Remain combined

Baba says, ‘remain combined in such a way that no one can ever separate you.’

I, the soul, have three combined forms, teaches Baba. One is the eternally combined form of the soul and the body which is eternally fixed in the drama. The future combined form is the four-armed image of Vishnu. The confluence aged combined form is Shiva and Shakti. The Shaktis cannot do anything without Shiva and Father Shiva cannot do anything without the Shaktis. And this form of Shiv-Shakti is not the form of just the mothers, even the Pandavas are the form of Shakti. ‘As a memorial, even the jagadgurus of today worship your combined form of Shiv-Shakti.’, explains Baba.

You should constantly have this awareness that you are the combined Shiv Shaktis‘, says Baba. If I am combined, I cannot then forget the one I am combined with. And yet, sometimes, I do. It is because at those times, I consider myself alone. In the memorial, when Arjuna forgot the company of the Father, he became weak and cowardly. But when he had the awareness that his companion and charioteer was the Father, he became victorious. The easy method for easy and constant remembrance, Baba teaches, is to keep my combined form constantly in my awareness. Then, let alone thoughts of weakness, I wouldn’t even dream of it. ‘Let there be the combined form while awake and while asleep’, He explains.

Since the Father is making a promise to stay constantly with me and is also fulfilling that promise, then the sensible thing to do is to take benefit of that promise. I will never ever get such company or such a Companion again. I forget the Companion when I become entangled in the company of people, of possessions, of accomplishments etc. I become so engrossed in that company that I become carefree about the promise I made to the Father: ‘Mine is One Baba and none other.’ Instead my promise changes to: ‘Mine is One Baba and a few other.’ When I am hustling to win that promotion that’s not right for me, when I am chasing after limited possessions- that house, that new car, etc., when I am attached to people, the Father comes in front of me. But I am so engrossed, so involved that I pretend as if I didn’t see Him. It feels too hard to let go of that chase, to step back from that promotion, it’s too scary to not be attached to people and so I see but don’t see, I hear Him but I don’t listen.

Then, when I inevitably end up in trouble, when Maya once again robs me of my joy, my peace and contentment, I remember the Father. Without the Father’s Companionship, I become alone even while surrounded by people and things of comfort. Life that should be filled with super-sensuous joy, that should be full of all attainments, that should be full of all relationships feels dry and without essence. Even though I have the third eye of knowledge, I feel as if I cannot find a path, I don’t understand what to do or where to go. I feel empty inside and everything outside is confusing. The Father has made me Trikaldarshi and yet, at that time of making the choice, it’s as if I don’t see the consequences of my wrong choice.

In the memorial, Duryodhana is shown to have chosen the vast army while Arjuna chose God. He knew that the Father was all He needed on His side. Where there is the Father, all his needs would automatically be met- health, wealth, relationships, everything. He didn’t need to hustle, chase or run after anyone or anything; in the One Father, there was everything. But when I lose awareness of who my Companion is, I make wrong choices. I become Duryodhana instead of Arjuna, end up making a lot of effort for the wrong things and losing at the end. Then, I run to the Father and say: “Baba, You are the Ocean of Forgiveness, You are Merciful, You are Compassionate.” I regret my wrong choice and try to make it up with Him in many ways.

Baba says, “Don’t play these games anymore. Just as the Father is on service as the Obedient Servant, in the same way, each co-operative companion who is Baba’s child has to become an obedient servant the same as the Father. An obedient servant cannot remain carefree; he remains engaged in service day and night. Just as the Father is fulfilling His companionship faithfully, so too, the children have to become obedient and become those who follow Baba’s every order and fulfil their companionship. I am Shiv-Shakti, keep this form in your awareness and you will constantly be able to fulfill the companionship with the Companion for all time.”

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