Don’t be attracted to anyone

Baba says, ‘you must not be attracted to anyone. You mustn’t remember any body.’

The law says that, at the end, I have to leave my body in remembrance. I, the soul, have to leave the body in remembrance of Shiv Baba. No one, but the Father, should be remembered. There must be no attraction to anything. After spending half a cycle being attracted to bodies and things, needless to say, this is a high destination. It will take practice over a long period of time. I have this short confluence aged birth during which to practice remembering just the Father vs. half a cycle’s worth of practice remembering everyone and everything. And so Baba says, ‘Don’t waste your time being careless. Pay a lot of attention to yourself. Remember the Father and spin the cycle.’ I came bodiless and I have to return bodiless.

I died alive when I came to the Father. But to die alive is not just a one time thing, it is something I have to do daily, even multiple times a day. On seeing someone, if it enters my intellect that that person is very good or that she explains very sweetly, that too is an attack by Maya. She tempts souls. I don’t even realize that this is body consciousness at that time. ‘When your heart becomes attached to someone, then its like you go crazy!‘, observes Baba, ‘Maya makes you completely senseless.‘ This is why the Father says: ‘Don’t become trapped in the name and form of anyone.I am a soul and I must only love the one Father who is bodiless. This is the only effort.Let there be no attachment to anyone‘, says Baba. It shouldn’t be, for example, that while sitting at home, I continue to remember the one who read the murli or the one who gave me the course; that she is very sweet and explains very well. ‘Ah!, but it is the knowledge that is sweet!‘, points out Baba. It is the soul that is sweet, not the body. It is the soul that speaks, so never go crazy about a body, He teaches.

It is bodies that attract everyone because they are either good or bad. And so the Father says, ‘May you remain in the awareness of being bodiless‘; in other words, I have to remain soul conscious. I, the soul, play my imperishable part through the body. I take on a body, play my part, then the body perishes. So, why then, would I waste my time remembering or being attracted to something temporary? That is obviously a recipe for sorrow. And so if there is even a trace of sorrow experienced, Baba says, that is sign that there is some impurity or another. Purity doesn’t just mean celibacy but to be a conqueror of lust means to be victorious over all desires because all limited desires are a creation of the vice of lust.

And there is such a great expansion of limited desires. One is the desire for possessions; second, is the desire to attain something limited from people. Thirdly, there are many limited desires when it comes to fulfilling relationships. Fourthly, within the intention to do service too, there are limited desires that arise. ‘To finish all these four types of desires‘, Baba explains, ‘means to be free from sorrow and peacelessness for all time.’ Sometimes, I deceive myself by thinking: ‘it’s not like I want it, it’s just that I like it.’ Whether it is an object or a person, to have a special attraction toward it means there is a desire.

It may be that I just like someone’s virtues, service, their sustenance, effort, renunciation or nature. Whatever it is, it is a one thing to appreciate their quality and try to imbibe it within myself and a completely different thing to think that I like that person because of that quality. This then becomes a hurdle in my experiencing a bodiless stage and in remembering the Father. ‘So constantly check yourself‘, says Baba: ‘Am I trapped in name and form? Do I go crazy on seeing someone or something? You have to remain free from any attraction. You have to have true love for only the One.’ Everything else that I see through these physical eyes will be destroyed. So it makes sense to remove all my love from that.

The Father says: Remember Me. I am the Purifier. Follow My directions. Nevertheless, some follow their own dictates, and so what liberation or salvation will they receive? They become confused: How can I remember a point? Oh! but you do remember that you are a soul, do you not? A soul is a point. I, your Father, am also a point. You receive the inheritance from the bodiless One. Therefore, renounce everything else and connect your intellects in yoga to the One alone.

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