A huge lottery

Baba says, ‘You have won a huge lottery. Therefore, remain in limitless happiness.’

I have become a Brahmin, a direct child of God. I am a member of the Godly family. In other words, I have won the greatest lottery! Only a handful out of multimillions win this lottery. This is such a great lottery that within one second, my whole world – my name, the sanskars, the attitude, vision and awareness all change from those of a shudra to those of a Brahmin.

In this one birth where I am sustained by God, practically, I have access to open treasures and open treasure-stores. I can claim as my right, as many treasures as I want without incurring any expense. It is indeed a lottery! I can claim as much elevated lottery of fortune as I want. It is not that I buy a ticket for the lottery now and the winning number will be announced later. No! whatever I want to take now, however long I want to draw the line of fortune with determination, I can do that. I can claim the lottery in a second. I can claim the right to a royal status for many births, that is, in this one birth, I can become a Raja yogi who becomes a king of the world for many births. A lottery indeed!

Now what I do with this winning ticket is up to me. Do I simply sit with it or do I actually cash it and grow it? I receive a golden chance: Say “My Baba” from my heart and become seated on the Father’s heart-throne. I also receive a special gift: a small, happy and perfect world in which I can attain whatever I want for all time. This small world is in the Father. One who lives in this world always swings in the swings of attainment and happiness. Those who live in this world always remain beyond the impurity of the mud of the body and constantly continue to fly in the flying stage like angels. “Everyone has such a stone intellect that they are now lords of stone.”, says Baba of the people of the world. But when my world is in Baba, I constantly play with jewels and remain beyond a stone intellect and stones. I constantly experience God’s company: ‘I eat with You. I listen to You. I talk to You. I fulfil the responsibility of all relationships with You. I take every step according to Your shrimat and instructions.’ I constantly sing the songs of zeal and enthusiasm. In short, I found the Father and I found the world. A lottery indeed!

One is to earn through my own hard work and the other is to suddenly win a lottery. Everyone experiences all their powers and virtues through their own efforts. However, to receive much greater attainment than what I would receive based on my own effort is to win a lottery. Whatever result I wanted to experience through my own efforts, I experience so easily and in such a powerful stage that, even against my own conscious wish, the sound that emerges from my mind will be: ‘It is Baba’s wonder! The experience will be, “I am experiencing, practically, something that I never even thought possible.” A lottery indeed!

It is such a great lottery that even today, people of the world haven’t forgotten it. They become happy singing the praise of my fortune. Am I as happy and intoxicated about my lottery, about my fortune as others are?

If I truly experience having such an elevated fortune, then I will remain constantly cheerful because I lack nothing. Even if someone wins a limited lottery, his face shows that he has attained something. So how much more would the face of someone who has attained multi-million fortune show? It would be constantly cheerful. ‘Remain so happy and cheerful that anyone who sees you would ask you what you have attained.‘, says Baba. The further forward I go in my efforts, the less need there will be for me to speak, He explains. My face will say that I have found something, because my face is the mirror. I am able to see something in a mirror exactly as it is. ‘So let your faces work like a mirror’, says Baba.

People are impressed when they see pictures and so, you living pictures must become instruments for service‘, He says. While walking and moving around, and while sitting, I have to have the awareness that I am the living picture and that the vision of all the souls of the world is on me. The most attractive aspect of living pictures is constant happiness. No matter what happens, my happiness must not disappear. When a child is with the Father, nothing is a big deal. Therefore, there is nothing to be afraid of. The Father is full of treasures and He will sustain His children by any means, therefore I can be carefree. I am establishing the land of happiness in the land of sorrow and there would therefore be some upheaval. But, as the child, I am always safe because I have the Father’s company. Its a lottery! If I cannot be happy, who can?

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