Don’t give or take sorrow

Baba says, ‘Since you have left the land of sorrow, then you mustn’t take sorrow or cause sorrow.’

I am the most fortunate of all souls in the world. Why? because I have received God’s love, imperishable love which doesn’t just last for this one birth but for many births. The golden age is said to be fortunate but this most auspicious confluence age is even more fortunate than the golden age. And at this time, I have recognized the Father and am claiming my inheritance of constant fortune from the Father. Often, I start the day claiming my full inheritance of peace, happiness and contentment from Baba. I am intoxicated about all the treasures I have received, about what I am becoming. But then as I step into the outside world, as I meet various people and enter into various situations, the level of intoxication drops, I come into upheaval and lose some or all of the inheritance I received.

The easy method, Baba says, to claim my fortune and keep it is to remember one thing: Give blessings and receive blessings.

Right from amritvela, whomever I meet, I only have to receive blessings from them and give blessings. Even if an angry person comes, I just give blessings to them and receive blessings from them because blessings are an easy tool for intense effort. It enables me to move forward very fast. At amritvela, I take blessings from the Father through remembrance and throughout the day, I give and receive blessings. Even if someone has bad wishes for me, even if someone repeatedly troubles me- I have to give blessings and receive blessings. This is what God did with me. He saw what I said and did, He knew what I am like, He told me to do one thing and I often did the opposite. And yet, all He gave me was soul conscious, selfless, unconditional acceptance and love. He only gave me blessings. And equally important- He never took sorrow Himself. He didn’t think waste thoughts of: ‘why does she always do this? she has no respect for My words!’ nor does He tell me off all the time. What he does instead is help me realize for myself by being an example. He doesn’t impose on me, He respects the soul and waits for me to realize and change. This is love, this is also compassion.

I am the child of such a Father, I am the child of the Bestower and so my duty is: to give like the Father. It doesn’t matter what someone is like, he is still your brother or sister, He reminds me. “So would you give your brother or sister bad wishes?“, He asks. “The Father never has bad wishes, neither should you.” And it is because He never has bad wishes or waste thoughts, because He only has good wishes no matter what, that He remains constantly happy. So, says Baba, do the same: “If someone gives you sorrow, don’t take it. They may give, but you mustn’t take it.” The one who gives has given it but whether to take it or not, is up to me. Why would I accept sorrow and peacelessness? why would I accept bitterness and resentment? When I don’t accept sorrow, I won’t have it to give to others either. I too, like the Father, will only give happiness. In return, I will receive blessings and my treasure store will continue to become and remain full. ‘No matter what souls are like, you simply take blessings from every soul. Have good wishes and pure feelings for all.’, teaches Baba.

But a lot of times, when someone does something that is not right, I try to give them teachings. “I need to give them feedback”, “I’m going to give them a piece of my mind..”, “I need to set them straight”. Its okay to give teachings, says Baba, but the most elevated form of giving teachings is in the form of forgiveness. “Have mercy and forgiveness”, He teaches and then give teachings. Remember three words: Teaching, mercy and forgiveness. If I give someone teaching while being merciful, then my teachings will work. If I am not merciful in giving those teachings, then my feedback will go through one ear and out the other. They won’t be imbibed. “You become a teacher quickly but you also have to forgive”, teaches Baba, “the two have to happen simultaneously.” Mercy doesn’t mean to place my hand over someone’s head or feel pity; rather it means that I have good wishes and pure feelings for them.

It is said: True love even turns stone to water. The key is ‘true’. By giving teachings in the form of forgiveness, the things that I want- for someone not to do or for something not to happen- will take place. The impact of my giving teaching while being merciful will transform the hard heart of the other person, explains Baba. And isn’t this what I want? So now always remember, He teaches: “Don’t give sorrow or take sorrow.”. And the place to practice this first is at home because charity begins at home. If someone in my family causes me sorrow, even then, don’t take sorrow, teaches Baba. “Give them blessings. Be merciful.” First of all, I have become like this with my family members. The impact of my family will then create an impact in my area (community). The community will then create an impact on the country and country will impact the world. ‘So begin with your own family‘, He instructs. Because if even one person becomes angry the whole atmosphere at home is spoilt and on the same token, if even one person can maintain their good wishes and pure feelings constantly, no matter what, the whole atmosphere becomes spiritual.

Every home has to become a temple“, teaches Baba. An idol at a temple gives blessings and people who go before an idol are asking for blessings, for mercy. So my duty is to give Godly love, soul conscious love- like the Father gave me. This is what I had craved and what the world craves for today. All souls receive is selfish love. There isn’t love from the true heart. Either people love based on a selfish motive or there is a “don’t care” attitude. Neither is right. God’s way that He teaches His children is soul conscious love, selfless love, unconditional love from the heart. “So“, He teaches, “give this love, give blessings. Neither take sorrow nor give sorrow”.

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