Perform charity in your powerful stage

Baba says, ‘become worthy of worship and worthy of praise by giving donations and performing charity in your powerful stage.’

The final stage of this Brahmin life, Baba explains, will be the complete and perfect stage, the powerful stage. In this stage, I constantly experience: being a master almighty authority, a master sun of knowledge and complete with all virtues, being a detached observer in every thought, every breath and at every second, being a constant companion of the Father, and receiving the companionship of the love and co-operation of all elevated souls of the Brahmin family.

Even if souls are living far away, with the divine vision of spirituality, I am able to see souls and the Father of souls in their natural form. I wouldn’t need to work hard or make effort to see a soul, but I’m naturally aware of myself as a soul and see others as souls. The consciousness of the body would be just as deeply forgotten as the consciousness of the soul was forgotten for half a cycle. I wouldn’t be able to see anything apart from souls– souls walking and doing everything. My physical eyes and the eye of my mind would always go to the jewel on the forehead. I would naturally and constantly have the awareness of the Father and all souls. My language at that time would not be words but would be the language of elevated thoughts.

When I become such an image, when my stage becomes this powerful, then I become someone who attracts spiritually- not through words but through my stage and the mirror of my elevated life. Instead of lectures, my eyes would be the means to give this experience. The language of the eyes would be the language of thoughts. “This is why you must make the power of your elevated thoughts so clean that there isn’t the slightest uncleanliness of any waste in them. This is known as having a clear line.”, teaches Baba.

My spiritual eyes and spiritual image would become such a divine mirror that all souls would be able to see the reflection of their form of the soul without having to make any effort. Because of experiencing the form of the soul through this mirror within a second, they will be attracted to the Father and sing songs of praise of God and will easily surrender their body consciousness as I did.

‘Wah! my fortune!’ When I experience such an elevated life, this fortune, then I am easily able to renounce the awareness of my body and bodily relations; it is easy to renounce something when I compare it to the fortune I receive in exchange. ‘So‘, asks Baba, ‘do you want to claim this easy renunciation and fortune? Or, do you want to become those who give?

One is to aim for experiencing this renunciation and fortune in the final moments of my life. In that case, my attitude is that I will live life as I want now and then when I think I’m in retirement, I’ll make some effort. But Baba reminds me that I am already in retirement, no matter what my bodily age is; besides no one knows when their life will come to an end and so the effort needs to happen now. Also, if my experience only lasts for a short time, then my attainment will also be for a short time. Baba says, ‘you are companions for a long period of time and you claim the kingdom for a long period of time. So your effort has to be accordingly.’ And so the alternative is to become an embodiment of renunciation and fortune now such that I can actually give to others. I can become a great donor and a bestower of blessings and donate my experience to souls who come at the end. “This charity that you perform in a second through your powerful stage will make you worthy of being worshipped and remembered for half a cycle.“, explains Baba. This is because, at the end, in the final moments, all souls will take with them the sanskars of my final stage and the revelation of my perfect form and will rest at home for half a cycle. Some, Baba explains, will become subjects and others will become devotees. Those who see me as worthy of worship will become the devotees; in fact, they will become the most elevated jewels in the rosary of devotees. Those who see me as a soul with a right to the kingdom of the world will want to be in my kingdom as subjects.

Are you aware of and experiencing this elevated stage?‘, asks Baba. Only when I know the importance of the final stage will I work toward it. It all starts with building that treasure of elevated thoughts.

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