? The Father says: ‘It is only My duty to bring peace to the whole world. No human-being can accomplish this task.‘ He is incorporeal but He takes the support of an old impure body to accomplish this very big and most important task. How does He do it? By teaching souls Raja yoga.

The world descended into peacelessness when I forgot who I am and became body conscious. That’s what allowed Ravan entry into the world. The Father comes and reminds me once again of who I am and explains the secrets of the beginning, middle and end of the cycle. ‘Look at the picture of the cycle’, He teaches, ‘there can only be peace in the new world, not in the old.‘ In fact, the world becoming increasingly peaceless is right according to the drama plan. ‘It is time for this cycle to end and the new one to begin’, He explains. He comes to prepare me for that new cycle, for that new world of peace and happiness. So in order to bring peace in the world, it is not a peace conference that I need to be spending time on. Rather, I need to switch back to my original, true consciousness of being a soul. Then, my every thought, word and action will be accurate, and charitable. This self-transformation will bring about world transformation.

The income here is huge, points out Baba. Whatever everyone else does, they study for temporary happiness. They perform devotion but again, they only attain temporary happiness. Meera even had visions but she didn’t attain a kingdom! I receive a great prize by following Baba’s directions. In fact, I receive many prizes for establishing purity, peace and prosperity. The Father says: ‘Now continue to remove the consciousness of your bodies. I will give you first-class bodies and bodily relations in the golden age. There is no name or trace of sorrow there. This is why you must follow My directions accurately.‘ Mama and Baba followed the Father’s directions accurately and this is why they receive the first kingdom. When I follow in their footsteps, I too become the god/goddess of knowledge now and then become prince/princess in the golden age. ‘Now break the consciousness of your bodies. Forget ‘I am a hindu, christian, parsi…etc.’, forget ‘my wife, my child, etc.’, forget ‘I am an Indian, American, Russian etc.’, forget, ‘I am so-and-so, I have such-and-such etc.”, says Baba. I am a soul and mine is the one Father. This whole old world is to be destroyed and the new world is to be established. Even my body will not remain. I now have to go to the Father.

Continue to spin the discus of self-realization in your intellect‘, teaches Baba. ‘You should remember the cycle of 84 births, why do you forget it?‘ I am now a Brahmin; by studying Raja yoga from the Father, I will become a deity. The more I stay in remembrance, the more my sins are burnt away and the higher the status I claim in the golden age. Yes, by knowing the Father and receiving the knowledge from Him, I will come into heaven. But if my sins are not absolved, then because those strongholds remain, I don’t become a self-sovereign, I remain subservient to that stronghold, I become a subject rather than a king, so to speak. ‘To become a subject‘, Baba explains, ‘is not a prize. To become Narayan from an ordinary man and Lakshmi from an ordinary woman is called receiving a prize.‘ The Father gives me the prize of the kingdom if I follow His directions and race the race of remembrance. It doesn’t matter if I live at the center or at home, what matters is how well I study. So become merciful toward yourself and others, teaches Baba. To study well and stay in remembrance is the greatest mercy I can have on myself and others.

I have now become an instrument to bring peace into the world. I receive a prize for this not just for one birth but for birth after birth. ‘This spiritual government of yours is the greatest‘, teaches Baba, ‘you are now doing Godly service.’ When I remain peaceful and happy, I am able to inspire others to be the same. They are reminded of who they truly are and of their birthright. ‘Become a great donor and donate this knowledge to everyone‘, says Baba. ‘You have to blow the conch shell.’ For half a cycle, I gave to others through my thoughts, words and actions, what Ravan had given me. Now, by becoming an embodiment of the knowledge I have received from the Father, I give to others what the Father has given me. As a result, the world changes. ‘Such children receive a very big prize from the spiritual government‘, says Baba. ‘They receive sovereignty of the world of peace and happiness.’

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