Remember the new age

Baba says, ‘Conquer your attachment to this world and remember the new age. Remove your intellects’ yoga from this old world and connect them to the new world.’

The confluence age is the new age. For Brahmins, it is now the new and elevated age. The new age, the new world, the new days and new nights begin for me the moment I become a Brahmin. Every moment of this new age and new life is worth multi-millions; it is worth diamonds. In the golden age, I won’t sing the song: ‘This day feels like a new day, this night feels new..’ I don’t feel this then, I only have this experience now. In fact, the song with which BapDada awakens me is: ‘Awaken o brides, awaken!’ but why should I awaken? because, He announces, the new age has come. I can still see the old world but I live in the new world. The old life has changed and I have now come into a new life.

I have received a new name: child of God and a new family: God’s family. Previously, I was unconscious- didn’t know who I am or Whom I belonged to but now, I do. I was given the donation of a new life. As soon as I came into consciousness and opened my eyes, I saw my new relationship and new world. No trace of the old can remain when it is a new life. My thoughts, words, sanskars and relationships have all changed, that is, they have become new. My religion is new and my actions are new. In the world, they simply say the words ‘New Year’, but for me, everything has indeed become new. For my thoughts to become new means that they become elevated. For my words to become new means that they have become sweet, they are words of blessing; my actions to be new means that they have become benevolent, charitable. If the slightest trace of the old remain in any of these, Baba teaches, that trace will deprive me of all attainment and happiness of a new life, a new age, new relationships and new sanskars.

This is when I think to myself and say to Baba in my heart-to-heart: ‘I have become a Brahmin, I have stepped away from being a shudra. However, the special experiences that I ought to be having of the greatness and specialty of Brahmin life, of all the most elevated attainments, of super-sensuous joy, of a double-light angelic life, I don’t experience them as much. I don’t experience the elevated stage as much.’ Yes, I have become a Brahmin but if I have not died alive, if old thoughts and sanskars are still emerged, then I am not really a true Brahmin and therefore cannot expect to experience the attainments of being one. ‘You haven’t made the mistake of thinking of the confluence age as the mixture of the old and new, as half dark and half light, have you?’, asks Baba. This is not what the confluence means, He clarifies. The confluence means the new age; in the new age, everything is new.

So from today, simply remember one word, “new”’, teaches Baba. ‘Whatever thoughts you have, words you speak, actions you perform, check them and see whether they are new. Start this account book, chart or register from today.’ I have the knowledge of right and wrong, of true and false. I know which sanskars are blocking my progress and what I need to do to change. In other words, I have become knowledge-full, I have become sensible. But now, along with being knowledge-full, I need determination to make the change. Every thought, sanskar has to be new in the account book of my life. Let me not put it away by thinking: ‘I know I have to change, it will happen eventually…’. No, it won’t unless I make it happen. I have the pure thought to change many times but now, let it be a thought of determination. No more: ‘I will try to change..’, or ‘I will do as much as I can…’ or, ‘others also have this issue, it’s not such a big deal…’. This, Baba explains, is like mixing sand into the foundation and therefore, it doesn’t become strong.

In fact this is the main reason for why I don’t change, points out Baba. This habit of looking at others (par drishti), always thinking about others (par chintan) and being engrossed in other people’s business (par panch). I speak of and think about external situations a lot more. ‘Now‘, He says, ‘become introverted and spin the discus of self-realization. By paying attention to the self, the habit of paying attention to others will automatically end.‘ I will automatically experience every day to be a new day, of having a new life, new thoughts and new sanskars. There will be new zeal and enthusiasm in everything I do. ‘You have received everything‘, points out Baba ‘and yet, what you take is incomplete. So now, take your full inheritance of purity, peace and happiness. The eighteenth chapter of the Gita is playing out now‘, He teaches. ‘So become a conqueror of attachment to the old world and remember the new age. Remove your intellects’ yoga from this old world and connect it to the new world.’

In the world, people simply say that those of Islam and the Buddhists are all brothers; the reality couldn’t be more different. ‘Here’, Baba teaches, ‘you have to enable that stage of equality to be revealed.’ I have to show the reality to the world: all of us are from different backgrounds and yet, we belong to the One. We are those with a constant and stable stage. We are those who remain lost in the One and reveal the name of the One. And the Father’s message to you too is: Renounce all religions of bodies and remember Me alone. ‘Now hoist this flag of your own golden stage‘, says Baba. ‘Let the scenes of the golden world be clearly visible in your eyes, and through your words and actions. Celebrate the new age, that is, live it.

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