Water the seed of specialty and make it fruitful

Baba says, ‘water the seed and blessing of specialty with the water of all powers and it will become fruitful.’

I am a special soul, Baba reminds me daily. He has blessed each of His children with many specialties. I have been given these specialties so that I can use it in the Father’s task of world transformation. I have this special privilege to co-operate with the Father in His task.

The specialty I have is a seed. I have to sow this seed of specialty, that is, use it at the right time for it to bear fruit. It isn’t simply about speaking of my specialty in my thoughts or words: ‘this is my talent..’, ‘I have this virtue..’ but rather about demonstrating your specialty in practice by using it for a special task. The more I use my specialty in my thoughts, words and deeds, the more that specialty will increase. To use it for service means to enable one seed to bear a lot of fruit. “So examine yourself”, says Baba, “to see whether the specialty that you’ve been given as your birthright by the Father for this elevated life is still being stored in its seed form, or whether you have sown that seed in the field of service and made it grow.” In other words, have I experienced my own elevated form and seen success as a result in service?

Every child has come with their fortune awakened but not every child sows the seed of their blessing, of their fortune, of their birthright at the right time for it to grow; the seed thus becomes powerless. Some children do sow the seed in the field of service but they keep looking at the tree, Baba points out, before it bears fruit and become happy just thinking that they have sown the seed. The tree grows- there is the trunk, the branches, the twigs, it becomes very beautiful to look at, but it doesn’t bear fruit.

“The most elevated fruit of the seed of a specialty is contentment”, teaches Baba. When I myself feel content and make others content, then that is success in service.

But many children, Baba says, don’t become fruitful in this way. I engage in service with a lot of passion and enthusiasm but then along the way, there are obstacles – delays, or my sanskars or sanskars of other souls, etc. and if I am not careful, all my zeal and enthusiasm fizzle out, my hope become dashed and I lose all my happiness. The mistake I make, Baba says, is that after sowing the seed, I forget to water it with all powers. Yes, there will be differences in opinion, there will be delays, there will be hiccups, but Baba has prepared me with spiritual powers to use in any given situation. Any good gardener cultivates his garden, that is, he cares for his garden. It isn’t that he plants the seed and leaves it alone. No! he checks on it, removes the weeds around it, waters it regularly; only then, is the tree healthy and full of flowers and fruits. If I instead simply sow the seed and do nothing else, then all I have is a grown tree that is dried up with no foliage or fruits. In other words, with no hope, enthusiasm, happiness or spiritual intoxication.

BapDada has given every child the powerful seed of the blessing of a specialty. Simply make it fruitful by using it the right way’, says Baba.

The right way is to use my powers with every soul and in every situation and keep on moving forward. To do service while feeling disturbed, while being discontent, is not really service. In that case, it’s better to not do it, teaches Baba. True service should make me fly, it should push me forward. Instead of seeing what’s wrong in any situation or with any soul, let me learn to see the specialty in everyone. Even if I cannot see a specific specialty in someone, I can always see that they have recognized the Father. This foundational specialty that we are among a handful of souls that have recognized the Father is one that is shared by each and every Brahmin soul. “Imbibe the vision of seeing specialties”, teaches Baba, “this means, put on your specialty spectacles.” Through these spectacles, I only see specialties, nothing else. Then, when everyone’s specialties are being used, everyone becomes an instrument for the special task of world transformation. “Therefore“, says Baba, “use your specialty, make it grow and let it become fruitful.”

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