Lamps of the clan

Baba says, ‘Those who glorify the names of BapDada and the Brahmin clan with their elevated characters are lamps of the clan.’

The Brahmin clan is the greatest of all clans and I, Baba says, am the lamp of this clan. ‘Lamps of the clan’ means those who glorify the name of the Brahmin clan with the constant awareness of their light. ‘Constant light’ means to be a constant embodiment of remembrance and an embodiment of power. Awareness is deeply connected with power. When someone says that they have the awareness of being Baba’s child but that they don’t have power, that, Baba explains, is not possible at all. To be Baba’s child means to be a master almighty authority, that awareness means to be a form of power. To be powerful means to have strength (shakti). And yet, that strength disappears and I feel that I lack power. ‘You make the mistake of one word‘, teaches Baba.

What I have to become is a corporeal one (sakari) who is holding all the decorations (alankari). What I instead become is someone who has the arrogance of the body (deh ahankari). I become someone who has the arrogance of my own intellect and arrogance of name and prestige. Even though my form is that of an alankari, I don’t imbibe any of the decorations. Even the limited princes and princesses of today’s world always maintain their royalty and decoration. So how much more, Baba asks, should the elevated souls of the Brahmin clan remain decorated with all the decorations? Even though deities are shown with the decorations, they are in fact symbols of Brahmin life, not of the deity life. And yet, when I become deh ahankari, I catch hold of one decoration and drop another. Sometimes I hold two, sometimes three but never all of them. My arms continue to shake and I keep dropping my symbols.

For example, instead of holding on to the discus of self-realization, I get distracted by what he/she said or did. I start spinning the wasteful discus of looking at others and in the process, end up dropping the discus of self-realization. Because of this sanskar of looking at others and listening and telling wasteful stories, I am not able to become like a lotus flower either. Instead of becoming a lotus (kamal), Baba says, I become weak (kumzor). I give others the message to become conquerors of Maya but I don’t stop to think if I am a conqueror myself or not. And so, Baba teaches, in order to be able to hold all the decorations, let go of the arrogance of the body and become an alankari. Because of not being stable in this state, I am unable to grant souls a vision of the self or the Father. ‘Therefore‘, He says, ‘make your arms strong.’ Arm means power. When I make my arms strong, I can hold the decorations, that is, imbibe them.

Each one of you lamps is connected to the Ignited Flame. With the light of each of you lamps, the darkness of the world has to be dispelled and light should shine.’, He teaches. No one likes it when its dark. I was stumbling in the darkness for half a cycle and now, my lamp is lit. But most of my brothers are still stumbling in the darkness, falling and hurting themselves. I know what that’s like and so it’s my duty to enable their lamps to be lit too. But if the light of my own lamp is flickering, if it is sometimes ignited and sometimes extinguished, then I will not be able to help my brothers who are wandering and stumbling. They need to see stability, they need to see power, they need to see strength. That is when they realize that they are in the darkness and come to the Father to have their lamps lit. This is how I reveal BapDada and glorify their name.

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