Full of all powers

Baba says, ‘The victory of the children who are full of all the powers and have intellects full of faith is guaranteed.’

As a Brahmin soul, I receive all the powers as the inheritance from the Father and as a blessing from the Bestower of Blessings. At birth, the Father gives me the right to all the powers, that is, He gives me my birthright. Along with that, as the Bestower of Blessings, He makes me a master almighty authority as soon as I take birth and gives me the blessing: ‘May you have all powers.’ All children receive this double right equally from the One, but the power to imbibe it makes me numberwise. Generally, whether in worldly life or in spiritual life, powers are basis of success. The more powers I have, the more successful I am. The main powers are of the body, mind, wealth and relationships. All four are essential. If even one power out of these is missing, there is not constant and total success in life. In spiritual life too, all four powers are essential.

First is the power of the body. To progress in this spiritual life, the good health of both the soul and the body is essential. When the soul is healthy, then through my own stage, any karmic account of the body, that is, any illness of the body becomes like a thorn from a crucifix and I experience myself to be healthy. There are no signs of illness or suffering on my face. When I am such a soul, I don’t spread waves of sorrow, instead with the power of transformation, I transform suffering into contentment. That is, I become a master almighty authority and with the blessing of powers I have received, I use the power to tolerate or the power to accommodate, according to the time. When I use the blessing or the inheritance of powers at a time of need, these blessings or good wishes work like medicine for me, because these powers can co-operate with me in whatever form I need, according to the situation, the time and the way I want to use them. I can imbibe them from God in whatever way I want: one minute in the form of coolness, one minute in the form of burning. They can work like medicine and also like nourishing food to make me powerful.

Second, the power of the mind, that is, the power of elevated thought. Every thought of a master almighty authority has so much power that I can do whatever I want, whenever I want and also make it happen, because my thoughts are always pure, elevated and benevolent. So where there are elevated thoughts of benevolence, they will always be successful and because I am the master almighty authority, my mind can never deceive its master; it can never make me experience sorrow. The mind remains concentrated, that is, remains stable in one place, it does not wander.

The third power is the power of wealth, that is, the power of the wealth of knowledge. The wealth of knowledge automatically enables me to attain physical wealth. Where there is the wealth of knowledge, nature automatically becomes a servant. Physical wealth is for physical facilities. With the wealth of knowledge, I automatically attain all physical facilities. This is why the wealth of knowledge is the king of all wealth. Where the king is, all the physical materials are automatically attained; I don’t have to make effort. Doing everything in God’s name automatically brings me success in everything I do. Those who have God’s wealth become those who do everything for God. I don’t even need to have a thought; all necessities automatically continue to be supplied. I have so much power of wealth that this wealth of knowledge makes me into the king of kings for many births.

Then, fourth, there is the power of relationships. In this spiritual life, I attain the power of relationships in a double way- one is to have all relationships with the Father and the second is the relationships with the divine family. So through relationships, I constantly continue to attain altruistic and imperishable love, and imperishable co-operation.

When I have attained all four types of powers, then my stage is that of a master almighty authority. The question is whether I remain stable in this stage always. This is the stage that is referred to as being the king of the self or a Raja yogi. The treasure store of a king is constantly full and so a Raja yogi means one whose treasure store of powers is always full. This is called the spiritual life of an elevated Brahmin. ‘So always be a master and use all these powers‘, teaches Baba. When I am in the awareness of being a master almighty authority, then it is not possible, Baba says, for any of the powers to not obey me. It is when I get off this seat and then issue an order that they don’t obey me and then I end up making requests instead. In a worldly way too, as long as someone has the position, everyone else obeys their orders but the moment they lose their position, no one cares. ‘So check‘, says Baba, ‘if any power is not obeying your order, you definitely have got off the seat of your position of being a master almighty authority. So constantly remain seated on your seat‘, He says, ‘remain constantly unshakeable and immovable, do not become those who fluctuate. Don’t forget your position.

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